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Using Social Media In Your Everyday Life

Using Social Media In Your Everyday Life

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  • 1. Networking 101 Marketing Yourself in Today’s Economy …And Beyond!! PMI FW Chapter May 21, 2009
  • 2.
    • The New Paradigm
    • Traditional Networking Methods
    • Social Networking
    • You Already Have One
    • What Interests You
    • Where Can You Add Value
    • Create New Paths of Opportunity
    • Summary
  • 3. The New Paradigm
    • Is There Really One?
      • It has always been about “Who You Know”
      • Anyone Remember “Building Your Rolodex”
    • Really Not Much Has Changed
    • Ok – So What Has Changed?
    I believe the advent of Job Boards / “Key Word Searches” / Faceless Nameless Job Posting Responses has programmed us to forget and marginalize the human element…
  • 4. The New Paradigm
    • What has changed is how we approach our networking opportunities
    • Networking - not just for salespeople!
    • Follow the demand for your talent by continuous networking, making it second nature. Make your own connections and be your own agent (Salary.com).
    • Using The Proverbial “Magic Wand”
  • 5. So Let’s Get Busy!!
  • 6. Traditional Methods
    • Networking Groups (such as this one)
    • Kids Sports / Extracurricular Clubs
    • Church
    • Neighbors
    • Grocery Store
    • PTA
    • Bunko / Poker Group
    • Parties
    • Volunteer Activities
  • 7. Social Networking
    • Don’t Roll Your Eyes…
    • This Isn’t Your Teenager’s Facebook
    • Develop A Clear Agenda
    • Have Something Interesting to Say
    • Avoid Inflammatory Language/Topics
  • 8. What is Social Networking? “ … a map of the relationships between individuals, indicating the ways in which they are connected through various social familiarities ranging from casual acquaintance to close familial bonds”. JA Barnes in 1954 classic, Class and Committees
  • 9. Social Networking Sites
    • LinkedIn
    • Spoke
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • MySpace
    • Ning
    • Digg
    • Xanga
    • Flickr
    • You name it…
  • 10. You Already Have One
    • Based on What We Have Discussed…
    • Your Network is Vast
    • USE IT!
  • 11. What Interests You
    • Look Around You
    • You Have Outside Interests
      • Explore Them then Exploit Them
    • How Does This Help You Everyday
    • How Do These Interests Help Your Employer?
    • Develop New and Germane Interests
  • 12. Where Can You Add Value
    • Do a Competitive Analysis for Prospective Employers
    • Be on Lookout For Opportunities for Those in Your Network
    • Be Genuine In Your Desire To Help
    • What Have You Done to Improve Your Network Members?
    • How Does This Make You a Better Employee?
  • 13. Create New Paths of Opportunity
    • Start A Blog
    • Start A Group
    • Volunteer Your Services
    • Become “The Expert”
      • Create a newsletter and send to EVERYONE
    • Use StumbleUpon
    • Post A Video Resume on YouTube
  • 14. Use Your New Paths of Opportunity
    • Be Organized
    • Be Sincere
    • Follow Up!
    • This Is Your Personal Advisory Board
    • Shift Focus From You to Others
    • Have Your JIST Card Ready
    • Stay On Task
  • 15. Summary
    • This is a Journey Not A Destination
    • Shift Your Mindset
    • This Works if You Work it!
    • Enjoy Yourself!