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  • 6. First in Mind—First in Choice®Everything we do is aimed at achieving our vision of becoming and remaining First in Mind—First in Choice ®. The core values express what we stand for, what it takes to serve our customers effectively and to reach this vision. Interaction refers to our ability to listen and to understand the diverse needs of our customers and other target groups coupled with our capacity to create new and better solutions. We are fully committed to our customers’ business and totally engaged in each and every project we undertake together. We believe in lasting relationships. Finally, we believe that there is always a better way of doing things. That explains why Atlas Copco is continuously striving to arrive at better and more efficient solutions. That innovative spirit is a vital part of our way of doing business.
  • Construction technique service presentation 2014_version1

    1. 1. CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE SERVICE DIVISION Anytime, any product, anywhere you can count on us March 2014
    2. 2. COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTIVITY We stand by our responsibilities towards our customers, towards the environment and the people around us. We make performance stand a test of time. This is what we call – Sustainable Productivity.
    3. 3. FACTS IN BRIEF Employees 1200 (600 of them are service technicians) Global Support 174 markets These figures date from 2013. 3
    4. 4. VISION 4 March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service CUSTOMERS FIRST!
    5. 5. MISSION To be an efficient and agile, service driven, customer-focused organization, capable of delivering a world-class service experience to all customers and business partners, across the entire product portfolio, and in each and every location in which we operate. To develop the “next generation” of industry leading services, allowing our customers to increase their operational efficiency by optimizing equipment availability and product operational life March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service 5
    6. 6. Local Customers Centers and fully equipped mobile service vans are an integral part of the global Construction Technique Service network. GLOBAL SUPPORT March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service 6 First class technical support with dedicated product specialists
    7. 7. FOCUS SEGMENTS Tunneling Construction Quarries Rental Drilling Road Construction 7 March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service Oil & Gas Demolition/ Recycling
    8. 8. SERVICE EVERYWHERE 8 March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service REGIONAL SERVICE CENTERS SC Antwerp (Belgium) SC Hoeselt (Belgium) SC Shanghai (China) SC Charlotte (USA) LOCAL SERVICE CENTERS Pune (India) Johannesburg (SA) Sydney (Australia) Sorocaba (Brasil)
    10. 10. SERVICE OFFER 10 March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service
    11. 11. SERVICE OFFER 11 GENUINE FILTERS Only genuine filters mean quality. Our genuine filters are manufactured to the same standards as your equipment and have passed the same endurance tests. Genuine filters avoid the most common deficiencies found in non-genuine parts. Atlas Copco filters have proven to be one of the best ways to protect your investment, and they help ensure your machine is working according to the original specifications. Atlas Copco’s complete line of fluids and lubricants are ideally suited for its equipment. Developed to match our maintenance specifications, Atlas Copco fluids and lubricants help protect your investment, which keeps you productive and improves the resale value of your equipment. • The correct fluids reduce equipment breakdowns and optimize machine performance. • Quality fluids last longer. • Ordering from Atlas Copco simplifies the process and eliminates the need to work with multiple suppliers. FLUIDS & LUBRICANTS
    12. 12. SERVICE OFFER 12 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE KITS All in one box and tailored to match your equipment. Easy to obtain and attractively priced, our preventive maintenance kits contain all the parts required for the equipment’s scheduled maintenance program. When installed by an Atlas Copco certified technician, you keep equipment downtime to a minimum and its uptime to a maximum throughout its working life Atlas Copco wear and repair kits are a preselected set of spare parts for the most common repair and replacement items on your machine. Cost-effective and convenient, they help simplify the service process by ensuring you have what you need. WEAR AND REPAIR KITS The upgrade kits are economical solution to ensure that your equipment is up-to-date with the latest Atlas Copco technology. Upgrades are based on proven technological solutions, ready available and easily installed. They will maximize your equipment productivity, market value and optimize the equipment efficiency and your business profit. UPGRADE KITS
    13. 13. SERVICE OFFER 13 WORKING TOOLS, ROAD MILLING TOOLS AND CONSUMABLES Working Tools Our equipment experts will match the correct working tool to the machine to meet the demands of the job. Check out our full line of working tools for hydraulic breakers and handheld demolition tools. Road Milling Tools Atlas Copco road milling tools are the reliable choice for great performance. • Competitively priced. • Fit all types of milling machines, regardless of brand. • The parts you need, when your need them! Consumables Atlas Copco offers an extensive range of high quality consumable parts to keep your machine up and productive – diamond discs, drill steel, trowel blades, hose couplings, and more!
    14. 14. SERVICE OFFER 14 Construction Technique Service EXTENDED WARRANTY AND SERVICE AGREEMENTS Atlas Copco has developed service agreements based on customer feedback, application know-how, field support knowledge, and product development experience. You can select a service agreement that meets your needs and budget, allowing you to get the most out of your equipment investment. Service Agreement CARE Plan Service Plan Inspection Plan Extended Warranty Plus Program
    15. 15. DEALER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM 15 March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service
    16. 16. DEALER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Together Successful Program March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service 16 Customers Dealers Atlas Copco
    17. 17. DEALER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Our Distributor business is crucial to our presence in the market when Atlas Copco has not the ability to penetrate the market through direct channels. Is very important that we manage and support our Dealers in a manner that is going to maximize the business for the Dealer and Atlas Copco’s alike. March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service 17 Together Successful Program STRONG BRAND STRONG PARTNER HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & SUCCESS
    18. 18. GO MOBILE! 18 March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service
    19. 19. GO MOBILE! WEB  Construction Technique Portal  Construction Dealers Web  Shop Online / Parts Online  Service Product Pages  Atlas Copco Construction YouTube Anytime, anywhere we support you March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service 19
    20. 20. GO MOBILE! BUILD APP Tablet & Smartphone March 1 2014 Construction Technique Service 20 Click here and download now!