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Atyaf Portfolio

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  2. 2. About AtyafMultiplay Services Platform Atyaf IPTV Portfolio Atyaf IPTEL PortfolioAtyaf Hospitality Portfolio Atyaf Gaming Portfolio 2
  3. 3. enabling digital social communities About us Atyaf is a Regional Operator neutral platform as a service provider. Provide Network access agnostic Services. Delivers multiplay converged user experience. Support multiple content ingestion sources, from multiple content providers
  4. 4. enabling digital social communities Our Mission and Vision OUR VISION To be the provider of a state of the art telecommunications and entertainment system focused on OUR MISSION proactively catering to customers lifestyle preferences thereby To guarantee a superior customer ensuring ultimate customer experience through continuously satisfaction. updating the latest communication Enriched Communication technologies and thereby facilitating the enrichment of people’s lives and Enjoyable time Enriched Entertainment quality of community through the provision of next generation ICT Services and ascertaining sustainable Non-age, gender, or Access long term profitability in the future ethnic specific simplicity Anywhere – Ease & Anytime transparency of use
  5. 5. enabling digital social communities Atyaf Portfolio
  6. 6. enabling digital social communities Market Segmentation Mass-Market via Telecom Prime location Special Bid Operators Café’s and Operator 1 Durrat Al Bahrain Restaurants Operator 2 Hospitality Prime 1 Operator 3 Healthcare Verticals (i.e. Residential Operator 4 towers) Hotels Operator 5 Prime 2 White-labelled 6
  7. 7. enabling digital social communities The Atyaf Connected Home The Atyaf Connected Home experience The Atyaf Service Delivery Platform enables Atyaf Customers to be able play out their services across multiple device types. TV, PC Smart Phones plus other connected devices. Atyaf Anywhere - Everywhere Experience
  8. 8. enabling digital social communities Your Digital Life Simpler  Simple to Setup  One Bill  Fully Integrated  Simple to Use  More Economical  Accessible from anywhere on any device  Once Place to call for support 8
  9. 9. enabling digital social communities The Atyaf Experience – Open Multiservice Multiscreen Solution  Broadband Media  Internet TV  VOD  Enhanced Voice Service  Personal Media  Social Gaming  E-Learning  Home Surveillance  FMC  Innovative VAS  Social TV 9
  10. 10. enabling digital social communities The Atyaf Platform (PaaS) Atyaf Managed Services & VAS Delivery Platform  multi-device, multi-screen, multi-OS, multi-net  A multi-service delivery platform.  A powerful targeted advertisement system  Offered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model.  A fully integrated Service management solution  Open Application framework  Fully customizable and brandable (white label) 10  Easy to use, integrate and deploy.
  11. 11. enabling digital social communities Atyaf Value-proposition “Atyaf manages your platform, so you can manage your business” In-production state of the Art OTT Head End, ready for launch. In-production scalable content delivery network. Empowers operator’s shareholders and partners. Enables operators diversity to Hospitality and Healthcare sectors. Rich content - Regional and Global Live & VoD. Upsells operator’s BB subscriptions.
  12. 12. enabling digital social TV the Atyaf experience offers more … 12
  13. 13. enabling digital social communities Experience the Web From Your Couch  Apps and services optimized for “10-foot experience”  Apps generate revenue and consumer-outreach 13
  14. 14. enabling digital social communities Deployment Flexibility At The TV 14
  15. 15. enabling digital social communities Content Delivery Network Multiple Existing OTT CDN PoPs New CDN PoPs can be provided to enhance customer experience. Industry leading edge Minerva Middleware platform. Atyaf Network Operator’s Network Middleware IPTV HE OTT CDN OTT CDN Operator’s Operator’s WiMax Network 3G Network
  16. 16. enabling digital social communities Atyaf’s IPTV VAS Rich Suite of converged services:  Pay-per-view  Subscription TV Packages  Video on Demand  Music on Demand  Games on Demand  Multi-Screen Play  Follow-me Services  Catch-Up TV  Restart-TV  Network-DVR  STB PVR  Personal Content  Widgets & VAS  Provide branded applications.  Provide extensive set of local and foreign language content.
  17. 17. enabling digital social communities Operators Value-Proposition to Customers Direct Content provider Offering Atyaf OfferingPremium over STB ✓ ✓Free to Air Channels ✓ ✓Single STB/Device includes all channels Χ ✓VOD Market-Place ✓ ✓ (only OSN VOD) (Many VOD providers)Multi-Screen ✓ ✓ (only for VOD) (Any Content*) *Subject to ContentPVR/nPVR ✓ ✓ Provider T&C (only on STB) (Any Content*)Follow-Me Χ ✓Social-TV Χ ✓Subscribers Analytics Χ ✓Adaptive Streaming Technology Χ ✓Customizable Content/VOD/Barker Channel Χ ✓Customer Self Provisioning Χ ✓Innovative STB Devices Χ ✓Advert Insertion & Marketing Χ ✓Offline Viewing Χ ✓Pay Per View Services Χ ✓*
  18. 18. enabling digital social communities Ready to start a Trial TODAY
  19. 19. enabling digital Hospitality the Atyaf experience offers more … 19
  20. 20. enabling digital social communities Value-Proposition to Hotels ConvenienceAtyaf can take responsibility for dealing with your ICT solution providers and act as your one stop shop to all communication and entertainment choices available in the market. Prestige New Technological and entertainment experience for the Hotel, the technology and infrastructure Atyaf provide adds value to your portfolio. EconomicalBearing the full cost of infrastructure is costly, and depending on a pre-arranged agreement , Atyaf can share your costs by placing the required infrastructure to support the latest technology. New Streams of Revenue Agreeing on a review-share model, to monetize the Infrastructure invested. 20
  21. 21. enabling digital social communities The Atyaf Hospitality Value-Add Provide a customized Hotel portal. Provide new innovative services for guests, such as internet browsing and VOD with the Hotel look and feel, leveraging pay per view. Provide extensive set of local and foreign language TV and radio to guest rooms, and hotel areas. Ticker and hotel announcements integration on TV. Barker Channel can be provided for Hotel content. Integrated billing and convergence.
  22. 22. enabling digital social communities The Atyaf Hospitality IntegrationsSome of the Hospitality integrated features: Wake-up Call: The guest sets the Wakeup call from his/her TV set. Do Not Disturb: The guest sets do not disturb on the TV Set with the time interval he/she needs. Reminders: The Hotel guest can set his/her important appointments and a pre‐reminder will be sent to him/her through the TV screen. Facility Reservation: The guest can reserve any of the facilities that the hotel offers (ex: Restaurant) using the TV Screen View My Bill: The guest can view his bill on the TV Screen to check its amount. Hotel can enable/disable this service for the hotel guests PMS connector (Opera): PMS connector used to integrate with Hotel’s Property Management System to be used for View my Bill application. (Opera) Welcome Message: Welcome message is being shown on the TV once the guest checks in. Guest Feedback Survey: The guest will fill his hotel feedback survey from the TV screen.
  23. 23. enabling cloud IPTEL the Atyaf experience offers more … 23
  24. 24. enabling digital social communities Hosted PBX Atyaf’s PaaS business model offers voice services to telecom operators as well as end business users.  Hosted PBX Is a Service Provider offer which delivers traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) features from a Central Office or Network Operations Center.  Hosted PBX has a number of advantages over traditional Customer Premise based systems including • Scaling • Multi-site support • Price/Value  Hosted PBX Solutions are multi-tenant, serving multiple business simultaneously
  25. 25. enabling digital social communities Hosted PBX – Business Feature SetPersonal Features • Calling Line ID Delivery Group Features• Alternate Numbers • Calling Name Delivery • Account Codes• Anonymous Call Rejection • Calling Line ID Blocking • Authorization Codes• Auto Callback • Calling Line ID Blocking Override • Call Intercept• Attendant Console • Cancel Call Waiting • Call Park• Auto Attendant (Audio/Video) • Consultation Hold • Directed Call Park• Barge In Exempt • Directed Call Pickup • Call Pickup• Blind Call Transfer • Directed Call Pickup with Barge In • Calling Group ID Delivery• Atyaf (BroadWorks) Anywhere • Distinctive Alerting • Hunt Groups• Call Forwarding Always • Diversion Inhibitor • Calling Plan• Call Forwarding Busy • Do Not Disturb  Incoming Calls• Call Forwarding No Answer • Extension Dialing  Outgoing Calls• Call Forwarding Remote Access • Instant Group Call  Redirected Calls• Call Forwarding Selective • Last Number Redial • Configurable Attributes• Call Hold • N-Way Calling  Calling Line ID• Call Notify • Priority Alerting  Extensions• Call Return • Push to Talk  Feature Codes• Call Transfer Consultation • Selective Call Acceptance  Time Zones• Call Transfer Three Way • Selective Call Rejection • Music on Hold Consultation • Sequential Ring• Call Waiting • Shared Call Appearances• Simultaneous Ring • Three Way Calling• Speed Dial • Voice Portal Calling
  26. 26. enabling digital social communities Atyaf Anywhere - Functionality One Number  Multiple Calls to your Number Ring all your Phones Devices Move Calls between Move active calls between Devices Devices with no Call Interruption Personal Reachability Control When and How You are Reachable Rules Tag calls from your mobile as “Business” or “Personal” Configurable CLID calls Universal Personal Personal Services and Mailboxes Work Across all Features Phones Universal Business Group Remain active in Hunt Groups, Call Centers, Features Group Calls, Conferences even when out of the office
  27. 27. enabling digital social communities Atyaf Anywhere - Benefits  Key Benefits  Single Number Atyaf Anywhere • One number for all phones • Same identity for call originations and terminations  Universal Features Personal Productivity • All phone features work across all devices Anywhere, Any Phone • Switch active calls between devices  Independent of Mobile Network • No relationship with a mobile operator is required  Amplifies Business Productivity • Greater chance of reach on first call • Key requirement for many verticals  Key Dependencies  Required Services • BroadWorks Anywhere and/or Shared Call Appearance • Two Stage Dialing  Optional Services • In Call Service Activation
  28. 28. enabling digital social communities Unified Messaging – Solution Overview Alert Receive Main Phone Mobile Desktop Pop-up NotifyVoice Mail MWI To MWI To Email MWI To Phone Mobile Alert DesktopVideo Mail Retrieve Voice Portal Email Alert Fax
  29. 29. enabling digital social communities Unified Messaging – Feature Set Email Integration  Fax Integration  Send voice messages to Email  Receive & Manage Fax messages • Create and send .wav file of voice • Assign fax accounts to users message to subscriber’s specified email • Retrieve fax messages from email (.tif) or account Voice Portal • Archive or forward messages to other • Print fax messages to any fax machine parties from Voice Portal • Archive or forward fax messages to other Mobile Integration parties  Notification and retrieval from mobile  User Web Portal device  Manage message settings from portal • MWI notification sent to mobile device • Load custom greetings • Immediate account sign-in from mobile • Set voice mail policies device • Define destination for email integration • Retrieve voicemails from email that is accessed from mobile smart phone  Feature Access Codes  Enable/Disable voice mail via FACs Video Integration • Forward all calls to voicemail  Receive & Manage Video messages • Forward busy calls to voicemail • BroadWorks supports receipt and delivery • Forward no-answer calls to voicemail of video messages • Direct transfer call to user’s voicemail • Subscribers can record video greetings • Access Voice Portal • Video messages are forwarded to email
  30. 30. Atyaf Social Gaming PaaS the Atyaf experience offers more … 30
  31. 31. enabling digital social communities Gaming Platform Overview  The Atyaf Gaming Platform, provides for a highly scalable and feature rich teleco-class Game Distribution Platform.  Device and service agnostic, the platform has a broad spectrum of social and monetization capabilities to drive user participation and product monetization.
  32. 32. enabling digital social communities Gaming Platform AdvantagesTransaction Friendly: Billing, payment options, and singlesign on (SSO) seamlessly integrated to allow for ease ofpurchasing.Immersive Gaming Experience: The system provides rich in-game features, online events and tournaments, rewards,community creation, convergence across screens and crossproduct promotions.Great Marketing: Campaigns around platform features suchas tournaments and online events.
  33. 33. enabling digital social communities Gaming Platform FeaturesThe Atyaf Gaming Platform provides a number of out-of-the-box features that canbe deployed as your publisher platform. Publisher Manager  SEO focus  Clan Management Developer Manager  User Profile  Clan Rankings Game Title Manager  Store Front System  Rich & Reward Economy Genres Manager  Billing Integrations System Ratings Manager  Integrated SSO/BSO  Media Video System Media Screen Shots  Reporting  User Blogs Editorials  Forums  Tokenized Story Editor Banner Ad Support  Game Leaderboard  Tokenized Reviews  Video Ad Support  Multi-Admin Levels  Email Marketing
  34. 34. The Power of You 34
  35. 35. enabling digital social communities Gateway Model
  36. 36. enabling digital social communities Carrier-grade WiFi Solution
  37. 37. enabling digital social communities New Upcoming remote control
  38. 38. enabling digital social communities Universal Storage Module