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For our Online Communities class, we were asked to brainstorm and pitch a mock business idea within a short timespan to practice our ideation and presentation skills. This deck was designed to give my classmates an overview of my idea: Plenish, a mobile wholesale shopping assistant for high street fashion brands & buyers.

Created in April 2013 for CMGT 534: Introduction to Online Communities, a Master's level class at the University of Southern California's Annenberg Program on Online Communities (APOC).

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Plenish Pitch Deck

  1. 1. YOUR WHOLESALE SHOPPING ASSISTANT A Mobile B2B Solution for High Street Fashion Brands & Buyers CMGT 534 - Final Pitch - Audrey Sunu
  2. 2. "Fashion forward?"
  3. 3. backward. "Fashion forward?"
  4. 4. INNOVATION: The Missing Link? DESIGN & PRODUCTION ??? Wholesalers Retailers POINTS- OF-SALE
  5. 5. Pre-orders at trade shows + showrooms (6 months out) Samples made (8 months out) UNIQUE SALES CYCLE Reorders replenished Complex, staggered process Production (1-3 months) Orders confirmed + shipped repeats 5x/year, largely occurs offline
  6. 6. Only 15% of wholesalers provide retailers with a mobile shopping experience.* “I need something to help me plan a season's merchandise with all vendors, not just order from each separately.” Why not more? Ask the buyers. “Building direct relationships is important. Hand-feel, special details, and design collaborations are [too].” - Seika Iwao (Parashu) - Lydia Pierson (The Buckle) “I've used BrandBoom, PopMarket and NuOrder as references...[but not for purchasing] because we have our own software." “Existing platforms try to replace the in-person experience, instead of complementing it. ” - Daniel Carmen (Over the Rainbow) - Christine Yun (Tris Boutiques) Source: US Census, competitive analysis
  7. 7. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE App experience End-to-end sales management $$$ Social networking Floor integration Avg. Unit Price ? $ FAST FASHION HIGH STREET Market Type DESIGNER
  8. 8. WHY IT FITS Wholesalers place high business value on placement with comparable brands. The right traffic = the right sales. Plenish serves an unmet network of smaller-scale wholesalers with similar market positions.
  9. 9. Goal: Optimize fragmented buying experience both during (in-person) and after the sale (inapp). •  Preserve the "touch & feel" factor o  But leave show floors with less follow-up work on fragmented platforms •  Reduce back-and-forth Automated, 1-click order confirmation and processing o  No clunky social networks o  •  Merchandise better Aggregated order review o  Note-taking/image capture o  o  1 app, ∞ wholesalers! My Orders
  10. 10. INDUSTRY TRENDS B2B activity = $14.4B +7% YOY 90% of ALL e- commerce Total sales by U.S. apparel B2B wholesalers in 2011 ...yet e-commerce accounts for only 25% of total sales! +16% YOY Source: US Census
  11. 11. BUSINESS MODEL Free for buyers •  Tiered subscription plan for wholesalers o  o  •  •  •  $99 - $499 a month variables: # of users, shows, units, etc. Referral program Online marketing Strategic partnerships
  12. 12. TEAM Audrey Sunu Name Namerson BIZ DEV/MARKETING (Specialties) Name Namerson TECHNOLOGY (Specialties) PRODUCT/DESIGN (Specialties)
  13. 13.