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Brasil ACTA presentation português
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Brasil ACTA presentation português


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Brasil ACTA presentation português

Brasil ACTA presentation português

Published in: Business
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  • <number>. Atlas Copco in a Snapshot
    Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of industrial productivity solutions.
    Products and services range from compressed air and gas equipment, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems, to related aftermarket and rental.
    In close cooperation with customers and business partners, Atlas Copco delivers sustainable solutions for increased productivity through innovative products and services.
    Headquartered in Sweden, the Group’s global reach spans more than 170 markets.
    In 2009 Atlas Copco had 30 000 employees and annual revenues of approximately BSEK 64 (BEUR 6.0).
  • <number>. Innovative Solutions
    Atlas Copco’s core competence is to innovate for superior productivity.
    Products and product development: Products are developed from core technologies to improve customers’ productivity and reduce their energy consumption. Atlas Copco has a strong reputation for innovation and works at the cutting edge of technology, which is essential for a market leader. Concern for the environment and the operator is an integral part of the product development process.
    Services: To meet our customers’ demands, Atlas Copco is continuously developing the aftermarket offering; preventive maintenance, service and repair, consumables, and spare parts.
    Knowledge: Atlas Copco’s portfolio of world-class customers requires world-class suppliers with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about customer applications as well a about future trends. Atlas Copco interacts with customers to understand their needs, and then looks for the best solutions. To satisfy the specific need of each customer, knowledge and service is as important as the product itself.
  • <number>. Products
    The products range from compressed air and gas equipment, generators, construction and mining equipment, to industrial tools and assembly systems.
    Compressors: We develop, manufacture, market, distribute, and service oil-free and oil-injected stationary air compressors, portable air compressors, gas and process compressors, turbo expanders, electric power generators, air treatment equipment (such as compressed air dryers, coolers, and filters) and air management systems.
    Construction and Mining: We develop, manufacture, and market rock drilling tools, underground rock drilling rigs for tunneling and mining applications, rigs and equipment for rock reinforcement, surface drilling rigs, equipment for loading and haulage, exploration drilling equipment, compaction, paving and milling equipment for road construction and also construction tools.
    Industrial Tools: We develop, manufacture and market high-quality industrial power tools, assembly systems, and aftermarket products and services.
    Aftermarket and rental: We provide an extensive aftermarket offering as well as specialty rental services to customers in the construction and industrial manufacturing.
  • 6. Services
    A long term partner
    At Atlas Copco we are committed to our customers superior productivity through interaction and innovation.
    For us, our service and support offering, together with our products, means that we listen and that we care. We are proven reliable as a long term partner for our customers.
    We offer solutions ranging from basic spare parts and support through fully managed service agreements.
    We have well trained service technicians to ensure that the service is done professionally and in time.
    We have a supply chain that provides spare parts and components in shortest possible time.
    We are a global organization acting locally where our competencies are needed the most.
    Our focus is to maximize the utilization of the Atlas Copco equipment for our customers as well as optimize the performance of the products. By doing this we can reduce the risk, reduce the cost, increase uptime and increase the profit for our customers.
    In 2009, aftermarket excluding specialty rental amounted to approximately 32% of sales for Compressor Technique. The aftermarket business, including consumables, and rental represents approximately 50% of total sales for Construction and Mining Technique. For Industrial Technique, aftermarket represents approximately 26% of total sales.
  • <number>. Knowledge
    Applications: To learn more about current and new customer applications Atlas Copco engineers spend time at customer sites on a regular basis to better understand the working environment of various target industries.
    Product design: Continuous research and development to secure new and more innovative products is critical for maintaining the competitiveness of Atlas Copco’s divisions.
    Competence centers: To maintain and further develop the knowledge within the core competence areas, Atlas Copco has established competence centers. One example of such a competence center is Airtec in Antwerp, Belgium, another is the Rock Excavation Center in Örebro, Sweden.
  • <number>. Strong Brands
    In order to realize its vision of First in Mind—First in Choice ®, Atlas Copco owns over 30 brands. The products are differentiated and marketed through different distribution channels. Some of the brands are global, but the majority serve geographically limited regions.
    The multi-brand concept plays a significant role in Atlas Copco’s success. Each brand has a clear role to play and is justified when it adds to overall revenues and profits for each specific product. Each brand should signal membership in the Atlas Copco Group.
  • <number>. Worldwide Presence
    Atlas Copco manufactures and assembles products in 20 countries. Manufacturing is chiefly concentrated to Belgium, Sweden, the United States, Germany, France, and China.
    The Group has a strong market presence and strives to maintain close and long-term relationships with its customers. Approximately 85 countries are served by wholly or partly owned customer centers. Through a worldwide sales network Atlas Copco reaches more than 170 countries.
    Atlas Copco has established distribution centers in strategic locations. The first was Power Tools Distribution in Belgium, which supports several divisions in more than one business area. The distribution centers service customers worldwide with direct, daily deliveries.
  • <number>. The Atlas Copco Organization
    Atlas Copco is organized in three, separate, focused but still integrated business areas, each operating through several divisions.
    Compressor Technique is headquartered in Belgium; Construction and Mining Technique, and Industrial Technique in Sweden.
    The role of the business area is to develop, implement, and follow up on the objectives and strategy within the total business scope, including environmental and social performance as appropriate.
    The divisions have their own operational and consolidated profit responsibility and develop their objectives, strategies, and structure within the scope of the business area. The divisions generally conduct business through the customer centers and product companies, which act on an equal-dignity basis.
    Common service providers – internal or external – have been established with the mission to provide internal services faster, to a higher quality, and at a lower cost, thus allowing the divisions to focus on their core businesses.
  • <number>. Innovative Industrial Tools and Assembly Systems
    The motor vehicle industry including sub-suppliers is a key customer segment, representing more than half of Industrial Technique’s revenues, and the application served is primarily assembly operations. The motor vehicle industry has been in the forefront in demanding more accurate fastening tools that minimize production errors and enable recording and traceability of operations. The business area has successfully developed electric industrial tools and assembly systems that assist customers in achieving fastening according to their specifications and minimizing errors in production.
    Industrial manufacturing, in a broader sense, uses industrial tools for a number of applications. Customers are found in light assembly, general engineering, shipyards, foundries, and among machine-tool builders. The equipment supplied includes assembly tools, drills, percussive tools, grinders, hoists and trolleys, and accessories. Air motors are supplied also separately for different applications in production facilities.
    For vehicle service—car and truck service—and tire and body shops, the equipment supplied includes impact wrenches, percussive tools, drills, sanders, and grinders.
    There is a growing demand for aftermarket products and services, e.g. maintenance contracts and calibration services, which improve customers’ productivity. The aftermarket represents approximately 26% (23) of total sales.
  • <number>. First in Mind—First in Choice ®
    Atlas Copco has a clear and very powerful vision: To become and remain: First in Mind—First in Choice ® for key stakeholders.
    Customers: We are committed to our customers’ superior productivity through interaction and innovation. We strive to be the preferred supplier to current and potential customers and end-users, which means that we should achieve the highest possible customer and market share.
    Employees: We strive to be the preferred employer of both current and potential employees. Our aim is to attract, develop, and keep qualified and motivated people in a professional environment.
    Business partners: We strive to be the best associate for our business partners, such as suppliers, subcontractors, joint-venture partners and agents, and to be the one that they prioritize.
    Shareholders: We strive to be the preferred company for shareholders to invest in, and we aim to create, and continually increase, shareholder value.
    Society and the environment: We strive to be a good and reliable corporate citizen, observing the spirit as well as the letter of the laws of the countries in which we operate.
  • <number>. Core Values
    Atlas Copco’s core values express what we stand for, what we think it takes to be able to serve our customers effectively and to reach our vision to become and remain First in Mind—First in Choice ®. Our values are guidelines that help us meet the needs of our target groups.
    Interaction: A significant attribute of Atlas Copco is our ability to listen and to understand the diverse needs of our customers and other target groups coupled with our capacity to create new and better solutions.
    Commitment: We are fully committed to our customers’ business and totally engaged in each and every project we undertake together. We believe in lasting relationships. That is one of the reasons why we attach such importance to consistently delivering high-quality products and keeping our promises.
    Innovation: We believe that there is always a better way of doing things. That explains why Atlas Copco is continuously striving to arrive at better and more efficient solutions. By consistently focusing on progress, we are able to raise our customers’ productivity. That innovative spirit is a vital part of our way of conducting business.
  • <number>. Strategic Directions
    The Atlas Copco Group strives for and develops a global presence. Strategic directions are: organic and acquired growth, and innovations and continuous improvements, and aftermarket.
    Atlas Copco achieves growth primarily supported by selected acquisitions and also grows by increasing its existing business. Our focus markets are China, Russia, India, but also the United States.
    Innovative breakthroughs are a means of staying ahead of the competition and maximizing performance in the long run. We invest more in R&D than any of our competitors. Continuous improvements in manufacturing products, marketing, organization, and business flows are intended to provide customers with better services and to safeguard short-term profitability.
    Aftermarket activities include accessories, consumables, spare parts, service contracts, maintenance, training, and testing and monitoring. Aftermarket business offers a stable revenue stream, high growth potential, high profit potential, optimized business processes, and enhanced product development, but - more important than anything else - a closer relationship with end customers.
  • Transcript

    • 1. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems
    • 2. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems O Grupo Atlas Copco  Líder mundial no fornecimento de soluções produtivas.  Portifólio de produtos e serviços desde equipamentos de ar comprimido e gases, geradores, equipamentos de construção e mineração, ferramentas industriais e linhas de montagem, à prestação de serviços e locação.  Em parceria e dedicação a seus clientes, a Atlas Copco oferece soluções sustentáveis para o crescimento da produtividade através da produtos e serviços inovadores.  Com matriz na Suécia, o Grupo tem presença em mais de 170 mercados.  Com 30 000 colaboradores em 2009 e faturamento annual de aproximadamente BSEK 64 (BEUR 6.0).
    • 3. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Soluções Inovadoras Produtos Serviços Conhecimento
    • 4. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Construction and Mining Technique Compressor Technique Industrial Technique Três Áreas de Negócios
    • 5. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Produtos Ferramentas Industriais Compressores Construção e Mineração Serviços e Locação
    • 6. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Serviços Parceiro de longo-prazo
    • 7. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Conhecimento Centros de Desenvolvimento Design de Produtos Aplicações
    • 8. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Strong Brands
    • 9. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Presença Global Fábricas Atlas Copco
    • 10. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems0 A Organização Atlas Copco Executive Group Management and Corporate Functions Oil-free Air Industrial Air Portable Air Specialty Rental Gas and Process Compressor Technique Service Airtec Compressor Technique Construction and Mining Technique Industrial Technique Underground Rock Excavation Surface Drilling Equipment Drilling Solutions Secoroc Construction Tools Road Construction Equipment Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration Rocktec Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Motor Vehicle Industry Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems General Industry Chicago Pneumatic Tooltec Customer Centers and Service Providers President and CEO Board of Directors
    • 11. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Presença Mundial 2. 250 colaboradores Matriz em Estocolmo, Suécia Customer centers em 50 países Application centers em 4 continentes
    • 12. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Organização Business Area President Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Systems Motor Vehicle Industry Division Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Systems General Industry Division Tooltec Division Customer Centers Atlas Copco Industrial Technique Accessories Business Line Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Systems Service Business Line
    • 13. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Industrial Technique – Vendas Construção Serviços e Outros Manufatura Processo 84% 13% 1% 2% Vendas por categoria de clientes
    • 14. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems First in Mind—First in Choice ® A Visão Atlas Copco
    • 15. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems5 Visão  Os produtos mais produtivos, ergonomicos e confiáveis.  O melhor retorno sobre o investimento  O melhor suporte durante todo o cliclo de vida útil do produto. Nossa visão é ser o fornecedor principal tanto localmente quanto globalmente. Nós fornecemos: First in Mind—First in Choice ®
    • 16. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems6 Nossos Valores . Interação Inovação Comprometimento
    • 17. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems7 Direcionamento Estratégico Crescimento: Orgânico e Aquisições Inovação e Melhoria Contínua Serviços
    • 18. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems8 Por que escolher a Atlas Copco?  Qualidade é o nosso negócio. Você pode assegurar-se que vai atender as demandas de qualidade de seus clientes.  Nós o ajudaremos a aumentar a produtividade ao provermos o menor custo total de operação.  Temos a mais completa gama de ferramentas e sistemas de montagem.  Investimos continuamente em P&D – 40% de nossos produtos foram lançados nos últimos quatro anos.  Somos pioneiros em projetos ergonomicos acumulando mais de 50 anos de experiênica.  Nossos serviços manterão sua produção operando.
    • 19. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Eletrônica Energia Eólica MotocicletasEnergia Trens Vasto range de segmentos de clientes AeroespacialMarítimaCaminhões e ônibus Fornecedores EletrodoméstcosAutomotivo Offroad
    • 20. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems0 Seu parceiro completo para apertos Impulse nutrunners Electric screwdrivers Electric nutrunners Pneumatic nutrunners Battery tools Controllers and software Assembly systems Quality assurance Quality Integrated Fastening
    • 21. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems1 Genuine Productivity Boosters Chipping hammers Air motors Airline Accessories Turbine grinders Angle grinders Electric grinders Riveting systems Drills
    • 22. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems2 Global Service Support  Contratos desenhados especialmente para minimizar os custos relacionados a ferramentas, tais como os de qualidade, máquina parada e reparos.  Serviços de calibração que asseguram a qualidade de sua produção  ToolScan identificará o status de cada uma de suas máquinas.  Mais de 250 engenheiros de serviço no mundo. – O máximo de disponibilidade em todas as plantas –
    • 23. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems3 O verdadeiro espírito inovador  Nosso espírito inovador nos guia para a liderança nos segmentos em que atuamos.  Approx. 40% do atual range de produtos foram lançados nos últimos 4 anos.  O desenvolvimento de novos produtos caminha de mãos dadas com as necessidades de nossos clientes.  Mais de 300 patentes ativas.  Ergonomia é uma característica natural em nossos produtos – Nenhum outro fornecedor de ferramentas atingiu esses feitos –
    • 24. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems4 Pioneira em Ergonomia  Líder mundial em desenhar e desenvolver ferramentas ergonômicas  O nº em aplicações ergonômicas – 1950’s.  Ergonomia é característica natural em nossos produtos  Especialista em publicações sobre ergonomia.  Vasta experiência em aplicações ergonômicas
    • 25. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems 1915 1930 1961 1984 1940 2001 2008 5 Desenvolvimento ergonômico de furadeiras
    • 26. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems6 Qualidade e meio ambiente  Comprometimento com a qualidade.  Todos os produtos avaliados ainda em estágio de projeto de forma a atender as demandas de segurança.  Redução de condições perigosas tanto em nossa produção quando em nossos produtos..  Controle de qualidade de cada um de nossos produtos antes de serem embarcados.  Times específicos de qualidade em nossa companhia de produto e centros de clientes.  Certificação ISO 9001 e 14001.
    • 27. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems7 Segurança nos produtos é prioridade Todos os produtos são revisados e testados ainda no estágio de desenho, de acordo com as diretrizes e padrões de segurança do produto.
    • 28. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems8 Forte comprometimento com a qualidade  Sólido comprometimento com a qualidade.  Controle de qualidade em cada produto antes do despacho.  Times de qualidade nas companhias de produto e nos Centros de Serviços garantem a qualidade dos produtos.  CertificaçãoISO 9001.
    • 29. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems9 Meio-Ambiente em mente  Todos os novos produtos são desenhados visando o menor risco possível ao meio-ambiente.  Redução de substâncias perigosas tanto em nossa produção quanto em nossos produtos.  Nosso armazenamento central reduz custos de transporte.  Certificação ISO 14001.
    • 30. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems0 Referências Toyota Motor Corporation, hoje, nosso maior cliente escolheu no Japão a Atlas Copco para ser o fornecedor de ferramentas para o novo Lexus IS. Scania vem utilizando por muitos anos as ferramentas Atlas Copco na produção de seus super pesados. Atlas Copco possu ium contrato de manutenção on-site com a Jaguar – Planta Castle Bromwich – desde 1999. Mercedes na Alemanha padronizou os sistemas de aperto escolhendo a Atlas Copco como fornecedor exclusivo de ferramentas elétricas e sistemas múltiplos para as plantas do Classe C e E.
    • 31. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems1 Referências de Clientes Ferrari Testarossa, Cadillac Allanté e Alfa Romeo são todos montados com as ferramentas Atlas Copco,nas duas plantas Pininfarina próximas a Turim na Itália. Quando a Moto Honda no Brazil decidiu-se pela introdução de ferramentas elétricas em suas plantas, Atlas Copco foi a primeira opção. Como fornecedora de sub- sistemas para a indústria automotiva a Johnson Controls sabe da importância da qualidade e escolheu a Atlas Copco em muitos países para manter globalmente a unidade de seus produtos.
    • 32. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems2 Você Sabia? Atlas Copco deu seu nome a um dinossauro, Atlascopcosaurus Loadsi, encontrado durante uma escavação na Australia onde a Atlas Copdo auxiliou com os equipamentos e expertise. Os colaboradores Atlas Copco tem sua própria organização de caridade, Water for All. Fornecemos água fresca para mais de meio milhão de pessoas no 3º mundo A cada três carros montados no mundo um deles é totalmente montado com ferramentas Atlas Copco.
    • 33. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Compromisso com a produtividade sustentável.
    • 34. tlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems4