Asset inspection tool


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Asset inspection tool: Delivering innovation in
field-based inspections

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Asset inspection tool

  1. 1. Delivering innovation in field-based inspections THINKING
  2. 2. THINKING Safety first No industry is an accident free zone Universal factors contributing to fatal incidents include: • Falls through access covers • Falls from walkways and platforms due to grid mesh and handrail failure • Falls into open manholes Key to prevention: Recognise the risks and take whatever measures possible to prevent them occurring
  3. 3. Aurecon assists our clients with safety risk assessments of: • Walkway and platform areas • Access covers • Grates • Hatches • Points of access • Safety railings THINKING Contributing to a safe working environment
  4. 4. Historically, on site safety risk assessments were recorded on paper and taken back to the office for data input and analysis. THINKING Contributing to a safe working environment “The days of juggling reams of paperwork and drawings during site inspections are over.” Todd Sheldon, Technical Director, Aurecon
  5. 5. Aurecon has developed an innovative, in-house mobile computing system for field-based engineering inspections and assessments. THINKING How can we do this more efficiently?
  6. 6. The database uses client agreed risk matrices to assess the inputted information and outputs automated rectification recommendations and colour coded work priorities. The integration of outputs directly into a database allows the sorting of data to identify trends and isolate types of assets, and allows the client to update their asset management system with appropriate data. THINKING How does it work? The tool provides standardised inspection forms at the front end of a purpose designed database.
  7. 7. THINKING What are the benefits of this tool? Instant reporting, incorporating photographs and GPS coordinates Assets visually represented Enhanced information gathering via smart data collection
  8. 8. THINKING What are the benefits of this tool? Linkage to existing asset management systems Future re-inspection capability Tool ‘smarts’ facilitate easy adoption for new users
  9. 9. THINKING What are the benefits of this tool? 40%increase in efficiency of inspection times = lower costs
  10. 10. THINKING In the field Aurecon was engaged in 2011 to conduct a detailed inspection of all access covers, walkway gratings and accessible handrails at a wastewater treatment plant in Victoria. 10 000 access covers 32 km handrails 3 233 reports
  11. 11. THINKING In the field We worked alongside plant operators and maintenance crew. The project team was able to inspect and assess all assets and update the client’s existing asset management system. We delivered a series of standard details for rectification works. Assignment extended to: • Water & wastewater treatment facilities • Pumping stations • Valve complexes
  12. 12. THINKING In the field Aurecon was engaged by South Australia Water (SA Water) in 2012 to create a similar tool for the purpose of inspecting a cross section of gratings, handrails and access platforms across the Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant. The tool was successfully tailored to suit SA Water’s risk management profile. “The efficient development of this tool was vital in the state-wide rollout of this safety improvement programme…” David Jaensch, Project Sponsor, SA Water
  13. 13. THINKING Wider applications Aurecon has successfully adapted this methodology to shopping centre civil asset inspections. “The methodology is easily adaptable to other repetitive engineering inspection works.” Todd Sheldon, Technical Director, Aurecon
  14. 14. THINKING Wider applications Other industries which could benefit include: Energy Property Data and telecommunications Resources Transport
  15. 15. Contact Todd Sheldon Technical Director +61 3 9975 3512