Mobile 2D barcodes


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A webinar presented to the members of CCA. Includes details on the origins, creation and use of QR codes, MS Tags and other 2D barcodes.

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Mobile 2D barcodes

  1. 1. Marketing with 2D BarcodesKelly McIvorkelly@atomicmobile.comFebruary 28, 2012“Mobile marketing is no longer something companiesneed to try – its something they need to do.”
  2. 2. A mobile innovations firm focused on creatingengaging and interactive experiences.Marketing with 2D Barcodes
  3. 3. • What are 2D barcodes?• How to create them• Who is scanning them• When and where to use them• How to fail• How to winContentsMarketing with 2D Barcodes
  4. 4. What is a 2D barcode?Marketing with 2D BarcodesWikipedia: A barcode is an optical machine-readablerepresentation of data, which shows data about the object towhich it attaches.1D Barcode (UPC) 2D Barcode (QR)
  5. 5. Types of 2D barcodesMarketing with 2D BarcodesProprietaryOpen= QR= Data Matrix= MS Tag= BeeTagAztec Code Jag Tag Semacode Shot Code Trillicode AT&T
  6. 6. What is a QR code?Marketing with 2D BarcodesQR = Quick ResponseA trademark name for a particular2D/matrix barcode.Created by Denso Wave, a Toyotasubsidiary, in 1994 to track cars duringthe manufacturing process.
  7. 7. How do 2D codes work?Marketing with 2D BarcodesScan with a barcode scanner application on yoursmartphone.• Proprietary (MS Tag, AT&T BarcodeScanner)• Open (i-nigma, ScanLife, QR Droid)• Integrated (Google Goggles, ShopSavvy)
  8. 8. What can a 2D code do?Marketing with 2D BarcodesConnect the physical and digital worlds.Standard actions include:• URL (web site, video, map, social)• Contact (vCard)• SMS• Email• Phone call
  9. 9. Marketing with 2D BarcodesHow to create a 2D code
  10. 10. How to create a 2D codeMarketing with 2D BarcodesIts Easy!• Online sites/services (Google,, ScanLife)• Web API (Google,,• Internal software library (open source)
  11. 11. How to create a 2D codeMarketing with 2D BarcodesURLs: Direct vs Redirect page pageRedirect:
  12. 12. Design elementsMarketing with 2D BarcodesAmount of data affects size and densityURL:Http:// text:“Create a listing for your Biz/Org orsearch for help with your next projecton our FREE Global Print & IntegratedMarketing Services Directory”
  13. 13. Design elementsMarketing with 2D BarcodesDisplay size
  14. 14. Design elementsMarketing with 2D BarcodesLighting and environment
  15. 15. Design elementsMarketing with 2D BarcodesColor and contrast
  16. 16. Design elementsMarketing with 2D BarcodesBrandingOKOKBADOK
  17. 17. Marketing with 2D BarcodesWho are the scanners?
  18. 18. Who are the scanners?Marketing with 2D Barcodes• 6.2% of U.S. mobile users, 17% smartphone users• 61% Male• 53% are 18-34yrs old• 55% have HH income >$75kLocation of QR code:– Printed magazine or newspaper (49%)– Product packaging (35%)– Website on PC (27%)– Poster, flyer or kiosk (25%)Source: ComScore MobiLens, June 2011
  19. 19. Marketing with 2D BarcodesWhen to use a 2D code
  20. 20. When to use a 2D codeMarketing with 2D Barcodes• Capture impulse• Augment an experience• Printed material• Live events
  21. 21. Business cardsProduct packagingFlyers and brochuresPostersTable tentsIn-aisle displaysMagazines and newspapersMarketing with 2D BarcodesWhere to use 2D codes
  22. 22. How to present a 2D codeMarketing with 2D Barcodes• Size matters!• Give a reason to scan“Get a behind the scenes look at...”“Sign our petition”“Enter to win”• Provide instructionsmobile app requiredwhere to get an app2D codes vs SMS as a call-to-action
  23. 23. Marketing with 2D BarcodesHow to fail
  24. 24. How to fail with 2D codesMarketing with 2D Barcodes• Direct to a non-mobile URL• Put QR in inappropriate places (moving vehicles,out-of-reach/awkward)• Don’t
  25. 25. Marketing with 2D BarcodesHow to win
  26. 26. How to win with 2D codesMarketing with 2D Barcodes• Direct to a mobile URL• Add value to the experience• Provide a good reason• Test on many devices and atall stages
  27. 27. Target – Helping light up the HolidaysQR code and SMS CTA on in-aisle display.Marketing with 2D BarcodesHow to win with 2D codes
  28. 28. Target – Helping light up the HolidaysMobile micro-site:Marketing with 2D BarcodesHow to win with 2D codes
  29. 29. Questions?Kelly McIvorkelly@atomicmobile.com206.673.2749Marketing with 2D barcodesMarketing with 2D Barcodes