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Proposal 2014 campaign jewish market

  1. 1. Communication Campaign 2014 JEWISH TOURISM IN FRANCE
  2. 2. CONCEPT Home to Europe's largest Jewish population, France has a varied and fascinating history with Jewish communities from the world over. At the crossroads between the Asheknazi and Sefardi worlds, France has played an important part in Jewish learning and culture. ATOUT FRANCE’S INITITIAVE Promote Jewish tourism in France through highlighting the country’s Jewish heritage, culture, cuisine & destinations through an integrated marketing campaign including the following initiatives: a) Video mini-series b) Press/digital influencer trip creating buzz c) Original content featured on our site d) Emarketing campaign drawing traffic
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES INFORM The American public, press and professionals on the top destinations, brands & experiences related to Jewish heritage and culture in France PROMOTE Partner products and offers in the form of engaging content via an original video series and a dedicated page on our site ENGAGE Consumers through promoting content via social media and influential websites INSPIRE All Americans interested in Jewish culture to book a trip in France to visit the destinations and have the experiences that we are promoting
  4. 4. TARGETS MULTI-GENERATIONAL & MULTI-TARGET OF JEWISH AMERICANS IN THE US GENERAL PUBLIC Baby-Boomers + Generation X HHI: $120,000+ 41% plan 3 trips abroad every year 89% possess a bachelor’s degree; 62% possess a graduate degree Generation Y + Millennials Age: 25 - 45 States: NYC tri-state area + West Coast 54% female, 46% male PRESS, BLOGGERS & ONLINE INFLUENCERS Journalists writing for Jewish media Top influencers in the online Jewish community SPECIALIZED TOUR OPERATORS & AGENTS Agents & tour operators planning Jewish specific trips to France LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS Major organizations in the Jewish community Synagogues and youth groups planning trips abroad
  5. 5. DEMOGRAPHICS Sources: Ira M. Sheskin and Arnold Dashefsky (Editors) . "Jewish Population in the United States, 2012." American Jewish Year Book (2012) (Dordrecht: Springer) p. 143-211. There are roughly 5.3 million Jews living in the US
  6. 6. TIMELINE EARLY JUNE 2014 •Production of video series in France MID JUNE 2014 •Press trip in France with Jewish outlets/bloggers JULY 2014 •Content creation JULY-AUGUST 2014 •Run of campaign
  7. 7. INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN a) Video mini-series b) Press/digital influencer trip creating buzz c) Original content featured on our site d) Emarketing campaign drawing traffic Our Jewish tourism in France landing page on will highlight our video series, original content from our partners, and general tips and ideas for traveling to France to experience Jewish tourism
  8. 8. INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN A) VIDEO MINI SERIES  A short film series following author & chef Joan Nathan, a major figure in the Jewish community in the US, where she discovers the art of living and eating in France’s top Jewish destinations & sites PARTNER VISIBILITY  Featured segment or entire dedicated short film (depending on level of investment) where Joan Nathan will experience your brand/destination firsthand ABOUT JOAN NATHAN Joan Nathan is the author of ten cookbooks including her most recent, "Quiches, Kugels and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France,” which was named one of the 10 best cookbooks of 2010 by NPR, Food and Wine, and Bon Appétit magazines. She is a regular contributor to The New York Times, Food Arts Magazine, and Tablet Magazine.
  9. 9. INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN B) PRESS TRIP TO CREATE BUZZ  Host a Jewish themed blogger/press trip in France with influential media from Jewish publications and/or blogs, highlighting campaign partners to create more buzz PARTNER VISIBILITY  Featured in the itinerary and within the writers’ social media, blog and/or article posts
  10. 10. INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN BLOGGER 1: FROM JSPACE.COM is an online space providing Jewish news, gossip and food recipes, local and global networking, organization outreach, and events guide to find out about the hottest Jewish happenings near you. Reaches a younger audience in between 25 and 40. Unique visitors per month: 344,649 Active members in the US: 21,000+ Faceboook: 526,000 + Twitter: 21,900+ BLOGGER 2: FROM TABLET.COM Tablet is a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture. It’s considered a “must-read” in the US for young politically and culturally engaged Jews. Unique visitors per month: 75,828 Email subscribers: 40,000 Faceboook: 53,000 + Twitter: 22,700+ B) PRESS TRIP TO CREATE BUZZ: THE BLOGGERS* BLOGGER 3: FROM JEWCY.COM Jewcy is a platform for ideas that matter to young Jews today. An online magazine and user community, the blog has been described as a “cultural icon” and at the forefront of a reinvention of Jewish identify by Young US Jews. Unique visitors per month: 443,834 Faceboook: 5,000 + Twitter: 9,000+ *final bloggers to be confirmed
  11. 11. INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN C) ORIGINAL CONTENT  For each partner, we will create dedicated articles that will be featured on the Jewish tourism landing page on highlighting content such as:  Itineraries to discover the top Jewish sites  A top 10 list of the best local kosher restaurants  The best local Jewish recipes  How to connect with your Jewish heritage in France  An interactive map of important sites
  12. 12. INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN D) EMARKETING CAMPAIGN  We will drive traffic to our landing page featuring the videos & your content through a media plan obtained with key sites to reach the right audience. A sampling of some of the top Jewish websites in the US: PR BUZZ  Connect with major Jewish organizations around the US to promote landing page and video content TOP JEWISH WEBSITES UNIQUE VISITORS PER MONTH 2,078,312 Jewcy 443,834 Jspace 344,649 The Jew & the Carrot 120,132 The Scroll 75,828 Forward Thinking 67,024 Jewish Ideas Daily 65,795
  13. 13. RATES Featured Sponsor Sponsor Contributor 1 dedicated short video centered around your brand/destination (approx 5-10 minutes) Featured segment within short video (approx 3-5 minutes) Inclusion within short video (approx 1-3 minutes) 2 Featured dedicated articles on landing page 1 Featured dedicated article on landing page 1 Featured dedicated article on landing page Full press/blogger trip visibility Full press/blogger trip visibility Partial press/blogger trip visibility Featured partner in Media Plan Inclusion in Media plan Inclusion in Media plan Dedicated eblast sent to key Jewish contacts in the US (approx 40,000) Content featured in eblast sent to key Jewish contacts in the US (approx 40,000) Logo inclusion in eblast sent to key Jewish contacts in the US (approx 40,000) $15,000 $10,000 $5,000