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Atlogys Technical Consulting
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  • 1. www.atlogys.com [email_address] Automated Logical Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2.
    • Problems faced
    • by clients during
    • ‘ Software Development’…
  • 3. Knowing the right solution?
      • What Do I Want ??
      • How do I automate this Task?
      • What software application will solve my problem?
      • Which is the Most optimal application to solve my need ?
      • What software should I get developed given my constraints, budget and timelines?
      • Should I go for web based or desktop based solution?
  • 4. Knowing the Right Technology?
    • What steps do I follow?
    • How do I go about getting the software made?
    • Should I use Off-the-shelf Product?
    • Should the application be custom made?
    • Should I save money and go Open-Source?
  • 5. A Big Problem
    • Who will give me the software?
    • Which vendor do I use?
    • Is my Vendor
    • reliable ?
    • competent ?
    • reasonable ?
  • 6. Closing the Deal
    • - How much should I pay for the software?
    • - How much time should it take to make this software?
    • - What all should I expect from the vendor for the price paid?
    • - How many demos should I expect for the price paid?
  • 7. Good Software Design?
    • What is ideal design for this software?
    • Will it be strong and sustainable?
    • Will vendor deliver a bug free solution?
    • Will the software be scalable, modular and performance friendly?
  • 8. Another Major Problem
    • Product Follow-Up
    • Will my vendor
    • Reply to my queries promptly?
    • Show enough demos?
    • Do a good quality job?
    • Meet by delivery timelines?
  • 9. Experience says…
    • Clients waste valuable TIME & RESOURCES in answering these questions.
    • This makes the process of end-to-end software development CONFUSING, CUMBERSOME & EXPENSIVE.
  • 10. Our Answer
    • An Expert, User-Friendly and Hassle-Free PROCESS for end-to-end software development.
  • 11. Our Service
    • User Friendly, Well Packaged Service
    To develop solutions which are: Highly Customized Highly Personalized Well thought out And Sustainable Expert Technical Consultancy Expert Vendor Selection Expert Product Follow Up
  • 12. BEST PART
    • CONSULTANCY – From world class computer scientists and industry experts.
    • Great Vendor Deals
      • Save Money [ ] on projects
      • Lower pricing as compared to approaching vendors directly
    • Free Product Follow-Ups and Supervision along with constant guidance
  • 13.
    • Allow Businesses to focus on their core competencies
    • Identify inefficient models of operation
    • Suggest technical revamps and solutions
    • Understand IT needs and requirements
    • Convert needs into a Technical Protocol
    • Conceptualize optimal technical solutions
    Expert Technical Consultancy
  • 14.
    • Frame product specifications for a technical solution
    • Focus on good design – build strong and sustainable solutions that do more than just *perform the task*
    • Design Solutions - Feature Intensive + Modular + Scalable + Secure + Performance Friendly + Resource friendly
    • Suggest technologies, methodologies for fulfilling requirement.
    Expert Technical Consultancy
  • 15.
    • Its Hassle-free and seamless for the client
    • We shortlist suitable vendor for product implementation.
    • Client’s needs communicated to vendor.
    • Vendor’s detailed engineering architecture, design and quotation analyzed and explained to client.
    • Work with both parties to form mutually agreeable contract.
    • 1. Guaranteed to get you a rate LOWER than direct vendor contact.
    • 2. Providing a better, higher quality and well designed output.
    • 3. Managing vendor on behalf of client.
    Expert Vendor Selection
  • 16.
    • We select an appropriate vendor for client based on client’s needs, budget, flexibility and comfort levels.
    • Pre-screened and a Pre-researched small network of software development vendors
    • Vendors are – competent, experienced, professional
    • Have Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 clientele.
    • Specialize in software Outsourcing best practices
    Expert Vendor Selection
  • 17.
    • Radically low prices
    • Internationally accepted high quality professionals
    • High customer satisfaction levels
    • Adhere to delivery timelines
    • Proven track record
    Our Vendors
  • 18.
    • Add to the peace of mind
    • Monitoring and Guidance of product during implementation.
    • We track vendor for client.
    • Constant status updates on progress and development.
    Expert Product Follow Up
  • 19. Our Team
    • Ex-Googlers – Senior Software Engineers of Google with 4 years of Google Work Experience – worked on Web Search, Image Search Frontend and Orkut OpenSocial Backend.
    • Entrepreneurs and Business Tycoons – Directors and product managers with over 30 years of business experience, software evangelists.
    • Microsoft Technical Scholarship winners, Google Anita Borg Scholarship winners.
  • 20. Skills and Competencies
    • Analytical and strategic problem solving
    • Technology savvy
    • Experts in principles of good software design
    • Great communication skills
    • Defining best practices for product development
  • 21.
    • Expert Guidance on best technical solution.
    • Expert Vendor selection.
    • Help on analyzing and freezing vendor quotation.
    • Help on settling on a great deal and price with vendor.
    • Help on framing mutually agreeable contract.
    • Complete management and tracking of vendor.
    • Product status updates and monitoring.
    It is Hassle-Free !
  • 22. Summary
    • An ‘end-to-end’, hassle-free software service package.
    • 1. Strong, Sustainable software DESIGNS – world class software engineers and computer scientists for IT consultation.
    • 2. Completely managed and tracked software implementation from team of screened, professional and experienced software vendors.
    • 3. Extremely transparent dealings and mutually agreeable contracts with best pricings for high quality, world-class work.
    • 4. Holistic, 3 rd party unbiased input and follow-up on software implementation and deployment.
    • We are a professionally run company with a solid vendor base integration providing the above services at NO extra cost.
  • 23. Highlights
    • Simplify your Business - Focus on your core competency while we take care of all IT needs.
    • Interaction with best and brightest in entire cycle of product development.
    • Our entire service package (if chosen) is available at NO Additional Cost (Only Pay Vendors).
    • Get Best Vendors at the Best Pricing – We are Guaranteed to SAVE YOU MONEY and give you BETTER SOLUTIONS.
  • 24. Areas of Focus Consulting on - Web, Non-Web and Software Quality solutions. Target Clients - Businesses, Institutes and Individuals. Our Solutions - Customized, Personalized and Sustainable .
  • 25.
    • Web Presence and Design
    • Web Redesign and Quality Control
    • Web Application and Web Site Development
    • Internet Marketing and Advertisement
    • SEO strategies
    • Widgets, Gadgets, Apps, Browser Extensions
    • Data Hosting, Backup and Server Maintenance
    Web Based Solutions
  • 26.
    • Custom Desktop Based Applications
    • Business Process Management – ERP solutions
    • Mobile and Wireless Solutions
    • Scripting and Internationalization
    • 3D/Multimedia
    Non-Web Based Solutions
  • 27.
    • QA and Testing
    • Software Porting
    • Software Maintenance
    Software Quality Control
  • 28. Contact
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Website: www.atlogys.com
    • Ph: +91-9166517351 (India)
    • Ph: +1888-817-2878 (U.S)