Mobile Fundraising for Non-Profits


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Seminar for non-profits on how to use mobile as part of the fundraising toolkit. Covers text-to-donate, mobile web, mobile apps, mobile auctions and even mobile kiosks. Note: presentation was exported from Google Docs and some formatting was lost.

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  • Hey Richard - Apparently the images on that slide didn't upload. It should have shown two micro-donation apps, One Today from Google and Give2Charity from Placed. Slide 15 is intentionally just a question mark. The reality is that there are few, if any, success stories when it comes to using native mobile apps for donations. This is due largely to their cost of development and maintenance but also because they don't really capitalize on the impulse to give (there are lots of steps to take). Finally, Apple doesn't allow in-app donations at all and Google Play will take 30% off the top of any in-app donation/purchase. If you want to use mobile for donations we recommend where you can start a text-to-donate campaign.
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  • Useful, thanks for sharing.

    I'm interested in slides 14 and 15 here - i.e. what happened to them? Or is the point you were trying to make just that there are no good case studies of fundraising mobile apps from charities?
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Mobile Fundraising for Non-Profits

  1. 1. Mobile for FundraisersEngaging 21st century donors
  2. 2. Objectives•Identify the impact of mobile•Know the (successful) mobile techniques•How to get started
  3. 3. Are you still using this?•Use of cash declines3% every year•Use of checks declines9% per year•Security concerns•Manual
  4. 4. Your future donors use this89% have phonesource: Pew Internet 2012, ComScore 201346%54% havesmartphones
  5. 5. What is the impact?source: Neilsen 2013, Smartphone ownersText MessagingEmailWeb SitesSocial MediaApplications86%82%75%63%62%
  6. 6. How to think mobile•Engagement•Tell your story•Let them take action!
  7. 7. Text-Messaging
  8. 8. Text-to-Give•Fast and Familiar•Restricted•Limited•Anonymous•90-day proceeds$350 - $1K/mo$.35 + 3.5%
  9. 9. Text-to-Donate•Less restricted•Unlimited amounts•Donor Data•Immediate Proceeds•More steps to donate$0 - $500/mo$1 + up to 5%
  10. 10. Mobile outreachCash4Kids: Weve almostreached our goal this month! Asa past supporter wed love yourhelp. Please donate at Thank you!Ok! I just gave $50. Keep upthe good work!3-4 times per year
  11. 11. Success with text-to-donatePoint-of-EngagementImpulseThe AskThe call-to-action:"Text GIVE to 28594"•Events•In-Venue•Direct Mail•Flyers•Business Cards
  12. 12. MobileApps
  13. 13. Smartphone Applications•For fundraising vs.fundraisers•Complex to build/update•Not just for donations•App Stores and fees
  14. 14. Success with mobile apps?
  15. 15. Mobile Web
  16. 16. But we already have a websitevs.
  17. 17. Your donation page15 - 20 fieldsShould be:5 - 7 fields
  18. 18. What needs to happen•RAZ Mobile•Duda Mobile•Moov Web•Custom$2K - 15K•Joomla•Drupal•Wordpress•Custom$15K-40KSeparate site Responsive site
  19. 19. What is this?•Link physical and digital•Requires smartphone app•Link to Donate page•Free to createQR code(Quick Response)
  20. 20. Success with mobile web•Top-of-page donate button•Short donation formCheck with your processor•Donate page re-direct•Direct, short vs.
  21. 21. MobileAuctions
  22. 22. What is a Mobile auction?•Bid from mobile deviceappwebtext-messaging•Silent Auctions only•Dedicated items
  23. 23. Why a Mobile auction?•Increase auction anddonation proceeds•Anywhere bidding withoutbid alerts•Reach beyond the auctionfloor•Payment completion
  24. 24. Considerations•Registration/setup•Device requirements•Checkout•Data collection•Mobile coverage
  25. 25. Providers•BiddingForGood•BidPal•HandBid•Ready Set Auction
  26. 26. More Mobile
  27. 27. Giving Kiosks•SecureGive•Qgiv•GivingKiosk•SimpleGive
  28. 28. Mobile Credit Card Reader•Square•Paypal•Intuit•PayAnywhere
  29. 29. In conclusionMobile is here to stayStart with text-to-donateCan be added with minimal disruptionThen mobile webSeparate, then as part of a re-design
  30. 30. Thank YouKelly McIvorkelly@tapfunder.com206.673.2749