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Work anywhere, anytime, securely and reliably with Officescape

Work anywhere, anytime, securely and reliably with Officescape

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  • Thank you for joining me today – Three things that I want to go over today are Who is Officescape Officescape Services How can we help – Now I hate long drawn out powerpoint presentations and therefore I will not subject you to a long drawn out powerpoint presentation. I do not have 40 slides here – I promise. Who is Officescape
  • Founded in 2000, Officescape has grown quickly, so much so that it was recently ranked on the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Officescape’s client base includes businesspeople and companies from a wide range of industries and business sizes. The services and solutions that we offer can benefit everyone from a single-man operation to a Fortune 500 or 1000 enterprise like some of the clients shown here.
  • Officescape started with a very simply vision – allows people to work from anywhere at anytime, securely and reliably. From that vision statement we have been able to grow and establish ourselves as the leading Office service and technology company in the world. Office on demand – Trademarked service that allows you access to prestigious office space on demand anywhere in the world.Virtual Office – Platform that has all of the tools to allow companies to successfully Run and manage their business from private ims to setting up web conferences.Nomadic Office –Tailored to the road warrior with the smartphone, providing you with all the necessary tools to work on the road as a corporate extension of your office.
  • Office on Demand is at the heart of virtually every Officescape service or solution package. It allows our members to reserve physical space and a number of communications and computing services by the hour, by the day or by the month. With over 1,100 locations worldwide, and a constantly growing network of lcoations, Office on Demand is a major benefit to our member who are looking for professional office or meeting room space while traveling, or simply want to cut costs by paying only for the time they use a particular office or service.
  • Officescape’s Virtual Office is designed to provide an option for individuals who may not need a full-time, physical office location but still need all of the communication, administrative and professional services that a traditional office usually provides. Officescape’s virtual office is different from all others in the industry in that all of the services provided in the virtual office package can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Officescape’s Telework Solutions combine many of the services and products Officescape offers into solutions to many of the most common telework issues including how to plan for and implement a successful telework model, how to manage a remote workforce, how to provide adequate computing capabilities to teleworkers. The Solutions are fully-scalable and customizable to grow with each individual business and their changing needs.
  • DIYoffice allows individuals to completely customize their “office” for their unique needs. With greater control over what products or services they need to optimize their productivity, they are able to get exactly what they are looking for with no excess, unneccessary add-ons and save money in the process.To give you an idea of what sort of services we offer, let’s go through the process of putting together a DIYoffice of our own. I’ll go through the process as if I am a small business owner, with limited budget looking, who is on the road a lot and needs help growing his business. Here goes….
  • Ok, so to start, I need to select one of 3 options for what type of setup I need. Do I possibly need physical space on a consistent basis? If so, I could choose Start A New Office. If I plan to travel a lot or just use office or conference space periodically, I think On-Demand Office would work. Or, if I just need a presence online, of course, Online Office would be my choice.Seeing as I want to have a professional business address and mail forwarding, plus meet with clients at an office from time to time, I think I’ll choose Start A New Office.
  • Now that I’ve done that, I need to decide how much I plan to use a physical office. I don’t think I’ll need a full-time office since most of my work is done from my home office or on the road. Have a usage office with 16 hours of physical office usage per week included would be nice, but I just don’t think I’d even use it. I think I’ll go with Virtual Office since I’m just looking for basic mail service and a few other services that I can access from anywhere I go.On to communication services…
  • I definitely need phone service, one that is flexible enough that I can just use one number for all my calls and manage my call forwarding remotely, since I am always out of town. Unified Communications would fit the bill there. I also need to upgrade my voicemail system to something a bit more professional. I am hiring a number of people to help me out and they all need extensions and their own access to voicemails. It looks like IP PBX will work for that. For now I’ll stick to using my trusty old fax machine since I don’t use it that often and just keep my residential-class broadband. I can always add those on as my needs change.On to conferencing@anywhere...
  • Wow, all of these services would be great to have but I really need to watch my budget. Since most of my demos are done through the web, Web Conferencing services would be perfect. I’ll go with that and keep the others in mind as I grow my business.
  • I have been considering hiring an administrative assistant to help me with a lot of this stuff, but just don’t want to pay the expense for salary, benefits, etc. I definitely need someone to answer my phone for me and answer it with my company name and customized messages. It looks like PPA works for that… Also, I am really bad with numbers and really hate keeping my books up-to-date but I know it’s really important as I look for investors, so having a professional assistant to help with bookkeeping is perfect.
  • Again, all of these things would be helpful but I don’t necessarily need all of it at this point in my company’s life. I do know that most of my data is stored in my computer and it scares me to think about the hard drive crash or something like that. It would definitely ease my mind to have my business data backed up by professionals somewhere other than on my pc. I’ll go with that.
  • Hmm..ok, the last category, software, well, software as a service would be great but I just bought the entire Microsoft office suite and put it on my laptop, so I don’t exactly need that right now. I think I will wait on that. One thing that is always a pain is working with my designer on marketing materials. He is the best, but lives in Los Angeles. It’s always a pain trying to collaborate on prints and emailing them doesn’t work most of the time because the files are so large. I think I’ll go with eFile Cabinet.It looks like I have put together a well-rounded DIYoffice that fits my needs and doesn’t include anything that I don’t want. Great!I hope that gave you a brief overview of our services, as well as a better idea of how flexible we are with our service offerings.Lets move on and see how Officescape’s products are used to provide these services to the end users.
  • Officescape Unified Communications system is an IP based business communications server. This system combines IP telephony with UNIX open source computing to deliver an advanced, cost effective and full-featured communication software server. With a user-friendly web interface, this system unifies all of your communication devices and message forms into a single web portal.
  • Teloffice™ Box provides you with an easy, cost-effective solution for your office computing needs. This smartcard-driven thin client is designed to provide all the user experience you want in a modern computer. With no hard drive to fail, your data is safe. With no moving parts, your mind can be at ease.As more large corporations try to simplify their IT support for their telecommuters and more small companies outsource their IT needs, Teloffice™ Box provides the best solution for remote computing and computing on demand.
  • This business-class IP SIP phone comes with a large LCD display, intuitive user interface and multiple incoming lines. It also supports caller ID, call forwarding and speed dialing. Officescape fully tests all of the IP phones in our lab to make sure they are compatible with our unified communication system.
  • IP videophone is a great business phone that can affordably add audio and video conferencing capabilities to your business. This is the only videophone on the market that is compatible with traditional video conference systems and supports H.323. Lawyers can record remote depositions, executives can view a conference, and recruiters can interview people remotely all from their own offices.
  • From kiosk/Digital Signage and POS deployment, to mobile or home office environments, Wireless Gateways provide a ready-to-deploy solution. With Wireless Broadband, Emergency Office or backup solutions are now a part of a well managed fallback site or business continuity plan. Increase the effectiveness of your remote field force with solutions that truly allow your employees to work securely from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Officescape’s Telework 530 program allows you to take advantage of Officescape wealth of expertise in telework program development and implementation. But going beyond that, it provides the tools you need to successfully implement and run a full-scale distributed call center or manage an alternative officing environment, as part of a telework program. Part of the benefit of teleworking involves reduction in carbon emissions and the Eco-Office program is designed to help you properly calculate your carbon emissions reduction to take advantage of carbon credits or to avoid pending additional taxation.
  • Consolidates your connectivity, telecom and conference needs into a single solution on a single platform. You no longer need to have separate vendors for each individual service such as broadband, phone services, fax service, audio, video and web conferencing. Officescape provides all of these services on a single platform for ease of setup, management and billing. Many times we can provide these consolidated services as a lesser cost than you are currently paying because we negotiate contracts with these vendors directly and take advantage of economies of scale. In addition, you’ll find that the simplification of management and billing by the Officescape system and staff further increases your ROI.
  • Telesecure computing provides a simple approach to maintaining security for your remote workers. All companies deal with issues of security at some point in the development of their telework program and Officescape provides a solution which provides security at the point of the end-user (Desktop Management), during the VPN connection (VPN management) and even on the corporate data server (Secure Access Management). We want to help you ensure that only the right person gets access to the right data.
  • TelOffice Solutions puts together a number of Officescape services to meet the needs of those looking for home office, temporary office, telework center or emergency office solutions. Office@home provides all of the necessary tools to create a fully-functional home office with all of the capabilities found in a traditional corporate office. In addition, the Telework Center and Emergency office solutions provide either a full-time, security-certified, full-time remote office environment (Telework Center) or a similar temporary environment when emergencies or natural disasters (Emergency Office) when required.
  • We offer services, products and solutions that improve productivity, better work/life balance and can save millions of dollars for companies of all sizes. Officescape differentiates itself from individual service vendors by providing all services on a single platform, we call it “office as a platform”.Let’s look at how you may be handling procurement of necessary services right now. If you have a telework force you probably need the following. Number one, Broadband. You’ll also need online storage capabilities. In order to keep the lines of communication open, you’ll need phone service not to mention audio and web conferencing for those meetings and fax capabilities for documents that must be signed. So, for the sake of keeping it simple, let’s say you need 6 services.Broadband: Comcast, Time Warner, etc.Online Storage:, Idrive, etc.Audio Conferencing:, Genesys, etc.Web Conferencing: WebEx, GoToMeeting.comUnified Communications: Cisco, Avaya, etc.Online Fax: Efax, Rapid Fax, etc.6 services, 6 different vendors. Increasing the difficulty of management, billing and more. Not to mention the difficulty in managing all these vendors for a large, remote workforce.Officescape is not in business to compete directly with each of these companies on individual services, rather we offer a complete, scalable package of services (solutions) on a single platform, greatly simplifying management, billing, reporting, etc while decreasing your overall cost. This is where you will benefit from doing business with officescape.
  • What it all comes down to is what can Officescape do for you? At the most basic level, Officescape increases the flexibility of your workforce, allowing them to work anytime, anywhere, while maintaining a high level of security. We simplify management and billing by consolidating services and solutions onto a single platform, with a single point of contact. We offer flexible service options that allow you to choose only the services that you actually need. This saves you money in and of itself. In addition, the services and solutions we provide reduce your need for costly overhead such as real estate, hardware and software. All of this combines to boost your bottom line, by increasing your productivity while lowering your costs.
  • Well with that I thank you and appreciate you sharing some time with me to learn about Officescape and what we do. My contact info is up on the screen if you should have any questions and I am available for questions right now. Cheers
  • Transcript

    • 1. Derek R. Augenstein Sr. Account Executive UC 317.616.2219 Officescape® is the leading Office Service Provider. We offer the next-generation of office services today, by combining virtual office flexibility with physical office functionality. Officescape is also the leader in providing Office as a Platform to allow Officescape companies of all sizes to conduct business anytime, 8910 Purdue Rd. anywhere with great cost savings. Suite 480 Indianapolis, IN 46268 5/10/2010
    • 2. Clients include: About Us Founded in 2000 (privately-held) HQ in Indianapolis Leader in Telework Solutions Leader in Office On-Demand 65,000+ End Users 6,000 Business Clients 1,000+ Locations World Wide Ranked Among Fastest-Growing U.S. Businesses intro | services | products | solutions
    • 3. We are known for: Vision Statement Officescape's vision for the Office on Demand℠ future of the modern office has no boundary. Virtual Office Officescape commits itself to enabling business people to Nomadic Office℠ escape the bounds of their physical office, allowing them Telework Solutions to work from anywhere, at anytime, securely and reliably. 5/10/2010
    • 4. Office on Demand™ Private Offices Conference Rooms Office on Demand℠ is a trademarked Officescape Broadband Computing service and provides you a unique solution to utilize office space, meeting rooms, professional services, Unified Communications computing and other technology services by the hour, or by the day. Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing Web Conferencing intro | services | products | solutions
    • 5. Virtual Office Unified Communications Virtual PBX Officescape’s Virtual Office is not just about Online Fax business image. It provides all of the modern office functionalities that people can use anywhere, Personalized Phone anytime, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Answering office. Mail Collection & Forwarding Voicemail/Fax To Email intro | services | products | solutions
    • 6. Telework Solutions Telework 530 With over 15 years of experience and expertise in Tel@ccess℠ Management telework management, Officescape offers the best programs and the most complete telework Telesecure™ Computing solutions for companies of all sizes. TelOffice™ Solutions Teleworker Services intro | services | products | solutions
    • 7. DIYoffice Officescape’s DIYoffice allows for complete Choose from any customization of your virtual office. Select one Officescape product service or all services necessary to create the or service offering optimal virtual office for your unique needs. intro | services | products | solutions
    • 8. Services Start A New Office Choose On-Demand Office One Online Office Communication@anywhere Conference@anywhere Professional@anywhere DIYoffice Computing@anywhere Software@anywhere intro | services | products | solutions
    • 9. Services Start A New Office Virtual Office Choose On-Demand Office One Usage Office Online Office Full-time Office Communication@anywhere Conference@anywhere Professional@anywhere DIYoffice Computing@anywhere Software@anywhere intro | services | products | solutions
    • 10. Services Start A New Office Unified Communications IP PBX Services Online Fax Services Communication@anywhere Business Class Broadband Conference@anywhere Professional@anywhere DIYoffice Computing@anywhere Virtual Office Software@anywhere intro | services | products | solutions
    • 11. Services Start A New Office Audio Conference Videoconference & Bridging Web Conference Communication@anywhere Event & Conference Center Conference@anywhere Professional@anywhere DIYoffice Computing@anywhere Virtual Office Software@anywhere Unified Communications IP PBX Services intro | services | products | solutions
    • 12. Services Start A New Office Personalized Phone Answering Professional Assistant Corporate Event Planning Communication@anywhere Conference@anywhere Professional@anywhere DIYoffice Computing@anywhere Virtual Office Software@anywhere Unified Communications IP PBX Services Web Conference intro | services | products | solutions
    • 13. Services Start A New Office Computing on Demand Server Hosting & Co-Location Off-site Data Backup Communication@anywhere Conference@anywhere Professional@anywhere DIYoffice Computing@anywhere Virtual Office Personalized Phone Answering Software@anywhere Unified Communications Professional Assistant IP PBX Services Web Conference intro | services | products | solutions
    • 14. Services Start A New Office Web-based Applications Software as a Service eFile Cabinet Communication@anywhere Conference@anywhere Professional@anywhere DIYoffice Computing@anywhere Virtual Office Personalized Phone Answering Software@anywhere Unified Communications Professional Assistant IP PBX Services Off-site Data Backup Web Conference intro | services | products | solutions
    • 15. Delivers a cost-effective and full-featured Products communication software suite using an IP-based communications server. Unified Communications System w/ IP Phones  Unified Messaging (email, voicemail and fax) TelOffice™ Box  Unified Devices (phone, fax and cell) Web Phone/Soft Phone  Follow-me/Find-me phone IP Videophone  Audio and Web Conference Broadband Wireless  Call Manager with Web Interface Gateway intro | services | products | solutions
    • 16. This smartcard-driven thin client is Products designed to provide all the user experience you need in a modern computer. Unified Communications System w/ IP Phones  VPN and SmartCard Encryption TelOffice™ Box  Protected from Viruses & Spyware Web Phone/Soft Phone  No Hard Drive, Easy Upgrade & Maintenance IP Videophone  Embedded OS with Local Web Browser Broadband Wireless  USB 2.0 with Local Serial and Parallel Ports Gateway intro | services | products | solutions
    • 17. The Web Phone includes a user‐friendly interface, is Products java‐based and accessible from the web. Soft Phone offers even greater functionality with a simple Unified Communications download. System w/ IP Phones  OS-Independent TelOffice™ Box  Multi-Line Interface Web Phone/Soft Phone  Integrated with UC System IP Videophone  Mute & Redial-Capable Broadband Wireless Gateway  Accessible Anytime, Anywhere intro | services | products | solutions
    • 18. This IP videophone affordably adds audio and Products video conferencing capabilities to your business, while providing life-like video and crystal-clear audio. Unified Communications System w/ IP Phones  Supports Both SIP and H323 Protocol TelOffice™ Box  Voice and Video Privacy Web Phone/Soft Phone  Built-in Angle-Adjustable Camera IP Videophone  2 High-Speed Data Ports Broadband Wireless  Input/Output for VCR, Camera or TV Gateway intro | services | products | solutions
    • 19. This gateway offers mobile broadband solutions that Products can be rapidly deployed for commercial applications or as part of a successful business continuity plan. Unified Communications System w/ IP Phones  High Speed Internal Processor with 3G TelOffice™ Box  EVDO Rev-A Speed with Sprint and Verizon Wireless Web Phone/Soft Phone  Maintains a Persistent Network Connection IP Videophone  Includes Ethernet, Serial and USB Connections Broadband Wireless  Remote Control Device Capable Gateway intro | services | products | solutions
    • 20. Solutions Telework 530 Telecommuting Tel@ccess℠ Management Distributed Call Center Alternative Officing Telesecure™ Computing Eco-Office TelOffice™ Solutions intro | services | products | solutions
    • 21. Solutions Telework 530 Broadband Management Tel@ccess℠ Management Telecom Management Telesecure™ Computing Total Conference TelOffice™ Solutions intro | services | products | solutions
    • 22. Solutions Telework 530 Desktop Management Tel@ccess℠ Management VPN Management Telesecure™ Computing Secure Access Management TelOffice™ Solutions intro | services | products | solutions
    • 23. Solutions Telework 530 Office@Home Tel@ccess℠ Management Temporary Office Telework Center Telesecure™ Computing Emergency Office TelOffice™ Solutions intro | services | products | solutions
    • 24. We are changing the way the world gets business done. Real-World Functionality Better Work/Life Balance Improved Productivity Virtual-World Flexibility Significant Cost Savings All On A Single Platform intro | services | products | solutions
    • 25. intro | services | products | solutions
    • 26. Derek R. Augenstein Sr. Account Executive Thank you for your time. UC 317.616.2219 Moving If you have additional questions, please contact me at the email or Officescape phone number shown to the left. 8910 Purdue Rd. Suite 480 Indianapolis, IN 46268 5/10/2010