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of experience, 34 000 employees and business activities in more than 160 countries. We have tools and equipment up and running 24-hours a day both above and
below ground. As long as the world needs
transport, electricity and safe food, we will
be there to meet these needs.

In this booklet we present ten projects about robots, PET bottles, cars, tunnels, wind power, water, a dinosaur, artificial snow—and a Native American in 100:1 scale.

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Atlas Copco Worldwide

  1. 1. <p><strong>Page 1: </strong>AT L AS C O P C O WO R L D W I D E The face of a Native American in 100:1 scale and nine other projects in the Atlas Copco Group’s portfolio-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 3: </strong>CONTENTS AT L AS C O P C O WO R L D W I D E 4 C H I E F C R A Z Y H O R S E — I N G R A N I T E , S C A L E 10 0 : 1 6 AT L AS C O P C O C O N T R I B UT E S TO A W H I T E W I N T E R 8 TOOLS FOR BOTH PEOPLE AND ROBOTS 10 WAT E R — A P R E R E Q U I S I T E F O R L I F E 12 WIND POWER FOR A GREENER WORLD 14 A REAL Mean Machine 16 COMPRESSORS SHAPE PET BOTTLES 18 LONG-AWAITED UNDERGROUND RENDEZVOUS 20 R O L L I N G C O L L A B O R AT I O N I N B R A Z I L 22 D I N O SAU R N A M E D A F T E R AT L AS C O P C O 24 A B O UT AT L AS C O P C O : W H O W E A R E … 26 … A N D W H AT W E D O 27 OUR BUSINESS AREAS 28 E x P L O R E T H E O P P O R T U N I T I E S A N D U N L O C k YO U R F UT U R E 30 </p><p><strong>Page 4: </strong> AT L AS C O P C O WO R L D W I D E —The face of a Native American in 100:1 scale and nine other projects in the Atlas Copco Group’s portfolio-&gt; AT L A S C O P C O H A S A L M O S T 1 4 0 Y E A R S of experience, 34 000 employees and busi­ 4 ness activities in more than 160 countries-&gt; We have tools and equipment up and running 24­hours a day both above and below ground-&gt; As long as the world needs transport, electricity and safe food, we will be there to meet these needs-&gt; WE WOuLd LikE TO introduce ourselves by presenting ten projects about robots, PET bottles, cars, tunnels, wind power, water, a dinosaur, artificial snow—and a Native American in 100:1 scale-&gt; THiS iS Atlas Copco Worldwide, this is Atlas Copco’s world-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 5: </strong> 5 THE CRAZY HORSE MEMORiAL-&gt; Read more about the project on the next page-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 6: </strong>6 THE CRAZY HORSE MEMORiAL, a monument to the history of the Native Americans of North America, is being sculp­ ted using equipment from Atlas Copco-&gt; The sculpture will measure 172 meters high and 195 meters wide-&gt; The height of the head alone will be 27 meters-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 7: </strong>CHIEF CRAZY HORSE — I N G R A N I T E , S C A L E 10 0 : 1 CRAZY HORSE MEMORiAL, South Dakota, various aspects of the project ever since, USA-&gt; In 1949, sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski including the donation of equipment-&gt; 7 climbed Mount Thunderhead equipped with a simple hand drill-&gt; He had been com­ Native T O d A Y, A 2 7 - M E T E R H i G H missioned by the Chief of the Sioux tribe American head gazes down from the top to carve out a portrait of the legendary of Mount Thunderhead-&gt; When the sculpture warrior Crazy Horse-&gt; The portrait was to is finished, Crazy Horse will sit astride his be a monument to the proud history of the pony, with one arm stretched toward his Native Americans of North America-&gt; native country-&gt; This magnificent monument will be 172 meters high and 195 meters wide-&gt; CARViNG THE PORTRAiT in the hard Compare this with the world­famous Mount granite was a time­consuming task-&gt; When Rushmore Memorial and its portraits of Korczak Ziolkowski died in 1982 his family four US presidents—George Washington’s took over the work-&gt; Progress improved head measures a mere 18 meters in height-&gt; considerably in 1999 when Atlas Copco lent one of its drill rigs and a compressor to the project-&gt; The company has been involved in </p><p><strong>Page 8: </strong> P H oTo : P E R E R I K S S o N , T R I G G E R P H oTo 8 i N Å R E , S W E d E N , Atlas Copco contributes to snowy slopes by providing three compressors to supply the snow cannon system with air-&gt; When the cold air comes in contact with water, snow is formed-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 9: </strong>AT L AS C O P C O C O N T R I B UT E S TO A WHITE WINTER TO ENSuRE WORLd-CLASS SLOPES for the snow W AT E R A N d A i R A R E F E d i N T O 9 the Alpine World Ski Championship in 2007, cannons through two different pipes-&gt; Åre’s the Swedish ski­resort of Åre invested in pipe system is 25 kilometers long and goes a high­tech snow cannon system with the to the top of the mountain-&gt; The heart of the capacity to produce 2 000 cubic meters of system is the central station where water snow per hour-&gt; pumps and the three oil­free, water­cooled air compressors from Atlas Copco are TO MAkE ARTiFiCiAL SNOW you need housed-&gt; Each compressor has a maximum water and air-&gt; The technique is simple pressure of 10 bar, a capacity of 100 cubic —when the cold air comes in contact with meters per minute and a rated output of the drops of water, the drops crystallize-&gt; 750 kW-&gt; The warmer the outdoor temperature, the more air is needed-&gt; The crystallization process itself can take place either inside or outside the snow cannon, depending on which model is used-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 10: </strong>10 AT L A S C O P C O ’ S F A S T E N i N G T O O L S are used by technicians when they assemble industrial robots, and then by the robots themselves when they assemble cars and many other products-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 11: </strong>TOOLS FOR BOTH PEOPLE AND ROBOTS THE AuTOMOTiVE iNduSTRY HAS uSEd are then S i M i L A R AT L A S C O P C O T O O L S smart robots to make production easier and used by the industrial robots when they more efficient since the mid 1970s-&gt; on the assemble cars-&gt; The fastening tool is mounted outside, the robots have looked pretty much on the front of the robot, which then fastens the same during the past decade-&gt; But they some of the approximately 2 000 screws and have evolved enormously in terms of per­ bolts that make up every vehicle-&gt; 11 formance, speed and precision-&gt; THE CONTROL SYSTEM dOCuMENTS the MANY OF THE WORLd’S industrial robots process in its memory, which gives a comp­ are assembled using tools from Atlas Copco-&gt; lete picture of how the vehicle was assembled-&gt; Tensor is an electric fastening tool that This minimizes the risk of having to recall can be programmed so that it installs with cars, a situation that costs the automotive the correct torque and fastening angle-&gt; industry billions of dollars every year-&gt; Tensor is steered by Atlas Copco’s control system, Power Focus 3000, which keeps the and control sys­ AT L A S C O P C O ’ S T O O L S technicians informed about which screws to tems are used for automating all types of tighten next, enhancing accuracy and safety-&gt; assembly and manufacturing processes-&gt; The fastening tool’s performance values are The automotive industry is just one example-&gt; collected and transmitted via a network to a server-&gt; A central software program, Tools Net, handles the results-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 12: </strong>12 W AT E R F O R A L L was initiated by two Atlas Copco employees in the early 1980s-&gt; Today, several thousand employees are involved in the project that has so far provided more than a million people with access to clean water-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 13: </strong>WAT E R —A PREREQUISITE FOR LIFE 13 1980s two Atlas Copco i N T H E E A R LY began to spread to other countries within employees traveled to Peru-&gt; At the time the Group-&gt; Today, thousands of people the country was suffering from a severe make financial contributions to the project-&gt; draught and they were struck by the image of all the people standing in line for water-&gt; MORE THAN TWO BiLLiON people live in on their return to Sweden they started a areas where there is a shortage of water-&gt; collection among their colleagues to sup­ Water for All has successfully supported port non­political relief organizations projects that entail drilling or digging wells battling the problem-&gt; in countries such as Peru, Kenya, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, India and THEY SOON turned to Atlas Copco’s mana­ Columbia-&gt; Thanks to Water for All, more gement in an attempt to expand the project-&gt; than 2 000 wells have been drilled or dug, The management was positive to the idea providing more than a million people with and doubled the amount that the employees access to clean water-&gt; had collected-&gt; The project, Water for All, </p><p><strong>Page 14: </strong>14 T H E C O M PA N Y E N E R C O N is a world­leading manufacturer of wind turbine towers-&gt; To minimize the risk of cracks and increase the lifetime of the towers, all welded seams are evenly ground with grinders from Atlas Copco-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 15: </strong>WIND POWER FOR A GREENER WORLD WiNd POWER iS THE fastest­growing O N E C O M P A N Y T H A T W i L L contribute renewable energy source in the world-&gt; to this renewable energy production is 15 By harnessing around half of the wind’s Enercon, a world­leading producer of wind kinetic energy and converting it to electrical turbine towers-&gt; During manufacture, all the energy, wind turbines generate power with­ welded seams are evenly ground, minimizing out producing harmful emissions-&gt; the risk of cracks and extending the lifetime of the tower-&gt; for wind O N E R E G i O N T H AT i S i d E A L power is Markbygden in the north of THE GRiNdERS COME FROM Atlas Copco Sweden-&gt; The area is sparsely populated, and are designed with both productivity and has very good wind conditions and three people in mind-&gt; Productivity is achieved power lines pass through it that can be through the grinders’ high rate of metal used to distribute electricity-&gt; Here, a gigantic removal while the grinders’ noise and vibra­ wind power farm of 1 100 turbines is being tion dampening features make them more planned-&gt; When all of the turbines are ergonomic-&gt; operational, the site will generate as much power as a nuclear reactor! </p><p><strong>Page 16: </strong>16 d i S C O V E R Y C H A N N E L’ S Mean d O C u M E N TA R Y S E R i E S Machines features Atlas Copco’s Rocket Boomer WL4 drilling rig-&gt; This giant is capable of cutting through some of the hardest mountains in the world-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 17: </strong>A REAL Mean Machine documentary d i S C O V E R Y C H A N N E L’ S triggered after making sure that everyone 17 series Mean Machines features Atlas Copco’s is at a safe distance-&gt; If everything goes Rocket Boomer WL4 in a lead role! This according to plan, the result of the drill rig—measuring 20 meters in length, explosion is a perfectly shaped tunnel-&gt; 2-&gt;7 meters in width and with a weight of 42 tons—is capable of cutting through some uSEd FOR dRiLLiNG new high speed of the hardest mountains in the world-&gt; It is railway links across the world and equipped equipped with four booms, each fitted with with our award­winning hydraulic rock drills, a rock drill, which enables it to drill four the Rocket Boomer WL4 represents a major holes at the same time-&gt; The rig gets down leap forward in productivity and economy-&gt; to business once a computer has calculated And thanks to the state­of­the­art computer exactly where to drill the holes-&gt; controlled drilling system, all four of the rig’s booms can be supervised by a single W H E N T H E H O L E S H AV E B E E N d R i L L E d operator-&gt; This marks a new milestone in they are filled with explosives connected low cost drilling-&gt; to a single detonator-&gt; The detonater is </p><p><strong>Page 18: </strong>18 T H E M A N u FA C T u R i N G O F PET BOTTLES happens in two stages-&gt; First the plastic is injection­molded into a pre­form-&gt; The pre­form is then heated and blown into a finished bottle using compressed air provided by Atlas Copco’s oil­free compressors-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 19: </strong>COMPRESSORS SHAPE PET BOTTLES 19 for polyethy­ P E T i S A N A B B R E V i AT i O N right shape and size-&gt; Many of the world’s lene terephthalate-&gt; The plastic is a good PET bottles are made using compressed air packaging material for carbonated bever­ from Atlas Copco’s compressors-&gt; ages since it is cheap, recyclable and light­ weight-&gt; Packaging accounts for only 3­4% and drinks T H E M A N u FAC T u R E O F F O O d of the weight of a full PET bottle-&gt; This keeps packaging demands extremely high safety transportation costs relatively low-&gt; standards—the air injected into the pre­form must be absolutely clean which is why Atlas T H E M A N u FAC T u R i N G O F P E T B OT T L E S Copco’s compressors for PET bottle manu­ is a two­step process-&gt; The plastic is first facturing are oil­free-&gt; This means that there injected into a pre­form that looks like a test is no chance of the compressed air being tube with a bottle opening-&gt; The pre­form is contaminated with oil from the compressor-&gt; then heated and blown into a bottle with the </p><p><strong>Page 20: </strong>20 THE LÖTSCHBERG TuNNEL, SWiSS ALPS, APRiL 28, 2005-&gt; Cheers break out when the two teams meet after eleven years of tunneling from opposite directions-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 21: </strong>LONG-AWAITED UNDERGROUND RENDEZVOUS SWiTZERLANd, APRiL 28, 2005-&gt; Their north and Valais in the south, will reduce joy knew no bounds when the final meters both travel time and emissions-&gt; of mountain were moved and the two teams 21 met-&gt; Starting from opposite ends—one in AT L A S C O P C O ’ S R O L E i N T H E P R O J E C T the north and one in the south—the teams was to supply drilling, blasting and rock had drilled through the hard limestone reinforcement equipment and service-&gt; almost around the clock for eleven years After each blast, the rock was reinforced at an average rate of 250­300 meters per with bolts and nets, and sprayed with month-&gt; The 34-&gt;6 kilometer Lötschberg cement-&gt; The blasted rock was then removed Tunnel was fully excavated at last! before the next drilling sequence-&gt; A total of 1-&gt;8 million cubic meters of rock was THE SWiSS ALPS are a geographical removed from the Lötschberg Tunnel, the barrier between northern and southern equivalent of approximately three sports Europe-&gt; All transport through the area arenas-&gt; makes use of the winding roads and rail­ ways, which takes time and has an environ­ both T H E T R A i N S , T H AT T R A N S P O R T mental impact-&gt; The new train tunnel, which people and goods, started rolling in 2007-&gt; runs between the districts of Bern in the </p><p><strong>Page 22: </strong>22 AT F O R d ’ S u LT R A - M O d E R N FA C T O R Y i N B A H i A , B R A Z i L , 250 000 cars are manufactured each year-&gt; Atlas Copco contributes with power tools and expertise-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 23: </strong>R O L L I N G C O L L A B O R AT I O N IN BRAZIL production in the W H E N F O R d S TA R T E d T H E P R O J E C T H A S R E S u LT E d i N 23 state of Bahia in Brazil, the company set its one of Ford’s most outstanding plants in sights high-&gt; The new plant, named Ford the world—the production rate is much Amazon, was to be a top­of­the­line facility faster than calculated-&gt; When a new model which would manufacture 250 000 cars each is planned for production, Ford invites year-&gt; Atlas Copco was chosen to supply the Atlas Copco to the table to discuss how power tools-&gt; production can be made as efficient as possible-&gt; Atlas Copco also has staff A S M O O T H - R u N N i N G A S S E M B LY L i N E stationed at the plant to provide support was crucial to the success of the project-&gt; to the assembly line and ser vice the tools-&gt; Ford therefore involved Atlas Copco’s engi­ neers early in the process-&gt; They helped has given T H i S C L O S E PA R T N E R S H i P to make several technical decisions, such Atlas Copco a good understanding of Ford’s as how to minimize the assembly cycles, processes and the plant’s needs, which implement zero­fault assembly and reduce ensures the best outcome for both parties-&gt; the number of different tools being used-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 24: </strong> I L L U S T R AT I o N : R E N AT o o L I V A R E S M A C I A S 24 A N E W d i N O SAu R S P E C i E S was discovered at an exca­ vation site in south­eastern Australia in 1984-&gt; In an expression of gratitude for the support the project received in the form of equipment and expertise, the species was named Atlascopcosaurus loadsi, after Atlas Copco and one of its employees at the time, William Loads-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 25: </strong>DINOSAUR NAMED AFTER AT L AS C O P C O iN THE CiTY OF ViCTORiA in the south­ 85 fossilized d u R i N G T H E E X C AVAT i O N 25 eastern corner of Australia is a place that bone fragments from a previously unknown is famous for its fossil findings—Dinosaur dinosaur were discovered-&gt; The species was Cave-&gt; Atlas Copco was onsite to help with given the name Atlascopcosaurus loadsi, equipment and expertise during a trial in recognition of the help provided by Atlas excavation in 1984-&gt; Copco and former employee William Loads-&gt; i T W A S N O E A S Y T A S k -&gt; The fossils were the dinosaur was E X P E R T S F O u N d T H AT embedded in layers of sand, silt and mud an herbivore belonging to the Hypsilopho­ that had, over the course of more than a dontidae family and lived during the early hundred million years, been pressed to­ Cretaceous period 100­120 million years gether to form hard rock-&gt; Atlas Copco’s rock ago-&gt; The dinosaur measured 2­3 meters in drilling equipment was used to get to the length and weighed about 125 kilos-&gt; fossil­rich layers—a task made more difficult by the fact that the excavation site was near a steep cliff that spills into the ocean-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 26: </strong> WHO WE ARE… AT L A S C O P C O i S A W O R L d - L E A d i N G manufacturers, and in the assembly of provider of industrial productivity solutions white goods and aeroplanes-&gt; with almost 140 years’ experience-&gt; Head­ quartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the Group’s AT L A S C O P C O i S A W O R L d L E A d E R global reach spans more than 160 markets-&gt; in air and gas compressors, generators, And yet, despite our size and strength many mining and construction equipment, people do not know what we do-&gt; So allow industrial tools, assembly systems and 26 us to present a few examples … related services, and rental-&gt; We have a strong reputation for innovation and OuR COMPRESSORS PROVidE air to work at the leading edge of technological almost every manufacturing process that development-&gt; you could think of-&gt; They can be found in applications from the food industry to OuR BuSiNESS ACTiViTiES are managed hospitals-&gt; They power pneumatic equipment by several divisions within three business —often also made by Atlas Copco—used in areas: Compressor Technique, Construction construction and demolition work-&gt; our rock and Mining Technique and Industrial Tech­ drilling equipment works above and below nique-&gt; Atlas Copco’s organization is highly ground, helping to move mountains to decentralized and each division is respons­ make tunnels for motorways and railways, ible for its business activities, from product to mine for gold or to drill wells for water-&gt; development through to sales and service-&gt; And our tools and assembly systems are widely used by the world’s automotive </p><p><strong>Page 27: </strong>… A N D W H AT W E D O is to be First in AT L A S C O P C O ’ S V i S i O N of the world-&gt; Nonetheless, Atlas Copco Mind—First in Choice®-&gt; This means that we manages to act the same around the world, want to be the supplier that existing and largely thanks to our Business Code of potential customers—and employees—think Practice-&gt; It stems from our core values and about first and then choose-&gt; vision and summarizes what we stand for and how we behave toward our colleagues, interaction, O u R C O R E VA L u E S A R E customers, business partners, shareholders, 27 commitment and innovation-&gt; Seen on the society and the environment-&gt; page, the words may appear universally applicable but in practice they determine A C C O u N TA B i L i T Y F O R T H E E N V i R O N M E N T everything we do at Atlas Copco-&gt; We interact and people that our company comes into with our customers and colleagues, we are contact with is a notion that took root back committed to the business activities of our when the company was founded in 1873-&gt; customers and we are wholeheartedly We recognize that environmental or social devoted to every project we are involved in-&gt; considerations at times might override on top of that, we constantly innovate purely commercial factors-&gt; because we are convinced that there is always a better way to do things-&gt; REAd MORE ABOuT our business areas on the next page-&gt; E V E R Y C O u N T R Y i N W H i C H AT L A S C O P C O has business operations has its own culture with its unique way of relating to the rest </p><p><strong>Page 28: </strong> COMPRESSOR TECHNiQuE The Compressor Technique business area develops, manufactures, markets, sells and services oil­free and oil­injected stationary air compressors, portable air compressors, gas and process com­ pressors, turbo expanders, generators, air treatment equipment (such as com­ pressed air dryers, coolers and filters) and air management systems-&gt; In addi­ tion, it offers specialty rental services of mainly compressors and generators-&gt; 28 CONSTRuCTiON ANd MiNiNG TECHNiQuE The Construction and Mining Technique business area develops, manufactures and markets rock drilling tools, under­ ground rock drilling rigs for tunneling and mining applications, surface drilling rigs, loading equipment, exploration drilling equipment, construction tools, and compaction and paving equipment-&gt; The products are used by construction companies, contractors, quarries and global mining-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 29: </strong>iNduSTRiAL TECHNiQuE The Industrial Technique business area develops, manufactures and markets high quality industrial power tools, assembly systems, aftermarket products and ser­ vices-&gt; The business area serves the needs of advanced industrial manufacturing like the automotive and aerospace industries, general industrial manufacturing, main­ tenance and vehicle service-&gt; For instance, four out of every ten cars, worldwide, are assembled with an electric screw­ driver from Atlas Copco-&gt; 29 SERViCE PROVidERS Common service providers are estab­ lished with the mission to provide inter­ nal services faster, to a higher quality and at a lower cost, thus allowing the divisions to focus on their core business-&gt; The common service providers include Atlas Copco Customer Finance, Atlas Copco ASAP and Industria Insurance Company, amongst others-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 30: </strong> ExPLORE THE OPPORTUNITIES A N D U N L O C k YO U R F UT U R E a career with a world d O YO u W A N T at Atlas Copco is charact­ T H E AT M O S P H E R E leading provider of industrial solutions? erized by a strong commitment to customer value-&gt; Would you enjoy, and thrive in, our in a multicul­ AT L A S C O P C O O P E R AT E S business culture? tural environment with daily contact with customers, colleagues and business part­ LEARN MORE about the Atlas Copco Group 30 ners around the world-&gt; We offer interesting on www-&gt;atlascopco-&gt;com/careers-&gt; on our and challenging jobs throughout the value website you will also find HR contacts for chain, ranging from product specialists and each country-&gt; marketers, to service engineers and business controllers-&gt; our employees are given the opportunity to work in many different countries and projects-&gt; </p><p><strong>Page 32: </strong>www-&gt;atlascopco-&gt;com production: Atlas Copco AB and Talent Talk AB-&gt; May 2009-&gt; © Atlas Copco AB, Stockholm, Sweden-&gt; 9851 2459 01 </p>