Overview	  of	  Q3	  Global	  Trends  • Global	  Social	  Media	  Channels         -­‐ Q3	  Stats         -­‐ Updates  • M...
Global	  Social	  Pla0orm	  Updates                                         3
Facebook:	  Q3	  Updates                             • More	  than	  955	  Million	  registered	  users	  and	  543	      ...
Facebook:	  Advancements	  in	  geo-­‐targe?ng	  will	  allow	  brands	  to	  message	  various	  audience	  subsets      ...
TwiAer:	  Q3	  Updates                           • 500M+	  Users	  Worldwide	                             • Top	  regions	...
TwiAer:	  New	  HTML	  widget	  allows	  brands	  to	  build	  a	  fully	  interac?ve	  ?meline	  on	  their	  website    ...
YouTube:	  	  Q3	  Updates                                • Youtube	  is	  now	  localized	  in	  43	  countries,	  across...
YouTube:	  Upcoming	  redesign	  to	  offer	  new	  branding	  opportuni?es	  for	  marketers                              ...
Pinterest:	  Q3	  Updates                              • The	  increasingly	  popular	  photo-­‐sharing	  site	  draws	  a...
Pinterest:	  New	  updates	  further	  prevent	  spam	  ac?vity	  through	  the	  photo-­‐sharing	  site                  ...
LinkedIn:	  Q3	  Updates                             • 175M	  Users                             • 57.9%	  Male            ...
LinkedIn:	  New	  redesign	  shiLs	  the	  site	  from	  a	  resume	  network	  to	  a	  visual	  content	  sharing	  plaM...
Sina	  Weibo:	  Q3	  Updates                                  • Over	  300	  million	  Chinese	  users,	  with	  90%	  of	...
Sina	  Weibo:	  Redesign	  focused	  around	  aArac?ng	  adver?sers,	  improving	  sharing	  func?onality                 ...
Social	  Media	  Trends	  in	  La=n	  America                                                     16
La?n	  America:	  5	  of	  the	  top	  10	  most	  engaged	  countries	  are	  in	  the	  LATAM	  region	                 ...
C&A’s	  Social	  Shopping	  takes	  the	  concept	  of	  “Like”	  from	  the	  Facebook	  page	  into	  real-­‐life       ...
Social	  Media	  Trends	  in	  Europe                                            19
With	  over	  223MM	  registrants	  on	  Facebook	  residing	  in	  Europe,	  awareness	  of	  the	  network	  has	  grown...
London	  2012:	  Social	  Media	  Olympics	  to	  Remember                                      Twiber,	  Facebook	  and	 ...
Social	  Media	  Trends	  in	  Asia                                          22
Asia	  Pacific:	  Social	  Media	  con?nues	  to	  saturate	  the	  B2C	  market                                           ...
Coca-­‐Cola:	  One	  Million	  Reasons,	  Believe	  in	  Thailand                                          • Coca-­‐Cola	 ...
Social	  Media	  Trends	  in	  the	  Middle	  East                                                           25
Middle	  East:	  Online	  and	  social	  marke?ng	  ini?a?ves	  should	  reflect	  the	  highly	  personal	  nature	  of	  ...
Lay’s	  Arabia	  empowered	  fans	  to	  iden?fy	  the	  brand’s	  next	  chips	  flavor	  for	  the	  region              ...
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Global Social Media Trends Report


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This fall, our Global Social Media team takes a step back at the five underlying social media trends spotted as of September 2012. With over 1.4 billion social media users (19.2%
increase over 2011) we continue to witness unprecedented growth in an industry where new players, features, and technologies are introduced every single day. And as the industry furthers its scale globally, we'll no doubt see additional shifts in trends and behaviors as new markets enter in with unique cultures and practices of their own.

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Global Social Media Trends Report

  2. 2. Overview  of  Q3  Global  Trends • Global  Social  Media  Channels -­‐ Q3  Stats -­‐ Updates • Market  Trends  +  Case  Studies -­‐ La>n  America -­‐ Europe -­‐ Asia  Pacific -­‐ Middle  East  &  AfricaSocialBakers2012 2
  3. 3. Global  Social  Pla0orm  Updates 3
  4. 4. Facebook:  Q3  Updates • More  than  955  Million  registered  users  and  543   Million  mobile  monthly  ac>ve  users • 2.7  Billion  Likes  every  day • 22%  of  all  web  pages  contain  Facebook  URLs  and   is  the  leading  source  of  referred  social  media   traffic  (26%) • Audience  remains  largely  US-­‐based  (163M+),   although  markets  such  as  Brazil  (56.7M)  and   India  (53.6M)  are  rapidly  gaining  momentum • Average  user  is  male  (60%),  and  is  between  the   ages  of  18  and  25 Source:  AllFacebook  Stats  (August  2012) 4
  5. 5. Facebook:  Advancements  in  geo-­‐targe?ng  will  allow  brands  to  message  various  audience  subsets Facebook  will  be  rolling  out  new  features  that  will  allow   brands  to  target  their  posts  to  specific  groups  of  fans  in   the  news  feed  based  on  the  following  criteria: •  Age •  Gender •  Interested  In •  Rela>onship  Status •  Educa>on •  Workplace •  Loca>on  &  Language  (already  exis>ng  criteria) 5
  6. 6. TwiAer:  Q3  Updates • 500M+  Users  Worldwide   • Top  regions  according  to  user-­‐base  include: -­‐ Venezuela -­‐ Indonesia -­‐ Brazil -­‐ Turkey -­‐ Mexico • The  average  Twiber  user  is  37.3  years  old • Audience  is  60%  Female  vs.  40%  Male   Source:  h8p:// 6
  7. 7. TwiAer:  New  HTML  widget  allows  brands  to  build  a  fully  interac?ve  ?meline  on  their  website Twiber  has  launched  a  new  widget  that  allows  brands  to   embed  an  extensive  scrollable  >meline  and  a  reply  field   directly  in  their  website.  This  allows  users  to:   • Tweet,  Retweet  and  Favorite  posts • View  expandable  images • Display  tweets  with  a  specific  hashtag Sources:    Mashable  2012.  Social  Bakers  2012 7
  8. 8. YouTube:    Q3  Updates • Youtube  is  now  localized  in  43  countries,  across  60   languages • The  3rd  most  visited  website • 78%  of  all  traffic  comes  from  outside  the  US • Youtube  handles  10%  of  the  global  internet  traffic • 100  million  people  take  a  social  ac>on  on  YouTube  (likes,   shares,  comments)  every  week Source:  YouTube  Stats  (September  2012) 8
  9. 9. YouTube:  Upcoming  redesign  to  offer  new  branding  opportuni?es  for  marketers • YouTube’s  newest  “Video  Crea>on  Marketplace,”     plahorm  will  serve  as  an  addi>onal  branding  opportunity   for  YouTube  partners  and  adver>sers • The  channel  is  also  rumored  to  have  a  subscrip>ons   service  in  the  works,  allowing  cable  networks  with   smaller  audiences  to  offer  professional-­‐grade  videos  in   partnership  with  cable  channels • Redesign:    YouTube’s  new  design  will  soon  present   original  programming  content  and  videos  from  channel   users  in  a  clear  and  balanced  format 9
  10. 10. Pinterest:  Q3  Updates • The  increasingly  popular  photo-­‐sharing  site  draws  an   average  of  1.36  Million  visitors  per  day • The  majority  of  Pinterest  users  are  female  (68.2%),   between  the  ages  of  25  and  34  (27.4%) • Parents  dominate  Pinterest,  accoun>ng  for  50%  of   the  site’s  user-­‐base • 28%  of  users  have  an  average  household  of  over   $100,000  per  year • Average  amount  of  >me  spent  on  the  site,  per  visit  is   15.8  minutes  (as  compared  to  Facebook,  which  is   12.1  minutes  per  visit) Source:  Modea  (July  2012) 10
  11. 11. Pinterest:  New  updates  further  prevent  spam  ac?vity  through  the  photo-­‐sharing  site As  a  part  of  the  site’s  broader  efforts  to  fight  off  spam,   Pinterest  has  begun  blocking  or  stripping  three  types  of  links: • Affiliate  links:  Pinterest  now  treats  these  as  spam,  which   in  turn  blocks  the  original  poster  from  gelng  a  cut  of   sales  from  any  future  purchases  origina>ng  from  that  link   • Pinterest  is  also  now  flagging  links  posted  with  URL   shorteners,  displaying  a  roadblock  sign  for  any  user  who   abempts  to  click  through • The  site  is  also  stripping  informa5on  added  to  the  end  of   a  URL  in  order  to  prevent  third-­‐party  click-­‐through   tracking   11
  12. 12. LinkedIn:  Q3  Updates • 175M  Users • 57.9%  Male • Ages  25-­‐47  (67.7%) • 45%  –  Increase  in  Users  Since  2011 • 85.3%  Growth  in  La>n  America • 39%  of  Users  are  at  decision  makers  (Manager,  Director,   Owner,  Chief  Officer,  Vice  President) • Industry  representa>on: -­‐  High  tech  (14.3%) -­‐  Finance  (12.4%) -­‐  Manufacturing  (10.1%) Source:  Z-­‐  (July  2012) 12
  13. 13. LinkedIn:  New  redesign  shiLs  the  site  from  a  resume  network  to  a  visual  content  sharing  plaMorm • The  Plahorm’s  recent  launch  of  the  new  simple,  clean   homepage  allows  users  to  easily  browse  news  ar>cles   shared  by  industry  leaders  and  connec>ons • The  Facebook-­‐like  newsfeed  u>lizes  an  improved  algorithm   to  highlight  top  updates  based  on  users’  profiles  and   interests,  featuring  larger  images  and  liking,  sharing  &   commen>ng  func>onali>es •  The  update  follows  the  goal  set  by  LinkedIn  during  its  Q1   earnings  call  to  “Simplify,”  allowing  users  to  get  more  value   from  exis>ng  products  and  services 13
  14. 14. Sina  Weibo:  Q3  Updates • Over  300  million  Chinese  users,  with  90%  of   users  between  the  ages  of  18  and  35 • 56%  of  users  follow  businesses  on  Sina  Weibo   and  those  that  do  follow  an  average  of  4   businesses • Females  more  likely  to  share  product  and  brand   informa>on  on  Weibo Source:  China  Skinny  (Aug.  2012) 14
  15. 15. Sina  Weibo:  Redesign  focused  around  aArac?ng  adver?sers,  improving  sharing  func?onality Version  5  updates  to  personal  pages  include  Google+-­‐style   private  tweet  sharing  and  a  social  credit  cards  ini>a>ve. Sina  Weibo  will  also  be  focusing  more  on  abrac>ng  adver>sers   through  addi>onal  streams  for  revenue  growth.  These  include: • Promoted  messages  and  ads  to  be  displayed  at  the  top   of  users’  streams  for  brands  they  follow  (ads  will  appear   once  every  24  hours  and  then  drop  down  the  feed) • Businesses  will  pay  a  Cost  Per  Fan  (CPF)  rate • Redesign  will  also  introduce  a  “self-­‐support  adver>sing   system  for  SMEs  and  for  individual  users”  as  well  as   building  payment  and  credit  systems Source:  The  Next  Web  (Sept.  2012) 15
  16. 16. Social  Media  Trends  in  La=n  America 16
  17. 17. La?n  America:  5  of  the  top  10  most  engaged  countries  are  in  the  LATAM  region   • More  than  127M  La>n  Americans  visit  social  networking   sites  per  month,  or  90%  of  the  region’s  online   popula>on • Users  spend  the  most  >me  on  social  networks  with  a  total   of    7.7  h  hours  per  month,  ahead  of  Europe  (7  hours)  and   North  America  (6.4  hours) • 31%  of  Internet  Users  In  La>n  America  will  buy  products   online  in  the  next  year,  half  of  them  using  social  media  as  a   referral  site Source:  comScore  2012 17
  18. 18. C&A’s  Social  Shopping  takes  the  concept  of  “Like”  from  the  Facebook  page  into  real-­‐life Specially  programmed  hangers  displayed  the  actual   number  of  likes  each  of  the  garments  had  received   allowing  indecisive  shoppers  to  see  just  how  popular  each   one  was. With  the  recent  growth  of  the  Brazilian  economy  and   crea>on  of  the  new  middle-­‐class  spurring  an  ever-­‐hungry   fashion  consumer,  we’re  only  seeing  the  very  start  of   what’s  to  come  in  the  merging  of  online  and  real-­‐world   experiences. 18
  19. 19. Social  Media  Trends  in  Europe 19
  20. 20. With  over  223MM  registrants  on  Facebook  residing  in  Europe,  awareness  of  the  network  has  grown  to  100%  of  all  web  users • 61.3%  of  the  European  popula>on  uses  the  Internet,   according  to  Internet  World  Stats.  (Germany  is  number   one  with  67  MM  users,  followed  by  Russia,  61  MM) • Europe  has  223  MM  Facebook  subscribers.  Awareness   of  Facebook  is  close  to  100%  among  European  Internet   users • The  >me  spent  social  networking  in  Europe  con>nues   to  grow  at  a  healthy  pace  of  17  percent  year  over  year Source:  Comscore  (July  2012) 20
  21. 21. London  2012:  Social  Media  Olympics  to  Remember Twiber,  Facebook  and  other  social  networks  were  central  in   breaking  stories  throughout  the  games,  defining  London’s  as   the  first  truly  social  Olympic  Games • Twiber  served  as  a  legi>mate  news-­‐hub  throughout  the   games,  with  Tweets  quoted  regularly  across  the  major   media  channels.  Twiber  was  also  the  #  1  social  plahorm   used  during  the  Olympics. • 60%  of  all  social  media  interac>ons  during  the  games   were  posi>ve • The  majority  of  the  tweets  came  from  UK  (58%)  while   22%  came  from  Europe  and  the  rest  were  from  around   the  world 21
  22. 22. Social  Media  Trends  in  Asia 22
  23. 23. Asia  Pacific:  Social  Media  con?nues  to  saturate  the  B2C  market • A  recent  study  by  Buddy  Media  on  Asian   companies  found  that  most  have  social  media   strategies  which  are  ouen  executed  by  internal   marke>ng  teams   • Businesses  look  not  just  to  fan  engagement  but   also  to  sales  and  leads  as  measures  of  social   media  success • Employee  Resources  are  considered  a  big  barrier   for  brands  and  agencies  wan>ng  to  invest  more  in   social  media  than  budge>ng  allows Source:  Buddy  Media  (May  2012) 23
  24. 24. Coca-­‐Cola:  One  Million  Reasons,  Believe  in  Thailand • Coca-­‐Cola  campaign  aimed  to  collect  one  million  reasons   why  Thai  people  believe  in  a  brighter  future  for  Thailand • These  reasons  were  compiled  into  a  book  >tled  One   Million  Reasons:  Believe  in  Thailand,  which  was  delivered   to  public  libraries  in  all  77  provinces • Fans  could  send  in  messages  through  Facebook,  Twiber,   YouTube  and  Instagram  for  inclusion,  along  with  sending  in   a  message  through  their  dedicated  website • Created  a  dedicated  hashtag  #COKE1m  for  Twiber  and   Instagram  submissions 24
  25. 25. Social  Media  Trends  in  the  Middle  East 25
  26. 26. Middle  East:  Online  and  social  marke?ng  ini?a?ves  should  reflect  the  highly  personal  nature  of  business  in  the  region • Religion  is  a  way  of  life  in  the  ME,  which  has  a  profound   impact  on  culture  and  therefore  social  and  online   behaviors • In  the  UAE  and  Saudi  Arabia,  accessing  Facebook  is  now   ranks  as  the  first  online  ac>vity  for  internet  users  (before   email  or  chat) • More  than  50%  of  Facebook  users  in  the  Middle  East,   access  the  social  networking  site  through  mobile Source:  eConsultancy:  “OpOmizing  content  for  search  in  MENA”  (July  2012) 26
  27. 27. Lay’s  Arabia  empowered  fans  to  iden?fy  the  brand’s  next  chips  flavor  for  the  region • Titled  “Flavor  Me”,  Lay’s  Arabia  embarked  on  a  6-­‐month   long  campaign  in  search  of  the  next  great  chips  flavor • Campaign  revolved  around  Mrs.  Liza  Lay’s,  a  potato,  who   was  receiving  thousands  of  marriage  proposals  from   various  exis>ng  flavors  and  was  looking  to  the  Lay’s   audience  to  help  her  in  making  a  decision • Lay’s  encouraged  par>cipa>on  through  a  weekly  prize   draw,  resul>ng  in  just  over  250,000  par>cipants   throughout  the  course  of  the  campaign 27
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