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Promovere is a specialist face-to-face marketing company trusted by both private and public sector clients to communicate marketing messages directly to target audiences.

We work with clients’ existing marketing agencies or stakeholders to develop and implement face-to-face marketing campaigns that lead to positive behavioural change or product trial, sample and purchase.

Our fully-contracted front line staff are trained to identify customers, engage them and communicate in a way that other media simply can’t: we stop people in their tracks and actually talk to them – and they talk back to us!

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Welcome to Promovere

  1. 1. Selection of ClientsPromovere Ltd 01661 825673 | phil@promovere.co.uk | www.promovere.co.uk
  2. 2. Campaigns October 2012Stoptober- Peterborough NHSGo Dutch 2 for 1- DFDS SeawaysMedicine Waste- NHS East of England “I just wanted to say how fantastic Kevin was over the two weeks. He was just such an asset in terms of helping to make the campaign successful . Kevin played a huge part in motivating people to take part in the Stoptober campaign. He is just delightful - organised, supportive and positive. All the Smokefree Advisors liked him and he worked well with everyone. It really could not have gone more smoothly and so I just wanted to extend my thanks .” NHS Peterborough, October 2012.
  3. 3. Promovere- BenefitsAdd value to client activitiesGenerate PRIncrease engagement with product/serviceProduces action or purchaseWhite label or work independentlyExtend visibility of campaignProven ROIRisk & hassle-free We work with marketing and PR agencies nationally to implement face-to-face marketing activity that delivers value to their clients and engagement with target audiences. On a campaign targeting 16-24 year olds we produced 54% of the enquiries using only 10% of the total marketing spend.
  4. 4. Promovere Social Marketing“Delivering on our Behaviour Change Promise”Behaviour Change Experts15 Years Experience- Social MarketingTotal Campaign ManagementNational CampaignsMeasureable ROIVehicles & Stands “The client I saw today said she felt really reassured talking to the team in Tescos and it gave her the determination she needed to get through the weekend without smoking.” NHS Orkney
  5. 5. Social Marketing CampaignsPromovere Ltd 01661 825673 | phil@promovere.co.uk | www.promovere.co.uk
  6. 6. Promovere Social Marketing “Delivering on our Behaviour Change Promise” Evolved Campaign Management Clients Include: Scottish Government Metrics Pre-agreed with Client Essex Cancer Data Processing Improves Response Rates Network North East Cancer ISO 9001 Accredited Systems Network Full Reporting & Data Analysis NHS Southwark Members of the DMA NHS Borders Dept. of Health CarbonNeutral CompanyPromovere Ltd 01661 825673 | phil@promovere.co.uk | www.promovere.co.uk
  7. 7. Promovere Branded“Delivering Brand Message Face-to-Face”Brand AwarenessSamplingData CollectionEvent ManagementBrand ExperienceVehicles & Stands We are specialists in field marketing and have spent the last 20 years developing techniques that ensure maximum brand exposure for our clients and measurable return on investment.
  8. 8. The Promovere Experience
  9. 9. Promovere Branded “Delivering Brand Message Face-to-Face” Evolved Campaign Management Clients Include: Eastern Airways Canaries Tourism Total Risk-free Campaign Management DFDS Seaways Pre-agreed Success Criteria Alfa Romeo Daily Reporting Reg Vardy Dickinson Dees PR- generating Activity The National Lottery Fully Trained and Contracted staff Highly-skilled Communicators PromoToolKit™ Engages AudiencesPromovere Ltd 01661 825673 | phil@promovere.co.uk | www.promovere.co.uk
  10. 10. Management Team Phil Affleck- Managing Director Experience Includes: Over 20 years experience Leisure & Tourism Previous history in radio & sponsorship FMCG Professional Sector Charlie Grabham- Client Services Director Healthcare Government Chartered Marketer Automotive Over 10 years in marketing & events On-trade www.promovere.co.ukPromovere Ltd 01661 825673 | phil@promovere.co.uk | www.promovere.co.uk
  11. 11. Team Structure Phil Affleck- Managing Director Charlie Grabham- Client Services Bryan Burgess- Associate Director Director Deb Parker- Campaign Manager Kevin Ottoway- Operations Manager Joanne Cherry- Campaigns Assistant Paul Henderson- Logistics Assistant Field Team & Brand AmbassadorsPromovere Ltd 01661 825673 | phil@promovere.co.uk | www.promovere.co.uk
  12. 12. Always happy to chat….. Phil Affleck – Managing Director phil@promovere.co.uk 0758 462 8196 Charlie Grabham- Client Services Director charlie@promovere.co.uk 0790 424 7411Promovere Ltd 01661 825673 | phil@promovere.co.uk | www.promovere.co.uk