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Google Analytics presentation given by Ben Rogers - Director, Attacat to the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce during October 2010. Actionable Insights with Google Analytics.

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  • DEFINE ACTIONABLEFree tool for analysing your website traffic
  • Basic install is a synch. There’s a mass more you can do However going a few additional steps is often required to make the data actionable.
  • Simple rule – without Kippers your cream crackered.Kippers = KPISo how do you decide what KPIs to have?Timely – it needs to happen in the first visit (or two) Timely should really be fast – but that just doesn't work – FOFF isn't nearly as memorable.Online – you need the action to be onlineFrequent – it needs to happen often enough to gather dataFinancial – need t be able to put a financial value on it somehow – gross approximation better than noneVolunteer
  • A funnel is just a series of steps before a goal conversion. The easiest way to explain this using the example of a shopping cart on an e-commerce site. The visitor will have to complete a number of steps from seeing the item to having the purchase confirmed. Steps such as registering, adding delivery address details, confirming the order, making payment & seeing the receipt page.These steps will always be in the same order but it doesn’t matter if the visitor misses out a step or returns halfway through the funnel.The funnel gives us great information about which areas of the sales process is not working – are people leaving when they see how many details they have to enter just to register, do they get to the confirmation stage & see the high shipping costs and leave? The small example to the side there shows that people enter and leave the funnel at different stage but shows us an overview of how successful the sales funnel process is.I’ve given a B2C example here but again this is just as relevant on a B2B site – do you ask for details before the download of a white paper? Is there a registration process for new users?
  • Statisticians wet dream. Don’t worry to much if you don’t follow this, the point is really just to illustrate how much depth you can go into if you want. well you can dig
  • Sadly not goals but  shows surges in referrals/direct and a follow up search peak (intensive blogging)Jump in referrals after being featured in the industry’s premier news site Action taken: live blogging exercise = success (so repeat)!  Thank author of linking article, develop relationship
  • Option 1 – “OK, boss” Suck upOption 2 – “No way – you’re wrong!”P45Option 3 – “Let’s test it against my idea & the loser buys lunch”Scientific, more fun & lower chance of the P45 scenario
  • Much better than the Analytics overlay as:Much better visual representationShows where people have tried to click inc where you shouldn’t click
  • So sexy, it hurts. Records mouse movements and clicks:Can watch recordings of individuals move through your websiteCrazy Egg style heat mapsBrilliant for forms – identifies problem fields really easily.
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