Titration Lab Report


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Titration Lab Report

  1. 1. Titration of 7-up and Sprite using 1.0 M NaOH  trial 1trial 2trial 3trial 4trial 5Sprite initial vol. of NaOH (mL)*11.411.912.412.813.1 final vol. of NaOH (mL)*11.912.412.813.113.57-upinitial vol. of NaOH (mL)*13.714.114.515.015.5 final vol. of NaOH (mL)*14.114.515.015.515.8*All values +/- 0.1 mLVolume of NaOH used (mL)*trial 1trial 2trial 3trial 4trial 5averageerrorSprite0.*All values +/- 0.1 mL<br />Observations:<br /><ul><li>Both acids were clear after indicator was added
  2. 2. Turned pink for longer period of time after each drop added
  3. 3. Stayed lightly pink after a certain amount of drops</li></ul>Calculations:<br />Average of the amount of NaOH used<br />Final volume minus the initial volume for trials first through last to find the differences between final and initial volumes. Find the sum of the differences, which is then divided by amount of trials performed to find the average.<br />Finding differences: Trial 1: 11.9 - 11.4 = 0.5 mL ; Trial 2: 11.9 – 12.4 = 0.5 mL ; etc<br />Finding sum of the differences: Sprite: 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.4 + 0.3 + 0.4 = 2.1 mL ; 7-up: 0.4 + 0.4 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.3 = 2.1 mL<br />Dividing by the amount of trials: Sprite & 7-up: 2.1/5=0.4 mL<br />Error: <br />Find the difference between the average and the number that is further away from average<br />Sprite & 7-up: 0.4 – 0.3 = 0.1 mL<br />Concentration: <br /> Write a balance equation. <br />Base concentration * base liters = moles of base * mole ratio of acid/mole ratio of base = moles of acid/liters of acid = concentration of acid<br />Sprite and 7-up both contained citric acid:<br />NaOH + C6H8O7 = H2O + NaC6H7O7<br /><ul><li>M of NaOH * 0.0004 L = 0.0004 mol * 1/1 = 0.0004 mol/0.01 L = 0.04 M </li></ul>Conclusion:<br />Sprite and 7-up both have the same concentration of citric acid, because according to data averages, with 10 mL of each drink present, an average of 0.4 mL of NaOH was required to neutralize the citric acid in both drinks. Therefore, the acidic concentration would be the same and equal to 0.042 M which also support the claim that both drinks have the same concentration of acid.<br />Evaluation:<br />The error of this experiment is equal to 0.1 which is pretty significant. The error was most likely caused by inaccurate measurements and some overshot titrations. We are pretty confident in our results with an uncertainty of +/- 0.01<br />Improvements:<br /><ul><li>Use 10 ml graduated cylinders as they are more precise and match the desired value
  4. 4. Use a smaller burette so that smaller drops come out, and performing precise titrations is easier</li></ul>The next investigation could be experimenting with two different acids, so that results actually different from each other.<br />