Team Member Styles


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Team Member Styles

  1. 1. Team Member Styles:What notes are you playing? Dianne Rees (based on the work of Glenn Parker in Team Players and Teamwork: New Strategies for Developing Successful Collaboration)
  2. 2. Do you know these people? Are they on your team? communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  3. 3. contributor Strengths I think we really need to focus…high standards Less productive when… organized There’s too much information.authoritative I may not see the big picture.. I’m pushing my team mates too hard. responsible I’m too much of a perfectionist
  4. 4. collaborator Strengths So here’s the big picture…. goal-directedforward-looking Less productive when… I’ve overcommitted! imaginative My focus is too global. flexible I haven’t reviewed the mission. I don’t think about the needs of other team pitches in members
  5. 5. communicatorStrengths What do you all think?considerate relaxed Less productive when… I won’t challenge you— I want us to get along!enthusiastic I’m all about the process—goals may slip.supportive I may overuse humor. I may seem manipulative or placating. tactful
  6. 6. challengerStrengths Why are we doing this? honest outspoken Less productive when… I don’t know when to back off. thorough I may push the team to take too many risks.questioning I can be self-righteous I become too much of a nit-picker.adventurous
  7. 7. It takes all four of these people to make a good team communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  8. 8. But people are complex… communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  9. 9. You may have more than one style… communicator collaboratorcontributor challenger
  10. 10. The adaptable team member Optimize your strengths and minimize the traits that make you less productive
  11. 11. The adaptable team member Like how someone else works with others? Borrow their behaviors!
  12. 12. It takes different instruments to make a great band!See diversity as the thing that makes your team shine
  13. 13. Reference:Parker, G. M. (1996). Team Players and Teamwork: New Strategies forDeveloping Successful Collaboration. San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons.