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Spanish the-language-of-the-future
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Spanish the-language-of-the-future


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Spanish is spoken by more than 450 million people, as native, …

Spanish is spoken by more than 450 million people, as native,
second or
foreign language.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Spanish A language for the future Aula, the Spanish language Cyprus. school in Paphos, Cyprus. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 2. Millions of people think that Spanish opens the doors to the future. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 3. • Spanish is spoken by more than 450 million people, as native, second or foreign language. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 4. It is the second most spoken native language worldwide and the second language of international communication. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 5. LANGUAGE MILLIONS OF SPEAKERS • Chinese 1.213 • Spanish 329 • English 328 • Arabic 221 • Hindi 182 • Bengali 181 • Portuguese 178 • Russian 144 • Japanese 122 Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 6. • In 2030, 7,5% of the world’s population will speak Spanish (535 million people), percentage that stands out above Russian (2,2%), French (1,4%) and German (1,2%). Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 7. If the tendency stays the same, in three or four generations, 10% of the world’ s population will communicate in Spanish. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 8. • In 2050, the United States will be the biggest Spanish speaking country in the world. Hispanic people will be 132,8 million in 2050, almost triple of the present 46,7 million. One American citizen out of three will be Hispanic. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 9. • 16% of the EU citizens consider Spanish one of the most useful languages, apart from their mother tongue. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 10. This perception of the usefulness of the language has not changed over the years. Since 1998, it is always been equal or superior to 15%. This does not happen, for instance, with French, the perception of the usefulness of which has decreased considerabily from 2001. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 11. • Some numbers about the percentage of students of Spanish in schools in the European Union: Denmark (27,9%) France (62,4%) Sweden (40,6%) Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 12. • Spain is the EU country that receives more Erasmus students: 17% of the students that apply for these scholarships. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 13. Spanish is the third more la used language in the Internet after English and Chinese. Language School-Paphos, Cyprus
  • 14. Aula School of Spanish ® Spanish language school Paphos -Cyprus Language School-Paphos, Cyprus