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  • A possibility to take charge of your personal development: improve your skills, acquire new knowledge and thus keep your career moving forward
  • Joris (to present)
  • * From the Insight survey 2010 and other sources
  • A) Preparation:Discuss my job and objectivesFocus on key behaviours that:View development advice for my particular behavioursProduce a personal development planWhat are my development objectivesType of development I might needHow will the company benefit?Development actions for meTarget date for my actions
  • Training manager will inform if the course is availalbe and if there is a plan for such a courseLocal HR: When you can't find a course that you want to go, please contact yourWhenyou have a course that you want to offer in the portal, Local HR will tell youwho the appropriate course administrator would be (depends of the target group for which the course is intended)ACademy :questions about offerings of the National training catalogue or other offerings we might be responsible for.
  • Atlas Copco Competence Portal

    1. 1. Atlas Copco Competence PortalA way to development
    2. 2. Why? Grow your talent!  Improve your skills  Acquire new knowledge  KEEP YOUR CAREER MOVING FORWARD2
    3. 3. Why Empower your team!  Find competence/skills gaps and assign needed courses to your employees.  Track the employees’ development  CREATE A COMPETENT TEAM3
    4. 4. Why? Develop competencies and skills  Certain competencies, skills or certifications are required for each position/role  You might feel not having the necessary knowledge to do a good job  The appraisal can show a gap in competencies within a team4
    5. 5. Why Fill the gap Competency gap to be filled by training Required skills Employee´s skills5
    6. 6. Training possibilitiesOn the job In-person Online -Internal -External
    7. 7. The Atlas Copco Competence Portal Online and classroom trainings https://competenceportal.atlascopco.com7
    8. 8. Atlas Copco Competence Portal Today and tomorrowValue Advanced STAGE 3 Competence Development - Technical Skills Standard STAGE 2 Competence - All Local Job roles Development - Skill-based Trainings - All Global Job roles - Few Local Job roles Basic Competence STAGE 1 - Divisional and Country Development Academies - E-learning content - Access for Employees - 9 Core Competences & few Global Job roles Time 8
    9. 9. Atlas Copco Competence PortalWhat is in it for me? Performance management Learning management A one-stop shop for recording A one-stop shop for finding and appraisals and seeing an overview joining online or classroom training of the employee’s development. related to an employee’s needs and interests. Identify gaps in the employee’s skills or competence development, then The employee can see the courses assign training to fill the gaps. assigned to him or her and find courses in one place. Follow the employee’s competence development and help him/her The employee’s pursuit of visualize a career path. competence development becomes more visible.9
    10. 10. E-learning Wide range of courses  Obligatory courses assigned based on your job role  Managers can assign courses to their employees  Recommended courses  Free courses available for you to choose  Both specialist and general (e.g.: Microsoft Office, Language courses, communications courses).  Search for courses: catalogue/search function10
    11. 11. E-learningBenefits we bring  Save money and time – No travel nor lodging costs  Flexibility – No restrictions in number of participants – Possibility to take a course from anywhere in the world  Interactivity – Courses in different forms (e.g. webinars) – Informal character  Support of the sustainability goals – Less travel = Lower CO2 emissions  Linked to the personal development plan – Overview of completed trainings11
    12. 12. ACademy Collection of learning activities focused on a specific entity  Classroom & virtual trainings  Organized by the Group, Country or Division  Customized audiences, reports, diplomas  Management of vendors, instructors and facilities  Implemented as separate project in a division or a country  The Competence Portal is a gateway – To sign up for both classroom and on-line training – An overview of all passed courses – Reports12
    13. 13. ACademy Types of Academies Country ACademy Divisional ACademy  Responsible for creation Softskills  Responsible for creation of product training in: and Service Training in: – A Country – An Atlas Copco Division – A Local organisation  Owned by the Divisional Training – A Region Management Team  Owned by the Holding Manager in a Country/Region Group ACademy  Responsible for creation Softskills training in: – Group Functions  Owned by the Group Functional Manager – E.g. Communications, Leadership13
    14. 14. Performance Management What we want  Qualitative competence and development reviews  More coaching approach from our leaders  Identify competence gaps and close them in a structured way  Visible career paths  Alignment between mission, strategy and individual development  Competence and motivation, aligned with the business strategy  Structured introduction in new job roles14
    15. 15. Performance and development review A) Preparation review– employee 1. Evaluation of last years goals and activities C) Physical meeting - manager and employee 2. Set draft of personal goals according to team goal 1. Performance review 3. Assessment on own competences and skills 2. Competence development review 4. Draft of own development plan B) Preparation review- manager 1. Create employee personal goals according to team goal 2. Assessment on employee competences and skills D) Agreement – manager & employee 3. Evaluation of last years goals and activities 1. Agreement of review and performance plans 4. Create employee development plan 2. Create an Individual development plan15
    16. 16. Roles and Responsibilities Local HR Service Desk HR  Keep the AC Staff db* up to date  Activates new people upon request – request must contain an approval of the  Approve employees access local HR Manager  Promote, inform – Present the portal to local employees  Advise on access, technical support – Be a point of contact for local employees  Create content  Implement ACademies – Divisional courses (product and service)  Implement performance management  Operational support  Promote, inform – Change management – Promote the portal within their divisions – Continuous improvement – Spread news and updates – Train the trainer16
    17. 17. Information Contact…  HR department – Any time  Service Desk HR – With technical issues  ACBS Customer Portal – For introduction video including tutorial, login manual, contacts, news and more  Training Managers (division/ACademy)  List of divisional training managers is available on the ACBS Customer Portal17
    18. 18. Committed to sustainable productivity.18