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Aurecon International development assistance market brochure.

Globally, we are moving beyond aid and working towards a world where effective partnerships between government, the private sector and civil society mean that aid is no longer needed.

At Aurecon, we believe in empowering people, communities, organisations and governments to take charge of their own development.
We take an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving, seeking innovative solutions to social problems and, wherever possible, engaging the private sector in driving sustainable and scalable outcomes.
These solutions enable developing countries to create and develop the capacity to overcome the challenges they face without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We work with clients and communities to deliver technical, social and environmental outcomes that are tailored, practical and effective.

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Market Brochures - International development assistance

  1. 1. International development assistance
  2. 2. The Government of Malawi’s Poverty Alleviation Programme Malawi Globally, we are moving beyond aid and working towards a world where effective partnerships between government, the private sector and civil society mean that aid is no longer needed.
  3. 3. Our expertise At Aurecon, we believe in empowering people, communities, organisations and governments to take charge of their own development. We take an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving, seeking innovative solutions to social problems and, wherever possible, engaging the private sector in driving sustainable and scalable outcomes. These solutions enable developing countries to create and develop the capacity to overcome the challenges they face without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We work with clients and communities to deliver technical, social and environmental outcomes that are tailored, practical and effective.
  4. 4. Health and Safety Health & Safety comes first in everything we do and is a core value for Aurecon. We foster this by appointing experienced teams who combine a deep understanding of the management of Health & Safety with that of our clients. We integrate and align our teams with our clients to deliver best practice project outcomes across safety, risk, quality, budget and schedule.
  5. 5. Key areas of expertise Governance and civil society For 30 years, Aurecon’s specialist international development consultancy has been providing support and technical assistance to national, provincial and local government to improve planning, budgeting and the delivery of better public services through effective community engagement. We work at the policy, institutional and service delivery levels to improve public sector management and to support fair access to efficient public services. We support the design and development of improved local infrastructure and the growth of a healthy civil society able to effectively advocate the needs of communities and play a full role in meeting them as part of a balanced approach to service delivery. Aurecon is recognised as a leader in civil society strengthening and the delivery of community grant schemes that encourage effective capacity development.
  6. 6. Key areas of expertise Economic growth Whether through combining practical approaches to improved food security with the development of improved access of rural people to markets, supporting enterprise development and promoting inclusive economic growth or reducing the impacts of climate change on livelihoods, Aurecon’s approach engages the private sector in the development of sustainable and scalable outcomes. We believe that meeting global development targets and moving towards a world without aid depends on harnessing the power of markets to deliver shared value for all stakeholders. This belief is evidenced by Aurecon’s corporate community investment programme and our support to the leadership of the Principles for Social Investment Secretariat, established by the United Nations Global Compact to support the implementation of effective and principled social investment practices by the global business community.
  7. 7. Key areas of expertise Climate change Understanding and managing the challenges associated with climate change and the environment can help support poverty reduction. The aim of keeping global temperature rise to two degrees Celsius or below requires specific action that Aurecon is wholly engaged in, both from a development and infrastructure perspective. Aurecon is at the forefront of identifying risks and effective solutions in the adaption of low carbon development technologies. Integrating our diverse expertise and practical knowledge, Aurecon creates innovative solutions for low emission development in a variety of energy related sectors including renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste, transport, land use, agriculture and forestry. This specialist knowledge allows our engineers to use markets and technology to ‘leapfrog’ energy pathways to clean energy and energy efficient systems.
  8. 8. Key areas of expertise Resilience and recovery Aurecon has extensive experience in supporting governments both prepare for and respond to natural disasters. In recent natural disasters – including major floods in Australia, earthquakes in New Zealand and the tsunami in Japan – Aurecon engineers and technical specialists were at the forefront of disaster response, supporting government organisations in urban search and rescue, coordinating response activities and designing effective technical solutions for immediate critical situations. Aurecon collaborates with government clients to integrate sustainable thinking and disaster preparedness into all planning activities. By defining the risks associated with potential extreme events and translating those risks into planning and design solutions, we can increase an area’s resilience to major change events such as natural disasters.
  9. 9. Key areas of expertise Urban development While the challenges facing cities, towns and regions around the world are as varied as their people and places, one major challenge common to all areas is rapid urbanisation, with more people than ever moving to urban centres. This growing trend is impacting directly on governments’ abilities to fund, develop and maintain adequate health, education, road, transport and utility infrastructure and services. Aurecon works closely with government bodies to address these challenges, providing high quality, cost-effective and sustainable services that add value, are flexible in their delivery and consider policy objectives. We partner with governments to optimise their available resources toward sound infrastructure investment decisions, improving economic growth and job creation, positioning assets to meet service delivery and priorities and accommodate long-term growth.
  10. 10. Key areas of expertise Transport Aurecon is a leader in investment grade forecasting for infrastructure projects and has experience across road, rail, air and maritime development. We offer advice on operational infrastructure including engineering of traffic solutions, corridors and signalling plans through to development impact assessments, strategic modelling, master planning, interchange operational design, macro modelling and road safety audits. Our work in developing countries is increasingly focused on providing innovative and integrated solutions to the challenges of developing sustainable and smart transport systems, climate change, energy depletion, mobility and accessibility.
  11. 11. Key areas of expertise Water and sanitation Aurecon’s services encompass all phases of a water project’s life cycle, from conception and design through to final implementation, operation and asset management. Our specialist team have worked with bilateral and multilateral donors, water authorities, governments and local councils, providing expertise across water resource planning, design, construct and asset management. From our global learnings, we appreciate the need for innovative, integrated, multidisciplinary solutions that address rural and urban water supply, sanitation and water resource management challenges. We specialise in facilitating strong interaction between communities, government and sector partners to achieve improved services and implement accountable, large scale grant agreements through community based organisations and private sector subcontracting mechanisms.
  12. 12. Key areas of expertise Training and development Aurecon’s work is not only about services such as the provision of clean water or immunising a child. We also focus on building knowledge, skills and relationships so that communities, civil society and governments can develop their own expertise for the future. Drawing on our own experience, and that of our NGO, academic and consultant networks, we offer training through our highly regarded and unique Professional Development Programme. Aurecon is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering custom designed web-based e-learning courses to individuals and organisations around the world. The Aurecon Training Academy (ATA) is a specialised unit offering a complete training service in infrastructure related development and management, incorporating key programmes including the Wedge Project and SAVE.
  13. 13. Key areas of expertise Outsourced facilities Offering industry leading capabilities in managing standing offer panels and framework agreements, Aurecon has managed over 3 700 projects in more than 80 countries. In this time, we have deployed over 2 000 development personnel on behalf of bilateral, multilateral and private clients. With 72 permanent offices extending across 24 countries, Aurecon employs around 7 500 people across 11 specialist service groups. We have close relationships with an additional 6 000 external consultants, as well as domestic and international alliances, consultant networks and memberships of third party databases, providing access to over 400 000 development professionals worldwide.
  14. 14. Key areas of expertise Energy Aurecon provides a broad range of engineering and specialist technical services to energy financiers, public and private sector utilities and independent energy producers and distributors on strategic, operational, infrastructure and asset management issues. Our extensive experience in electrical power generation, transmission and distribution helps us to offer solutions that significantly improve efficiency and our clients’ ability to meet, for example, fluctuating demand cycles. Energy use and conservation are at the forefront of the sustainability challenge, with renewable energies gaining increasing credibility as markets around the globe begin to invest in viable industries in this space. Aurecon is working with clients to provide innovative, high value technical and advisory services to harness alternative sources of power such as wind, solar and hydro energy.
  15. 15. Australian Community Development and Civil Strengthening Scheme (ACCESS) Phases 1 and 2 Australia Client AusAID ACCESS is a community driven development programme that identifies opportunities for engagement to improve participation, transparency and accountability, social justice and pro poor service delivery. The programme operates in 20 districts in Indonesia. Run over 11 years, Aurecon’s role is to oversee the strengthening of engagement between Government and civil society organisations (CSOs) and manage grants. This includes: recruiting, mobilising and managing 18 international and 80 local personnel, resourcing and administering the programme including managing a grants system, assessing and engaging with partner CSOs develop and implement their capacity building plans and activities, access grant funding and engagement with citizens and government. Aurecon also monitors CSO activities and outputs, evaluating impacts and facilitating periodic lesson learning, reflection and adaptation of the programme in response to lessons learnt. Our global success stories
  16. 16. Income Generating Public Works Programme (IGPWP) Malawi Client The National Authorising Officer of the European Development Fund – Ministry of Finance The objective of the IGPWP is to contribute to the Malawi Government’s aim to reduce poverty in line with the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy whilst enhancing the socio economic situation of the rural and peri urban poor, assisting them to promote sustainable livelihoods. The project sought to achieve this through improving accessibility, infrastructure and promotion of productive activities by creating linkages to other economic activities. The Programme uses labour intensive approaches to implement interventions in roads, forestry and irrigation. Aurecon provided programme, project and contractual management and technical assistance, while an associated partner provided financial management assistance. The implementation of interventions under the IGPWP builds on the lessons and achievement of predecessor programmes that had also been managed by Aurecon. Our global success stories
  17. 17. Indonesian Australian Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP) Facility Indonesia Client AusAID Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) promotes the reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and sustainable management of forests in developing countries. The purpose of the IAFCP facility is to support REDD activities in Indonesia through a partnership office, delivering policy and technical solutions and the development of Indonesian and Australian Government positions on REDD. As managing contractors, Aurecon undertakes all administrative, logistical, financial and procurement services including designing, implementing, managing and reporting on high quality REDD demonstration and accounting activities. The facility has so far conducted extensive socialisation of REDD within targeted communities, trialled work packages and developed a clear strategy for the development and implementation of a series of income generating activities. Our global success stories
  18. 18. Urban search and rescue Japan Client New Zealand Fire Service - Urban Search and Rescue Task Force After working in Christchurch on recovery efforts following the 2011 earthquakes, members of our team assisted in the enormous search and rescue efforts in Japan following an earthquake and tsunami. Working in challenging conditions, with overnight temperatures reaching -17degrees Celsius, Aurecon staff provided vital ground engineering expertise in the location and extrication of victims trapped after the earthquake and tsunami. They also provided specialised advice on structural collapse of buildings, roads, bridges and railway lines. In addition to these general urban search and rescue engineering activities, the team also monitored the environmental conditions from nearby nuclear power plants. This involved plotting background radiation data and assessing information on how the radioactive dust plume was spreading from the damaged power plants and its possible effect on the local community. Our global success stories
  19. 19. Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan (CIP) for the Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG) South Africa Client Development Bank of South Africa The CIP focuses on developing sustainable human settlements and accelerating access to water, sanitation and electricity for households. It also integrates infrastructure plans across different sectors, combining regional and national plans to ensure integrated development. Aurecon provided programme management expertise for the national roll-out out of the high level CIP across four phases. The first determined the status quo and created a common reference framework for stakeholders. Phase two compiled high level CIPs as first indications of capacity constraints, funding and financing needs, prioritisation and sustainability. Phase three established institutionalised infrastructure planning processes, best practices and a shared services model for sustainable infrastructure delivery. The final phase of the programme launched comprehensive support programmes based on detailed investigations that considered the optimal institutionalised arrangements for service delivery per municipality. Our global success stories
  20. 20. Consulting services for a restructured power market Sierra Leone Client National Power Authority The Government of Sierra Leone received a credit from the World Bank for a Study on the Restructuring of the country’s Power Sector to develop a time-bound action plan for implementation of a private sector participation (PSP) strategy in the power sector. Aurecon was appointed to provide consulting services in support of the development of the desired strategy. The project entailed an overall review of the power sector, including organisation and the legal framework for the sector and operations, infrastructure and operations review and developing investment scenarios and alternative strategies for NPA divestiture. Services included analysis of the current status of institutional reform and recommendations for structural change, analysis of the utility’s positioning and option for restructuring, financial modelling, partial privatisation and strategic partnering processes, and project management. Our global success stories
  21. 21. IDSS Professional Development Programme (PDP) Australia Client Various The PDP builds on the effectiveness and practical skills of development professionals and others working internationally. Drawing on our own experience, and that of our NGO, academic and consultant networks, Aurecon offers training through our highly regarded and unique PDP. The PDP’s focus is to create an environment for dialogue and learning amongst development practitioners to discuss the issues, challenges and innovation in their development practices. It aims to promote understanding and commitment to a people-centred approach in development practice, facilitate the development and promotion of quality standards for programme development and management. The PDP also encourages innovation by facilitating the sharing of skills, experience and expertise amongst development practitioners. Our global success stories
  22. 22. Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (RWSSP) Phase 1 East Timor Client AusAID As part of a five-year engagement, the AusAID-funded RWSSP improved health in rural areas by increasing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. The programme supported the Ministries of Infrastructure and Health in expanding government service delivery and contracted local NGOs, private suppliers and training institutions to develop courses and mobilise communities to sustainably manage their local water supply systems. As managing contractor, Aurecon liaised with AusAID and stakeholders to set programme direction, provide specialist technical advice and mentoring, manage and support over 60 personnel and manage grants and contracts. As a result over 67 000 people (7% of the rural population) gained access to basic sanitation and 222 000 rural people to improved water supply. An estimated 380 000 people now have increased knowledge of hygiene practices. Our global success stories
  23. 23. Registered office Australia - Melbourne Aurecon Centre Level 8, 850 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008 Australia T +61 3 9975 3000 E South Africa - Tshwane Aurecon Centre Lynnwood Bridge Office Park 4 Daventry Street Lynnwood Manor 0081 South Africa T +27 12 427 2000 E Asia - Singapore 152 Beach Road #22-02 Gateway East Singapore 189721 T +65 6256 6188 E