Network Monitoring in the age of the Cloud


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An update about the "Network Monitoring" topic for the meeting of the CoreGRID working group at EuroPar 2009.

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Network Monitoring in the age of the Cloud

  1. 1. Network Monitoring in the age of the Cloud _____________________ Augusto Ciuffoletti Dept. of Computer Science University of Pisa Webinar available from
  2. 2. On Demand Network Monitoring No monitoring infrastructure in place Use resources only when needed Dynamically selects tools and topology Conforms to user needs Easy to upgrade Unique interface for many tools Security levels are negotiated One step towards standardization
  3. 3. A request-reply model The User (an application) submits a request to a local server The local Server propagates the request to find appropriate resources in a network of Servers Resources are prepared for the task A (secure) path is built from source to destination Activity starts The user terminates the session
  4. 4. gd2: a functional prototype Simplified in order to be completed with a moderate effort Contains all relevant ideas of the “on demand network monitoring” concept Not to reinvent wheels, using known technologies whenever possible Simplify the interface with outside (XML) Skip details that are “almost” COTS (e.g. distributed database)
  5. 5. gd2: the components WMA: the client application, ideally an agent that manages a networked activity NMA: two-headed Proxy activity, routes requests towards resources Proxy activity, routes data from source to client NME: the network monitoring tool, provided with a SO interface
  6. 6. gd2: interfaces WMA -> NMA: SOAP NMA -> NMA: SOAP NMA -> NME: tool dependent (plugin) a dynamically loadable plugin on NMA side a wrapper around the network monitoring tool NME -> NMA: UDP stream NMA -> NMA: UDP stream NMA -> WMA: UDP stream
  7. 7. gd2: nice to know... Produced in a CoreGRID collaboration Developed on a virtualized infrastructure by a couple of people Download: Demonstrated at the end of the CoreGRID#1 Hosts a third party network monitoring tool Reference paper : “Grid Computing”, Springer US, 85-96, 2008. DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-09457-1_8 News: graphic interface for the (tricky) configuration of the NMA (paper in preparation) 10.1007/978-0-387-09457-1_8
  8. 8. Any future? gd2 is ready to step into virtual infrastructures gd2 to monitor a virtual network: Monitoring is end-to-end Domain oriented topology fits virtual network abstractions (e.g. EC2 regions/zones) Is able to host specific monitoring tools gd2 to implement a network monitoring service (à la Cloudwatch): monitoring sessions are dynamic
  9. 9. gd2 is not Eucalyptus but... It works It's open source It is a testbed for new ideas It is a tool that may be embedded Its internals are simple ...but...
  10. 10. ...not a research topic on its own gd2 implements a service: needs a framework next step for gd2 is integration in a XaaS platform CoreGRID explores virtualization issues: should consider using gd2 as a tool
  11. 11. What future for a NM topic <ul><li>Understand Network Monitoring in the cloud </li><ul><li>A white paper on virtual Networking in the cloud
  12. 12. Monitoring a Virtual Network
  13. 13. Monitoring a Cloud infrastructure </li></ul><li>Experiments and prototyping (towards gd3): </li><ul><li>Replace SOAP with CRUD
  14. 14. A RestFul description of a Network Monitoring Session </li></ul><li>With an eye to evolution (OGF OCCI ...) </li></ul>
  15. 15. Next steps? Interested in the topic? <ul><li>Contribute to the white paper with: </li><ul><li>A relation about a perspective about Virtual Networking (e.g. virtual networking in your infrastructure)
  16. 16. A relation about a perspective about Monitoring a Virtual Network (e.g., see above)
  17. 17. A relation about a perspective about Network Monitoring in a Virtual Infrastructure </li></ul></ul>