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Reviewer PEHM

Reviewer PEHM

Published in: Business, Travel

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  • 1. Regulations and Ordinances Against Alcohol OBJECTIVES
  • 2. Is a law enacted by a local authority regulating the sale of liquor in all business establishments.
  • 3. To aTTain The vision and mission of The schoolGuidelines for everyone in school
  • 5. EXAMPLE:1. No student is allowed to bring any alcoholic
  • 6. 2. All students are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages
  • 7. 3. No student is allowed to sell alcoholic drinks inside the campus.4. No student is allowed to go to school drunk.
  • 9. MakatiCity
  • 10. 1. Ordinance No. 2001- 082 - prohibits any person from instructing, ordering, sending into an errand, co opting any person of minor age to purchase or acquire beer, liquor and other intoxicating beverages, cigarettes
  • 11. from retail stores, sari- sari stores or variety stores, convenience stores within the City of Makati.
  • 12. 2. Posting of notice that selling beer, liquor, and other intoxicating beverages and cigarettes to minors is prohibited by law and provides penalties for violations thereof.
  • 13. PENALTIESFINE- 500, 1000, 2000IMPRISONMENT- 10 days- 1 , 2 3 st nd rd offences
  • 14. MARIKINA CITY1. Ordinance No. 110 Series of 2004: Ordinance Regulating the Sale of Liquor in all Commercial/ Business E stablishments in the City of Marikina
  • 15. 2. Section 1- regulates the sale of liquor in all commercial/ business E stablishments
  • 16. 3. Section 2a. Commercial/ Business Establishments include eateries, restaurants, kitchenettes, carinderias, grills, KTV bars, and clubs, music lounges, disco houses, billiard halls, sari- sari stores, groceries, mini marts, convenience stores, and all other similar establishments.
  • 17. b. EATERY- any establishment serving liquor in addition to cooked food and short orders for consumption of customers. Restaurants, kitchenettes, carinderias, grills, and all similar establishments serving cooked food and liquor are included as eateries.
  • 18. c. LIQUOR- any distilled alcoholic beverage. For example: beer, whisky, rum, brandy, gin
  • 19. SECTION 3 Prohibits the following:b. From 12- M.N.- 8 A.M.c. From 2 A.M.- 8 A.M.
  • 20. SECTION 4 The owners/ managers/ personnel of commercial/ business establishments should inform/ advise them to get their last order
  • 21. SECTION 5The Philippine National Police- Marikina city ( PNP Marikina). The personnel of the Office of Public of Safety and Security
  • 22. SECTION 5and Bantay Bayanoperatives are herebydirected to monitor allcommercial/ businessestablishments in thecity and apprehend anyviolator for the strictimplementation of this
  • 23. SECTION 6 PENALTY CLAUSE Owners/ managers of any commercial/ business establishments found to have violated this Ordinance shall penalized, as follows:
  • 24. • 1 offense- 3000 st• 2 offense- 5000 nd• 3 offense- revocation rd of business permit and permanent closure of the business establishment.
  • 25. SECTION 8EFFECTIVITY CLAUSEThis ordinance shall take effect 15 days from the approval and
  • 26. ACTIVITY #1
  • 27.  Suggest ways of successful implementation of the regulations and ordinances on the sale and use of liqours on the following:
  • 28. a. Zoneb. Barangayc. Municipalityd. School
  • 29. QUESTIONS1. How do minors get involved in the violation of city and municipal ordinances on the sale of liquor?
  • 30. 2. Do you think that the ordinances on the sale of liquor in cities and municipalities will solve the problem on the use of alcohol?
  • 31. RUBRICVery Good- (10)Good- (7-9)Satisfactory- (4-6)Poor- (0-3)
  • 32. RUBRIC1. The output is about the implementation of ordinances on the sale of liquor.2. The output is clear, sufficient, realistic and easy to understand.3. The output gives the essential information about the topic.4. The group works silently and cooperatively.