Out-Of-Home Guerrilla Marketing Strategies: Publicity stunts


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These Attack! case studies demonstrate how using publicity stunts can help you transform any environment into an entertaining non-traditional advertisement that will stop the public in its place!

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  • Out-Of-Home Guerrilla Marketing Strategies: Publicity stunts

    1. 1. Publicity Stunts<br />“When Done Right, It’s a Remarkable Feature”<br />Mobile Media<br />Flyer Distribution<br />Costumed Characters<br />Brand Ambassadors<br />Bi-lingual Staff<br />Presented by Attack! Event Staffing, Field Support & Guerrilla Services<br />www.attackmarketing.net<br />
    2. 2. How Publicity Stunts Work?<br />When Done Right, It’s a Remarkable Feature<br />Attack! creates and stages stunts that speak to your brand’s vision while attracting the right media attention. From the drawing board to post-event reporting, Attack! has the experience to ensure valuable stunt execution for your brand.<br />CoSometimes an over-sized, furry character is just what the doctor orderedstumed Characters<br />
    3. 3. The Westin Hotel: Zen Garden<br />Challenge<br />Promote the rejuvenating and renewing experiences of a Westin Hotel stay.<br />Winning Strategy<br />A local Zen artist designed a 70 ft x 70 ft garden in Union Square. <br />City-goers watched the artist work while friendly staff answered questions and distributed brochures on the Zen Master, the Zen Garden and The Westin’s revamped décor. <br />Highlights<br /><ul><li> Media Attention
    4. 4. Staffing
    5. 5. Event Logistics
    6. 6. Flyering</li></ul>Results<br /><ul><li> Appx.12,900 people walk through Union Square each weekend
    7. 7. Over 3,000 fliers distributed
    8. 8. Overall campaign included more than 2,754 media placements</li></li></ul><li>VISA: Bastille Day<br />Challenge<br />Drive traffic to www.fanwithaplan.com and the 2007 Rugby World<br /> Championships in France.<br />Winning Strategy<br />A grass rugby field, players performing rugby moves, costumed brand ambassadors, and branded Segways created an authentic rugby match feel in Downtown San Francisco.  <br />An emcee/ ‘coach’ character interviewed the public and officiated prize contests throughout the day.<br />Testimonial<br /> “Attack! handled everything from permits to fabrication, from staffing the event and costuming the team to facilitating branded Segways.  Attack! delivered creativity, tremendous resourcefulness and great communication."  Jane Thompson, Bite Communications<br />Results<br />•  500 entries to win signed, branded rugby balls•  Website featured in the Wall Street Journal•  10,000 fan-with-a-plan flyers distributed•  70% Increase in www.fanwithaplan.com web traffic<br />
    9. 9. Virgin Atlantic: Premium Coffee Experience<br />Challenge<br />Virgin Atlantic needed to create buzz around the launch of their new Premium Economy class.<br />Winning Strategy<br />Over five days in Manhattan, trained Brand Ambassadors engaged with consumers in target business locations.<br />Uniformed teams offered complimentary premium coffee enhanced with syrup flavors to bring the product position, “a lot more for a little more,” to life.<br />Highlights<br /><ul><li> Street Teams
    10. 10. Jet-Pack Coffee Packs
    11. 11. Publicity Stunts
    12. 12. Guerrilla Marketing Projections
    13. 13. Flyering</li></ul>Results<br /><ul><li> Increased awareness of the Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy brand
    14. 14. Distributed 3,000 mint tins to target market
    15. 15. Distributed 4,500 branded cups of coffee to target market</li></li></ul><li>Dockers: Four Wearing Occasions<br />Challenge<br />Dockers needed a way to draw attention to their newest marketing campaign, “Dockers Four Wearing Occasions.”<br />Winning Strategy<br />Attack! executed a pop up performance in Downtown <br />San Francisco. <br />The famous “Quick-Change” artist sperformed and officiated a Dockers outfit contest. Winners received a free set of Dockers pants. <br />The program was supported by heavy street-team flyering.<br />Highlights<br /><ul><li> Pop up Performance
    16. 16. Project Management
    17. 17. Flyering
    18. 18. Contest
    19. 19. Street Teams/ Promotional models</li></ul>Results<br /><ul><li> News media coverage
    20. 20. 5000 flyers distributed
    21. 21. 10,000 brand impressions </li></li></ul><li>Safeway: Eating Right<br />Challenge<br />Drive awareness of “healthy diet alternatives” and create a positive buzz around Safeway's “Eating Right” line of products. <br />Winning Strategy<br />Attack! promotional models attended the 2008 San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon.<br />Brand ambassadors provided personalized photo keepsakes in exchange for email addresses and other consumer data. <br />Costumed characters cheered and educated runners on the benefits of an “Eating Right” diet on race day. <br />Highlights<br /><ul><li> Costumed characters
    22. 22. Consumer data collection
    23. 23. Photographers/ green screen experts
    24. 24. Brand ambassadors
    25. 25. Sampling/Personalized premiums</li></ul>Results<br />To view a video of the event, please visit:<br />http://www.attackmarketing.net/attack-eatingright.php<br />
    26. 26. Radio Shack: Netogether<br />Challenge<br />To secure world-class emcees capable of driving participation in RadioShack’s Summer Netogether brand event.<br />Winning Strategy<br />Attack! conducted a nationwide search for professional emcees to host a 3-day live simulcast event in New York’s Time Square and San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza. <br />The event connected the cities with 2 massive, 17-foot laptop computers equipped with webcams to allow live video and audio exchanges. <br />Emcees hosted the Netogether featuring live music, celebrity appearances and unique contests to demonstrate how technology can keep people connected - even 3,000 miles apart. <br />Results<br /><ul><li> Over 20,000 event visitors
    27. 27. Professional event emcees
    28. 28. Special performance by The Roots
    29. 29. Multiple celebrity appearances
    30. 30. 17ft laptops connecting the two cities</li></li></ul><li>Horizon Media: Mock Protest<br />Challenge<br />Stand out in a pool of competitors up for review with Zappos.com, Inc.<br />Winning Strategy<br />Attack! staged a mock protest in front of the Zappos.com headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. <br />Promotional staff wore bright yellow shirts and held “Yes23.net” signs.<br /> <br />A website was set up to pitch Horizon Media’s list of reasons for being Zappos’ top pick.<br />The “Yes on 23” messaging reinforced the company’s #23 spot on the list of potential agencies up for review.<br />Highlights<br /><ul><li> Mock protest
    31. 31. Publicity stunt
    32. 32. Client satisfaction with team’s execution
    33. 33. Friendly and enthusiastic street team</li></li></ul><li>MORE Magazine: Hold It!!!<br />Challenge<br /> Celebrateand generate interest in More Magazine’s October 2008 issue, featuring cover-lady Michelle Obama.<br />Winning Strategy<br /> Participants held More Magazines and froze in various “street <br /> commuter” positions for five minutes.<br /> Photographers and videographers were on-hand to capture the stunt.<br /> Thousands of YouTube views.<br />Testimonial<br />“People on the street stopped, stared and engaged. The video<br />lives on via You Tube -- thousands of views and counting. I'm so <br />happy we were referred to Attack!" <br />MarielaAzcuy,Director of PR, Meredith Corp<br />Results<br />To view a video of the event, please visit:<br />http://www.attackmarketing.net/experience.php<br />
    34. 34. Thank You!<br />Contact us for more information on Publicity Stunts<br />Jeffrey Lee<br />Office: 323-454-4472 ext: 231<br />Email: jefffrey@attackmarketing.net<br />www.attackmarketing.net<br />