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Corporate brochure

  1. 1. Welcome to Aurecon
  2. 2. Welcome Aurecon is one of the world’s leading engineering, management and technical services consultants. Aurecon is focused on adding significant value to our clients’ businesses and ensuring reliable, effective delivery of infrastructure and projects. Teddy Daka Chairman, Aurecon
  3. 3. We are global 80 Countries
  4. 4. We are global 7 000 People
  5. 5. We are global 10 000 Projects
  6. 6. Health & Safety Aurecon’s Health & Safety culture embraces our daily interactions with clients and each other. Health & Safety is a focus of our everyday lives, not something we merely ‘comply’ with.
  7. 7. Values We foster human achievement through excellence, innovation and collaboration. We celebrate diversity and respect others by acting with integrity and honesty. We work to build a vibrant and brighter future for all. Mpho Ramphao Winner of Consulting Engineers South Africa/Aon Engineering Excellence Award
  8. 8. Our people Our people are highly motivated and passionate about what they do for our clients. We thrive on diversity and uphold a culture of respect and mutual learning. We support our highly skilled workforce with structured career development opportunities and extensive internal and external training, development and mentoring. “We are committed to unleashing the potential of our people through a high-performance culture that supports technical and personal development and effectively aligns it with client needs.” Liam Hayes Head of Human Capital, Aurecon
  9. 9. Innovation Innovation is ingrained into our culture. With an environment that encourages and rewards those who collaborate across specialist areas and global teams of experts, our people are empowered to think beyond conventional boundaries. “Innovation is a core value at Aurecon and is integral to the way we do business.” Kourosh Kayvani Head of Innovation, Aurecon
  10. 10. Aurecon is governed by a comprehensive management system, which includes sub-systems for health and safety, environment, quality management and laboratory quality management. This system is applicable to all of Aurecon’s activities in the concept, feasibility and planning phases, as well as the design, construction, operationand maintenance phases of each project. “Aurecon’s Quality and Environment team goes the extra mile to give our clients peace of mind.” Sonja Sendfeld Head of Quality and Environment, Aurecon Quality
  11. 11. Aurecon is committed to the principles of sustainable development – meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Responding to broader sustainability and immediate climate change challenges, we encourage innovation and support sound scientific and engineering research into enhanced energy, building, water and infrastructure solutions that meet community needs, now and into the future. “Aurecon continuously seeks new ways of responding to the sustainability challenge by pioneering innovative design and technology solutions.” Gustav Rohde Chief Operating Officer, Aurecon Sustainability
  12. 12. Building a better world for all One of our key values is working to build a vibrant and brighter future for all. We contribute to a better world through our socially responsible and sustainable approach to projects, and our input to sustainable, people-focused infrastructure in the community. “Our people are highly motivated to enhance the world around them, both in their daily work and through voluntary community activities.” Giam Swiegers Global Chief Executive Officer, Aurecon
  13. 13. Our people are actively encouraged to contribute to their communities, with many of our 7 000 professionals actively involved in a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. From supporting indigenous communities, to encouraging science and technology in schools, volunteering in disaster hit areas or raising funds for disadvantaged children or the homeless, our people are highly motivated to use their expertise to give something back to the community. Our communities
  14. 14. As a company dedicated to providing the best solutions for every client, we know that having a diverse team is imperative. Diversity allows us to offer alternate perspectives and solutions to our clients and helps us find better ways to interact and communicate. Diversity
  15. 15. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Aurecon is committed to the implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) within its South African operations and has been verified as a Level 2 Contributor to BBBEE. BBBEE is a South African Government initiative driven by the Department of Trade and Industry (dti). This initiative aims to facilitate the development and participation of all previously disadvantaged individuals, broadening the country’s economic base and stimulating economic growth and employment. With a procurement recognition level of 125 per cent, clients may claim any Aurecon fees incurred as BBBEE spend at the same level towards their own BBBEE certification. Furthermore, the group has been assessed as a Value Adding Vendor, which means that the fees claimed as BBBEE spend can further be enhanced by a factor of 1.25.
  16. 16. n Construction n Data & Telecommunications n Defence n Energy n Government n International Development Assistance n Manufacturing n Oil & Gas n Property n Resources n Transport n Water 12Markets
  17. 17. With decades of experience across complex, large projects in resources, transport, water, energy and property, Aurecon has a highly successful track record in supporting all forms of construction delivery. Construction
  18. 18. Increasing pressures are being placed on our infrastructure to deliver large quantities of data quickly and economically. Aurecon is working to deliver major data and telecommunication infrastructure solutions to meet this challenge. Data & Telecommunications
  19. 19. Aurecon has a long history of supporting Defence agencies in the planning, management and delivery of complex projects, and we have membership on a large number of supplier panels. Defence
  20. 20. Our extensive experience in electrical power generation, transmission and distribution helps us to offer solutions that significantly improve efficiency and our clients’ ability to meet, for example, fluctuating demand cycles. Energy
  21. 21. Aurecon supports city, regional and national governments by providing a comprehensive range of services, optimising available resources toward sound infrastructure investment decisions and positioning assets to meet long term service delivery. Government
  22. 22. Sustainable solutions are a positive step towards alleviating poverty. Our services deliver new roads or clean water but also focus on social projects in health and education. International Development Assistance
  23. 23. Rising global energy demand presents the oil and gas industry with challenges and opportunities to optimise exploration, production, transportation, refining, and processing as it delivers products from conventional and unconventional resources. Oil and Gas
  24. 24. Our manufacturing expertise extends well beyond the field of traditional engineering design and project management. We understand the need for bottom line focused engineering solutions that will also ensure long term durability and ease of execution. Manufacturing
  25. 25. We provide multi-disciplinary services across the project lifecycle, from master planning and feasibility studies to engineering design, construction supervision, operations and maintenance, within the commercial, industrial, sports and leisure, and residential submarkets. Property
  26. 26. Aurecon delivers small start-up facilities through to major engineering, procurement and construction management projects, including bulk materials handling projects, mine, rail, seaboard import and export terminals, and associated port and marine facilities. Resources
  27. 27. Our transport team combines expertise across engineering, financial modelling and legal systems to support excellence in the planning, design, construction, management and delivery of transportation systems, including roads and highways, rail, tunnels, bridges and associated structures, airport and ports. Transport
  28. 28. Our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the water sector encompasses surface and groundwater management, infrastructure provision, water and sewage utility services, industry standards and technologies, as well as best engineering practices. Water
  29. 29. 38Expertise > Airports > Mass transit > Roads & highways > Bridges & civil structures > Mine services > Sports & entertainment > Bulk transport > Minerals process plant > Tall buildings > Bulk water conveyance > Oil & gas > Telecommunications infrastructure > Dams > Ports & terminals > Tunnels > Data & ICT facilities > Power generation > Urbanisation > Health > Power transmission & distribution > Water & wastewater treatment > Hotels & resorts > Precincts & estates > Water resources management > Manufacturing plant > Rail & rail systems
  30. 30. 38ExpertisePlanning & advisory > Environment management > Integrated planning > Infrastructure advisory > Sustainability Design > Building design > Infrastructure design > Ground engineering Delivery > Construction management > Programme & project management Operations > Asset management > Information systems > Geospatial systems
  31. 31. Bridges and civil structures Aurecon has over 50 years of experience in all forms of bridge design, including large span bridges, rail and road bridges, bridges for cyclists and pedestrians, and specialist civil structures for transport projects such as culverts and retaining walls. Airports Airports are multi-faceted transport hubs and retail operations, requiring a range of expertise rarely available within one consultancy. Aurecon is a total infrastructure provider, developing world class solutions integrating transport hubs and the built environment. Asset management Asset owners are facing the ever increasing challenge of balancing existing service levels, asset performance, risk and expenditure over their asset lifecycle. Aurecon’s specialists provide rapid, innovative solutions in the planning, construction, preservation and use of assets. Building design Aurecon has a sophisticated level of knowledge and experience of a broad range of buildings projects. Our project experience equips us with the necessary skills to bring buildings and structures to life so they function efficiently.
  32. 32. Dams Aurecon has over 75 years of experience in providing design and management services for all types of dams, including hydropower. The group provides a “whole of life” service through planning, analysis and design, construction monitoring and operational and asset management services. Bulk transport At Aurecon, we understand that efficient and cost effective solutions sought for new and existing bulk transport infrastructure and operations need to be integrated, reliable, innovative, as well as agile to accommodate constantly evolving technology. Bulk water conveyance Aurecon has extensive experience in pipeline and pumping systems for water, wastewater, irrigation, stormwater and the petrochemical industry. This expertise encompasses the conveyance of complex liquids, including the rheology and pumping of sludge. Data and ICT facilities The use of information is a critically important service required in every community and country globally. Aurecon is linking people and integrating them into their local community, and the global economy through our data, and ICT facilities services.
  33. 33. Ground engineering Aurecon has extensive technical consulting experience on a broad range of large national and international, multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects. We bring significant experience from project inception through to detailed design for clients around the world. Environmental management Aurecon understands that the environmental impact of projects is a crucial consideration for our clients and for the communities in which we operate and we have developed significant environmental expertise. Geospatial systems For the past twenty years, Aurecon has been successfully delivering geospatial business systems and software solutions to our international clients. Our extensive and globally dispersed team of geospatial professionals draw on a unique combination of industry experience. Health Aurecon understands that the demand for healthcare around the world is increasing as a result of an aging society, population growth, a rise in lifestyle related diseases and the emergence of a middle class developing world.
  34. 34. Integrated planning Aurecon has experience in providing Integrated Planning solutions to private and government sector clients, keeping abreast of planning, environment and resource management legislation and policies, and understanding their implications for development, transport and land use projects. Infrastructure advisory For more than 20 years, Aurecon’s Infrastructure Advisory team has worked across industries providing professional consultancy services to clients. Our team includes senior project delivery specialists operating across social and economic infrastructure. Infrastructure design With more than 75 years of experience, Aurecon partners with clients and their stakeholders to deliver comprehensive solutions that enhance the capacity of existing infrastructure and accommodate long term growth. Hotel, resorts and casinos Aurecon has extensive experience working on popular hotel destinations worldwide. We offer clients many different experts, specialists and experienced engineers and consultants who understand hotel and resort mega trends.
  35. 35. Mass transits The most successful mass transit projects knit effective passenger transport systems into the fabric of the city or community. At Aurecon we focus on getting the basics right – identifying and understanding the design requirements of mass transit projects. Mine services Effective management of the mining life cycle requires a broad range of services to achieve improved operational efficiency, enhanced productivity and sustainable mining operations. Aurecon’s Mine Services expertise draws together our broad, multi-disciplinary and multi-sector capabilities. Ports and terminals Aurecon has over 70 years of experience delivering port projects across the full project lifecycle for port users, operators and authorities, miners and oil companies, as well as contractors and funders/donors. Manufacturing Aurecon works closely with clients on research and development projects to test and evaluate new processes and production scenarios or plant improvements to maximise product yield and improve profitability.
  36. 36. Power generation Aurecon has a history of successfully developing and delivering power generation projects utilising a variety of technologies. These include conventional thermal generation utilising coal, gas and oil, to renewable applications utilising wind, hydro, solar and biomass. Power transmission and distribution Recognised as a market leader, Aurecon has over 40 years’ transmission and distribution experience. Using leading edge technology, we design transmission lines, plan systems, design substations and optimise assets. Precincts and estates Precincts and estates are areas developed within a common planning framework including residential, industrial, sports, and commercial and mixed use zones. Aurecon has decades of experience working with our clients to create these spaces. Programma and project management Aurecon’s extensive programme, project management and delivery capabilities provide our clients with certainty of programme and project outcomes and are focused on achieving our client’s objectives.
  37. 37. Rail and rail systems With over 30 years’ experience delivering rail infrastructure design, Aurecon offers the complete range of design services across all phases of rail project delivery. Our expertise includes heavy haul rail, freight rail, passenger and urban networks, and light rail. Roads and highways Aurecon is a leader in the planning, design, delivery and maintenance of road infrastructure. We have over 200 staff specialising in the core aspects of highway engineering, with many others working in closely related services. Sports and entertainment Aurecon has engineered and supervised the construction of some of the world’s top sporting stadia and entertainment facilities, delivering inspirational design which showcases engineering ingenuity. Sustainability In a world of shifting climate, increasing urbanisation and biodiversity loss, it has never been more vital to apply our skills and energy to positive and sustainable developments.
  38. 38. Tall buildings Having worked on world class structures and landmark buildings around the globe, Aurecon has developed a reputation for innovative thinking and a focus on buildability, technical excellence and economical design. Telecommunications infrastructure Emerging technologies constantly change the way we communicate and conduct business, with telecommunications infrastructure becoming increasingly important. Tunnels Tunnels play a critical role in the ongoing delivery and maintenance of the infrastructure required to support our modern world. Aurecon is a market leader in the design and construction of tunnels in our cities and regional areas. Urbanisation Solving the urban challenge is complex and the solutions required must address the issues holistically, must integrate across disciplines, satisfy the needs of multiple stakeholders and address short and long-term needs.
  39. 39. Water and wastewater treatment Aurecon’s process engineering capabilities encompass all aspects of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment, as well as recycled water. Water resources management Aurecon’s experience in water resources management spans several decades. We appreciate the need for innovative, integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions to address water resources management and our services encompass all project phases.
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