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Presentación de Blogs discutida en la clase de Social Media

Presentación de Blogs discutida en la clase de Social Media



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    Blogs para Salud Pública Blogs para Salud Pública Presentation Transcript

    • Audilis Sánchez, MPH, MHSAc
    • Agenda • Experiencia de los estudiantes trabajando en un Blog. • Discutir lo que debe ser un Blog y sus connotaciones en la Salud Pública. • Relacionar y contrastar las herramientas sociales hasta el momento.
    • Blogs • CommonCraft: http://www.commoncraft.com/video/blogs – Blogs are changing the idea of news in the 21st century – Blogs are organized – An important role of blogs is bringing like- minded people together – Blogs facilitate conversation and networking
    • What Are Blogs? • Comes from “web-log” • Single page websites featuring written entries • Can have links to other web pages • Reverse chronological order • Blogosphere • Personalized Publishing
    • Blogs • Web publishing tool • Typically a single owner • Utilized to convey information and express opinions • Diary like – monthly calendar indicating days with entries • Comments usually encouraged • Blogroll – links to related blogs
    • 2007
    • 2010
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. ¿Qué significa esa palabra? Web (red) WeblogBlog Diario de Log (diario) la web
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Glosario• Bitácora (blog)• Bloguero (blogger)• Bloguear• Blogosfera• Entrada (post)• Comentarios (comments)• Borrador (draft)• Plantilla (template)• Blogrolling• Enlace permanente (permanent link)• Etiquetas (tag) Más información: • http://blogsaldehuela.wordpress.com/glosario/ • http://www.socialsignal.com/system/files/Social%20Signal%20- %20Web%202%20glossary.pdf
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Definición En español también denominado bitácora:• Periódicamente actualizado.• Recopila cronológicamente textos o artículos de uno o varios autores, apareciendo primero el más reciente.• El autor conserva siempre la libertad de dejar publicado lo que crea pertinente.
    • What Does it Do?• Many different types (photoblog, videoblog…etc… )• Social networking sites• Post entries – can be an online journal, or for specific topics• Way of communicating with friends, and people in the network• Some companies use it to communicate cross-departmentally
    • How does it work?• Simple Concept, Easy Interface• Web applications with external database: WordPress, Drupal• Hosted Solutions: Blogger, MySpace• Corporate blogging encouraged on open platforms: IBM employees use Movable Type, WordPress, and many others
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Características (I)• Actualización• Organización• Conversación ENTRADA / POST
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Características (I)• Actualización TEMÁTICA• Organización• Conversación CRONOLÓGICA
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Características (I)• Actualización• Organización• Conversación
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Características (II)• Simplificación• Distribución • Altamente temáticos
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Características (II)• Simplificación• Distribución • Altamente temáticos
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Características (II)• Simplificación• Distribución • Altamente temáticos
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Tipología• Blogs personales• Blogs temáticos• Fotoblogs / Fotolog• Videoblogs• Audioblogs (Podcasting)• Edublogs• Blogs corporativos /institucionales
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Tipología. Blog personal Primun non nocere Rafa Bravohttp://rafabravo.wordpress.com/
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Tipología. Blog temático Pediatría basada en pruebashttp://www.pediatriabasadaenpruebas.com/
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Tipología. Fotoblog Cloudshttp://www.fotolog.com/_clouds_/
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Tipología. Videoblogs Videoblog de Cienciahttp://videoblogciencia.blogspot.com/
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Tipología. Audioblogs (podcasting) Portal Mayores. Podcasthttp://www.imsersomayores.csic.es/documentacion/multimedia/podcast/index.htmlMás información ¿Qué es un podcast?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhEYbVocd98
    • Blogs y Microblogging Blogs. Tipología. Edublogs Taller de Edublogshttp://edublog.lacoctelera.net/Blogs de Profes. Aulablog.com: http://aulablog.com/edublogs/
    • Blogs y MicrobloggingBlogs. Tipología. Corporativos / Institucionales Blog de la Comunicación en Salud del Clínichttp://blog.hospitalclinic.org/es
    • Blogs y MicrobloggingBlogs. Tipología. Corporativos / Institucionales Blog. Plan de Calidad del Sistema Nacional de Saludhttp://blog.plandecalidadsns.es/
    • Blogs y MicrobloggingEstructura de un blog
    • Blogs y MicrobloggingEstructura de un blogCABECERA
    • Blogs y MicrobloggingEstructura de un blogCABECERAENTRADA / POST
    • Blogs y MicrobloggingEstructura de un blogCABECERAENTRADA / POSTCOMENTARIOS
    • Example of a blog page: notice the entries take up most of thepage, but the left hand margin shows links to other sites. Howstuffworks Blogging http://computer.howstuffworks.com/blog1.htm
    • A list of “tags” each of which is linked tobloggers posting on a given topic. The IBM “Blogroll” http://domino.research.ibm.com/ibmcom/planetibm. nsf/pages/bytag.html?Open&tag=blogging
    • IBM “Global Innovation Outlook” Blog Links to other http://gio.typepad.com/ newsfeeds, Today’s entry blogs, sites
    • Blogs y Microblogging ¿Cómo crear un blog?A través de herramientas gratuitas de creación deblogs. Existen dos tipos:• Herramientas on-line gratuitas (son sencillas, no esnecesario instalar ningún programa; pero menosflexibilidad). Ejemplos: Blogger, LiveJournal, LaCoctelera, Blogia, Bitacorae, Wordpress.• Herramientas alojadas en un sitio web (másflexibilidad y creatividad, pero más complejas demanejar, además de la necesidad de tener alojamientoweb con capacidad para generar base de datos).Ejemplos: Wordpress, MovableType.
    • Blogs y MicrobloggingPASOS PARA CREAR UN BLOG EN BLOGGER:• Crearse una cuenta en Google. Lo más fácil es crearse una cuenta de correo-e con GMAIL.
    • Blogs y Microblogging2.Acceder a la página principal de Blogger (http://www.blogger.com) y acceder con el usuario y contraseña de GMAIL.
    • Blogs y Microblogging3.Rellenar los datos: Nombre que se va a mostrar cuando se creen entradas o posts.4.Aceptar las condiciones del Servicio
    • Blogs y Microblogging5.Elegir un título para el Blog6.Elegir una dirección web para el Blog (comprobar la disponibilidad)
    • Blogs y Microblogging7.Elegir una Plantilla.
    • Blogs y Microblogging8.Se ha creado el blog!!!!9.Aparecen dos enlaces a. Empezar a publicar b. Opciones avanzadas de configuración
    • Blogs y Microblogging9.b. Opciones avanzadas de configuración:• Configurar un dominio personalizado: Crea un dominio personalizado para tu blog o usa uno que ya tengas.• Herramienta de importación de blog: Importa un blog de Blogger existente a este.
    • Blogs y Microblogging9.a. Empezar a publicar:
    • Blogs ¿Qué blogs puedo consultar?Enlaces con recopilación de blogs: – http://delicious.com/guiasalud/blogs – http://www.netvibes.com/ernestobarrera#BLOGs – http://www.infodoctor.org/rss/bitacoras.php – http://www.opinionras.com/index.php?q=node/309 – http://www.opinionras.com/index.php?q=node/356 – http://www.opinionras.com/index.php?q=node/354
    • Enterprise 2.0 – CEO Blog Topics • Health and wellness •Community Outreach •Smoking Cessation •Medical Innovation
    • Ejemplos • Clinical Education Clinical Case and Images • CEO Blogs RunningAHospital.blogspot.com • Physician experience blogs ◦ Kevin MD • Health IT blogs Healthcare IT Guy
    • Health Care Blogs – Patients
    • Health Care Blogs - Physicians
    • Different from existing technology? Advantages Disadvantages • Collaboration & hierarchical • Easy access to information “tagging” structure about people, privacy concerns• Community formation, two-way • Leaking of internal corporate connection information might have very damaging results for business • More personalized than operations marketing • While “tagging” and additional• Low cost or free in many cases, meta-data help structure the no training required data (e.g. for data mining), it is • Faster communication than still largely unstructured traditional methods
    • Why Blog?• Inexpensive, non-techie, easy/quick to • Expand services to those across your launch organization• Capture, annotate information • Increase productivity and info exchange through better time management and – Indicate document relevancy, provide resource allocation taxonomy, create info relationships • Seamless access via internal network – Make info visible that would – Read the website, receive RSS feeds or otherwise be overlooked updates through email – Document management tool, from • Promote internal marketing for micro to macro individual, group/dept. and/team (personal, departmental, organization initiatives, projects (long and short term) al) • Content is searchable, browsable, archived• Excellent adjunct/alternative to email and users can comment overload – Alternative to vast, impenetrable file folders – Leverage your research and ability to of emails disseminate it – valuable database is created and expanded continuously• Create and promote key relationships – Inexpensive, practical KM system that does within and across departments, groups not require lots of $ and services
    • More Reasons Why You Should Blog • Identify and target your users • Branding/marketing vehicle for your • Provide channels of information library – good PR – Choice/selection in data stream – Offers tangible, ongoing – From the general to the documentation of work product granular, your readers can – Justify choose if you offer them a range resources, staffing, additional of content services • Supplementing info/data/resources • Where is that report, news from websites, e-newsletters, paid article, survey, training manual? subscription services, online – Promote, maximize internal databases collaboration, knowledge base • Aggregate your current publishing management of resources, tasks formats and projects – Intranet • Real time publishing – Portal – Direct, no intermediary req’d – Websites • You are the expert – Handouts/brochures – Blogging will focus and expand – Power Points upon your skills – Emails – Level the playing field…minimize barriers and increase – Newsletters visibility, communications, integra tion of resources
    • Blogging Essentialsbenefits, people, time, cost• Is a blog the app you should choose • Obtain stakeholder buy-in – Who are you trying to serve, and why • Demo the service, request• Needs assessment suggestions, comments and input – Have a specific goal, review progress • Respond quickly by adapting the blog and assess value to incorporate additional data• Who is responsible for – narrow or expand content and maintenance/updating specifications• Blogs can be “back-office” or front and • Is one blog sufficient, or do you need center multiple blogs? – Determine scope…or niche • Address usability, functionality, value• Establishing and populating the blog(s) for time spent with content • Stay on message…focus, focus, focus – review resource options with key – readers have limited time members of departments, practice • Verify, vet, validate content groups or areas whom you wish to serve. – choose your source materials very carefully
    • What to Blog About?Share the Knowledge• new or ongoing projects – close the loop• new services, or current ones that require better promotion/info dissemination• KM initiatives – Evaluation, design, implementation, roll-out, testing• Tasks – group/departmental – Organizational tool, management tool • Password database, subscription database, calendar of events• training• presentations• topical/subject specific research• practice development• clients• virtual reference, electronic services, cataloging• from topics specific or broad, it is up to you!
    • What Does Blogging Involve:Got Content!• Assignment: monitor, track, locate (through all avenues available…fee and free)… find needle in haystack and make it look easy!• validate, verify, analyze• review, edit, append info as req’d (PDF, Word docs, Excel, graphics, audio, video)• seek feedback, comments, contributions• publish, disseminate, update (the updating part is the real kicker)…commitment is key!• don’t start what you can’t continue – Feed the Blog!• time management is essential
    • Benefits• Blogs are more personal, IBM viewers are more comfortable with the information they receive from employees and feel it is more reliable and personal.• Used INTERNALLY to enhance the communication and culture in corporation• Used EXTERNALLY for marketing, branding or PR
    • Risk/Cost • information released is not filtered before posting • loss of employment or other potential leak out of consequences when there’s company secrets, get a violation of info posted on company is legal issues company websites and give company wrong image
    • Estudiante de Medicina Bloguero • BertalanMeskó, MD graduated from the University of Debrecen, Medical School and Health Science Center in 2009 and started PhD in the field of personalized genomics.
    • • Su vida cambio luego de utilizar WordPress.
    • Referencias• BertalanMesko. Medicine 2.0 with the eye of a medical student blogger. http://www.slideshare.net/NCurse/medicine-20-with-the- eye-of-a-medical-student-blogger-presentation• CommonCraft. Blogs. http://www.commoncraft.com/video/blogs• Gobierno de Aragon. CursoAplicaciones de la Web 2.0. Web social ySalud.• IBM: Case Analysis. Blogs• John Sharp. Digital Customer in Health Care. http://www.slideshare.net/JohnSharp/digital-customer-in-health- care-1198211• Sabrina I. Pacifici. Corporate Blogging. www.bespacific.com