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Social Underground

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. CONTENTOverviewDefining Ideal InfluencersEarned Media StrategyMethodologyValue PropositionCase Studies
  3. 3. OVERVIEWThe Social Underground connects brands with their ideal influencers throughintegrated communications and a custom multimedia program.In other words:We filter through our network of 60,000 to find your ideal influencers.We lead them through a custom multimedia experience.They create original content and share it with their social networks.
  4. 4. BACKGROUNDin•flu•ence im•pre•ssionAn online mention, perspective and/orrecommendation that can influence a consumer’sopinion of a brand.90% of internet consumers trust recommendations frompeople they know2i•deal in•flu•en•cerA member of a brand’s target segment, aconversationalist and a creator. A coveted groupwhose thoughts resonate throughout their networks.15% of the US online population creates more than 200 billioninfluence impressions per year1
  5. 5. DEFINING IDEAL INFLUENCERSThe consumers that fit within a brand’sdemographic and psychographic profile.Social media users who create and publish video,audio, photo, music and blog content.4The select group of social media users who update theirstatus frequently and engage in conversations online.3
  6. 6. EARNED MEDIA STRATEGYearned me•di•a– The media a brand earns, rather than paying for or building itself, that consumersare motivated to create and distribute on their own.3The custom multimedia program harnesses the potential of contributors and creators,yielding significant earned media.
  8. 8. STRATEGYOur multifaceted process begins by collaborating to define the:
  9. 9. IDENTIFICATIONUsing our PeopleTracker™ nationwide network and proprietary LiveOne™ technology, we leverage existing relationshipsand identify the ideal influencers for any campaign. Candidates are screened, filtered and personally interviewed beforethey are ultimately selected to participate.
  10. 10. ENGAGEMENTSelected ideal influencers are then engaged in an custom multimedia program. This uniquely interactiveexperience is tailored to meet these specific social media goals:
  11. 11. AMPLIFICATIONAs the program progresses, we identify core advocates andcraft innovative ways to integrate their passion withbranded content, including specialty social media contests and liveevents.core ad•vo•cates – The most prolific conversationalists anddynamic creators, identified based on the quantity, quality andspirit of the earned media they generate.Social Underground programs can be extended for long-tail impact.Core advocates can connect to a new phase of influencers or seedan additional round of the program, Social Underground managerscan develop and implement ongoing strategies, or Brands maycontinue their relationship with core advocates on their own.
  12. 12. RESULTSThroughout the custom multimedia program, Social Underground leverages the power of ideal influencers. We track andreport earned media through:•  Metrics dashboard•  Content archive•  Core Advocate long-tail
  13. 13. VALUE PROPOSITIONSocial MediaMonitoringOnlineAdvertising Live EventsBloggerOutreachTarget Segment Listening ✓
Impressions ✓
Web Traffic ✓
Targeted SEO ✓
Social Media ContributionEarned Media ✓
Long-tail EngagementConsumer Generated Content ✓

  14. 14. DRACULA IN LOVEChallengeRare Bird Literary Promotions and author Karen Essex wanted to create authentic, onlinebuzz leading up to the release of her new book, Dracula in Love.Identification•  50 historical fiction & vampire literature enthusiasts•  Women 25 years of age and up•  Active social media habits (FB, Twitter, Blogs, etc.)Strategy & EngagementWe created an online book club driven by immersive media. As advanced reading copieswere en route to participants, we brought on voice-over artists to set the stage with crypticwelcome calls and questions from main character Mina Harker. Readers discussed the bookon a custom Facebook Fan Page and Twitter hashtag, while sharing links, opinions andmultimedia with their personal networks and interacting with “characters” and the author.Amplification•  Core advocates were invited to a live online chat with the author•  Several advocates went on to hold their own book clubs to continue to promote the bookResultsAll told, we gathered costumed photos, video reviews, and visits to the landing page frommore than 600 of our readers’ online connections. Click here to see and hear examples.Influence Impressions: 53,550 via Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, and Book Blogs.
  15. 15. iBALLZChallengeiBallz, an emerging new iPad accessory, needed original content from online users showingcreative, innovative uses of the product in action.Identification•  iPad owners •  College students based in major metropolitan areas•  Multimedia content creators Strategy & EngagementTo collect original content, we sent influencers a collection of iBallz cases and gave them aweek’s worth of interactive challenges. We relied on their existing creativity as theyintegrated the product into their unique lifestyles and provided us with videos, photos andposts. The most enthusiastic advocates hosted their own contests, generating moreexposure on Facebook and YouTube.Amplification•  Core advocate connected with iBallz owners at the SF MacWorld.•  Advocates streamed live interviews online during the conference with people seeing iBallzbeing used for the first time! ResultsThe program delivered a vault of photos and videos which were repurposed on the iBallzFacebook Fan Page, blog and website.Influence Impressions: 27,800 via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  16. 16. HEADLINE SHIRTSChallengeHeadline Shirts, an online retailer of intellectually, funny t-shirts, needed to drive traffic to aholiday promotion and raise their page rank.Identification•  50 active Facebook users•  5 key urban markets reached •  Intellectually humorous and comical personalitiesStrategy & EngagementWe invited 50 influencers to be the first in the country to try out the Headline Shirts “GiftFinder” – a tongue in cheek online quiz that matches shirts to personalities. After taking thequiz, they posted a link and their thoughts to Facebook. When shirts arrived, participantsposted creative pictures, blog reviews and status updates. For those who wanted to hook uptheir networks, we provided a special discount code.Amplification•  Core advocates invited for an insiders’ tour at the Headline Shirts warehouse in SF•  Tour included: choice of shirt, beer at the handmade bar and marketing strategybrainstorms with the founder of Headline ShirtResults13 new inbound blog links that helped raise their page-rank 2 pages for specific keyword.Facebook photo sharing and links helped drive a 200x rise in sales during the holidayseason.Influence Impressions: 127,800 via Facebook and personal blogs.
  17. 17. HERE’S WHAT THEY’RE SAYING"The Social Underground connected us with targeted,active online users that created original content, socialbuzz and (most importantly) had fun with our product. Theresponse was phenomenal!”– Lee Doerr, CEO/Co-Founder of iBallz™ for iPad“I expected success, but I have been blown away by theway Social Underground organized the campaign andelicited a wholly genuine response from the participants.Their innovative ideas brought freshness and excitementto the experience, and the readers have moved beyondbeing promoters to being true fans. I will never launch abook again without Social Underground!”– Karen Essex, Doubleday Author of Dracula in Love“Being involved with social underground is an excellentway to connect with a company on a personal level, and Ienjoyed better understanding their culture and personalitywhen I wrote about them.”– George, San Francisco“The Social Underground experience was lots of fun, fromposting links to touring to the company.”– Katie, San Francisco“I felt that I was an informed reader, watching thereactions from my fellow book clubbers as well as gettingphone calls from the character herself. Getting the insidescoop was fun because I could get excited about tellingmy friends about an up and coming new read!”– Lauren, Houston
  18. 18. THANK YOU!Please contact us here for additional information:Scott JamesSocial Media 433-1499 x228www.socialunderground.comAndrew LoosManaging 454-4472 x224www.attackmarketing.comChristian JurinkaManaging
  19. 19. APPENDIXinfluence impression – An online mention, perspective and/or recommendation that can influence a consumer’s opinionof a brand.ideal influencer – A member of a brand’s target segment, a conversationalist and a creator.earned media – Media a brand earns, rather than paying for or building itself, that is created and distributed byconsumers.immersive media – a combination of technologies and social networks that creates a moment/series of moments ofdelight and is designed to catalyze earned media, content and influence impressions. core advocates – The most influential conversationalists and dynamic creators, identified based on the quantity, qualityand spirit of the earned media they generate.1.  Nielsen via