Stages of growth and development
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Stages of growth and development



Ralph Tuppil, I-Deuteronomy

Ralph Tuppil, I-Deuteronomy



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Stages of growth and development Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Stages of growth and development
  • 2. • Growth is a lifelong process that starts with a single cell. It’s created by joining together of one special cell with another cell which comes from each parent.• The period of life from the first year through the teen years is a time of great growth.
  • 3. Different stages of growth.• There are stages of growth that a person goes through.• Infancy• Early childhood• Childhood• Late childhood• Adolescence• adulthood
  • 4. Infancy• Infancy- from birth to 18th months• Physical changes• Bones are still soft and flexible• Learns to sit, to crawl, to stand and to sit.• Mental changes• Gets what it need by crying• Can recognize parents and siblings
  • 5. Early childhood• 18th month to 3 years• Physical changes• Learns to walk and to talk• Arms and legs get longer• Mental changes• Learns to use the toilet• Social changes• Not ready to share or to play interactively with others
  • 6. Childhood• 3 to 6 years• Physical changes• Begins to lose milk teeth• Mental changes• Learns to behave while in a group• Social changes• Learns to play interactively and to make friends• Emotional changes• Physical contact becomes less frequent
  • 7. Late childhood• Physical changes• Appetite increases• Process of sexual maturity begins• Mental changes• Acquires high-level thinking skills• Emotional changes• Self-centeredness lessens• Choose friends of the same sex
  • 8. Adolescence• The period of gradual change from childhood to adulthood the time of life between childhood and adulthood.• Physical changes• Rapid physical growth• Body starts to look more like an adult• Mental changes• Begins to question oneself• Starts to enjoy participating in adult conversation
  • 9. • Emotional changes• Feeling very quickly from being happy to being lonely.• Sees people as having needs like his.• Social changes• Friends views become more important
  • 10. Adulthood• Period from the twenties onward• Physical changes• A slow weakening of the five senses• a slow loss of calcium in the bones• Bones become brittle• Stiffening of the joints and weakening of the muscles
  • 11. Submitted to ma’am JennyhealthRalph Audric Tuppil