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Edgar Cayce's Psychic Process
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Edgar Cayce's Psychic Process


This PowerPoint was included in the presentation given by David McMillin at Atlantic University's "Parapsychology and Consciousness Conference" that took place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, from …

This PowerPoint was included in the presentation given by David McMillin at Atlantic University's "Parapsychology and Consciousness Conference" that took place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, from October 14th-16th, 2011.

Published in Spiritual
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  • 1. Edgar Cayce’s Psychic Process David McMillin, MA
  • 2. Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945)
    • Aura reading
    • Out of Body Experience
    • Clairvoyance
    • Mediumship
    • Precognition
    • Remote viewing
    • Retrocognition
    • Telepathy
  • 3. Examples of Edgar Cayce’s ESP
  • 4. Edgar Cayce’s Complex Psychic Process
    • Anatomy & Physiology (Kundalini)
    • Personal & Interpersonal Factors
    • Transpersonal (Soul) Aspects
    • Chronology Effects in the Physical Readings
    • Implications
  • 5. Types of Cayce Readings
    • Over 14,000 “readings”
    • 9604 - Physical
    • 1919 - Life
    • 956 - Special
    • 746 - Business
    • 630 - Dream
    • 450 - Mental/Spiritual
  • 7. Body-Soul Connection
  • 8. Edgar Cayce’s First Reading There is a River (page 50) Spinal injury (“end of the spine”) Acute manic episode In trance state he provides diagnosis and treatment plan
  • 9. Edgar Cayce’s Mystical Journey
    • Ideals and Purpose
      • Service to others (gave readings, taught Sunday school, visited prisoners in jail, etc)
    • Groundedness
      • Gardening
      • Carpentry
      • Fishing
      • Canning
    • Social Connections and Support Group
      • Family and friends
      • Church
  • 10. Mania (Lunacy) and the Revelation This would be most interesting to the physician in charge to watch the changes in the moon and watch the effect it has upon the body. Now, when we have the new moon we will find that for the first two days … following same, a wild hilarious reaction … 2501-1
  • 11. Gray’s Anatomy and the Revelation (Q) What are the main studies that make known both the physical and metaphysical activities of the organs of the body, as they represent human experiences? (A) The best of these metaphysical may be studied from [The Book of] Revelation , as applied to Gray 's Anatomy . (264-15)
  • 12. Revelation … for with pressure in the lumbar and sacral region , as has been first indicated, there is that activity to those forces as operate to and through the pineal gland to the upper portion of the body, which corresponds to those forces as are spoken of, even in that of the [Book of] Revelation . Be very good for the doctor here to read [The] Revelation and understand it! especially in reference to this body! (2501-6)
  • 13. Revelation (Q) Where can he [the doctor] study on The Revelation? (A) Comparing, ANYONE, will they study that given in the Book and compare same to the anatomical conditions of a physical body, will LEARN the SPIRITUAL body, the MENTAL body - NOT metaphysics either! (2501-7)
  • 14. Revelation In The Revelation there is given that illustration of how the mental body is raised from the various degrees of consciousness , and - as is given here - their ACTIVITY are through the correlated centers of an anatomical body , for they are represented by the refuse as comes from the 4th lumbar , emptying into the lower portion of the system. (2501-7)
  • 15. Revelation While the consciousness as comes through the system in sympathetic system is raised to the inner court , or in the holy mount , through the pineal gland - that coordinates with sympathetic forces - see? (2501-7)
  • 16. Second Sight For as we find this entity has more than once been among those who were gifted with what is sometimes called second sight , or the super-activity of the third eye . Whenever there is the opening, then, of the lyden (Leydig ) center and the kundaline forces from along the pineal , we find that there are visions of things to come, of things that are happening. (4087-1)
  • 17. Glimpses of Past Lives (Q) Have I ever caught glimpses of past lives, or are these things more dreams and fancy? (A) The entity has caught glimpses of past lives when it has gone out of itself or has allowed the energies of the Kundaline force to pass along the centers of the body. Beware, unless ye are well-balanced in purposes ... (5399-2)
  • 18. Edgar Cayce’s Psychic Process In this particular body [Edgar Cayce] through which this, then, at present is emanating, the gland with its thread known as the pineal gland is the channel along which same then operates ...
  • 19. Edgar Cayce’s Psychic Process ... and with the subjugation of the consciousness - physical consciousness - there arises, as it were, a cell from the creative forces within the body to the entrance of the conscious mind, or brain, operating along, or traveling along, that of the thread or cord as when severed separates the physical, the soul, or the spiritual body. This uses, then, the senses of the body in an introspective manner ... (288-29)
  • 20. Small Dying “… his state was not a simple hypnotic trance. It was a deep change in Edgar’s entire body, as we would see. They were told it was near to a death coma , with most of his body functionings greatly slowed or suspended. His daily work was a kind of small dying .” (Bro, p. 56)
  • 21. Cayce’s Silver Cord (Q) What caused the extraordinary physical reaction with Edgar Cayce at the close of the reading [254-67] this morning, at the beginning of the suggestion? (254-68)
  • 22. Cayce’s Silver Cord (A) As was seen, through the seeking of irrelevant questions there was antagonism manifested. This made for a contraction of those channels through which the activity of the psychic forces operates in the material body; as we have outlined, along the pineal, the lyden and the cord - or silver cord. The natural reactions are for sudden contraction when changing suddenly from the mental-spiritual to material. (254-68)
  • 23. Silver Cord: OOBE, Astral Projection
  • 24. Natural Kundalini Manifestations
    • Common manifestations of The Life-Force energy:
    • Cycles of Growth and Development (childhood & adolescence)
    • Sleep and Dreams (OBE)
    • Sexual Orgasm
    • Gestation and Pregnancy
    • Creativity (inspiration)
  • 25. Special Kundalini Manifestations
    • Unique experiences of the Life-Force energy in its raised vibration:
    • Psychic Experiences
      • Past Life Recall
      • Telepathy
      • Precognition
    • Mystical Experiences (cosmic consciousness)
    • Deep Meditation (kundalini yoga)
    • Spiritual Emergency (“kundalini crisis”)
    • Psychic Heat
    • Mental Illness (mania)
  • 26. Kundalini Serpent
  • 27. Kundalini Books
  • 28. Kundalini & Chakras
  • 29. Nerves and Glands
  • 30. Enlightenment
  • 31. DVD Resources
  • 33. Reading Mechanics
    • Cayce lies on his back, crosses his hands over the solar-plexus.
    • Breathes deeply several times and enters into a trance.
    • Suggestions for the reading are given to him (name, location of individual seeking information).
    • Cayce repeats over in low tone and then after a second begins to speak in a clear, moderate voice.
    • Generally it takes him some three minutes to become unconscious, thirty to fifty minutes in giving the reading, and a few seconds to wake.
    • A conductor who gives the suggestions must also ask the necessary questions when he has completed the body of the information.
    • A stenographer writes word for word the information received.
  • 34. Collaboration “ These [readings] typically described the trance counsel as a kind of collaboration in a high order of creativity.” (Bro, p. 186)
  • 35. Primary Factors That Affect A Reading
    • The attitude, desire, and type of information sought by the one asking for a reading.
    • The attitude of Edgar Cayce.
    • The mental state of the conductor (passive).
    • Desire to be of aid in those present in the room.
    • The hypnotic suggestion for the reading.
  • 36. Physical Reading EC: Yes, not bad-looking pajamas ! We have the body here. As we find, there are disturbing conditions. There has been in the body, for some time back, conditions wherein the tautness in the bronchi and trachea , with the taxation of the muscular and nerve forces , has produced weaknesses and allergies . (5196-1)
  • 37. Oops! Physical Readings for the Dead
    • By Edgar Evan and Hugh Lynn Cayce – Edgar’s Sons
    • Multiple problematic cases that appear to be wrong
    • Two cases of physical readings for the dead that did not mention that fact
  • 38. Physical Reading for the Dead
    • 4 year old girl with leukemia
    • Reading 534-1 given on April 16, 1934
    • She had died the day before the reading
    • Reading conducted by Mildred Davis with Gladys Davis as stenographer – argument between them about how the reading was conducted.
    • The reading was not requested by anyone close to the girl and was not given to family or doctor.
    • Suggestion for the reading was read from a newspaper clipping dated April 7, 1934.
  • 39. Follow-up Reading on Dead Child Consider this particular case, then: The desire on the part of others to present that which might, perchance, be spectacular , that made the impression or influence that - irrespective of facts - there must be presented that which would be of interest on such a condition . And, as indicated by that given, the condition - rather than the individual - was given as a basis for scientific or other experimentation . (534-2)
  • 40. Reading for Dead Child - Key Points
    • The sick person did not request the reading.
    • The hypnotic suggestion was based on written documents that preceded the reading date by several days.
    • The desire for spectacular outcome by the woman that requested the reading.
    • The suggestion was directed toward the disease condition, not the individual.
    • There was friction between the conductor and stenographer (Mildred and Gladys Davis).
  • 42. Process For Life Readings
  • 43. Physical-Mental-Spiritual Bodies
  • 44. Levels of Consciousness
  • 45. Spirit & Soul
  • 46. Sources of Information
    • The subconscious mind of Edgar Cayce
    • The subconscious minds of individuals in the earth plane
    • The subconscious minds of discarnate entities in the spirit plane
    • The soul minds of higher masters
    • The akashic records
    • The Universal or Pure cosmic consciousness
  • 47. Multiplicity - We [Physical Reading] EC: Yes, we have the body here, [443]. (443-2) [Life Reading]  EC: Yes, we have the records of that entity called [1497] and the information that has been given through these channels. (1497-2)
  • 48. Personality And Individuality Personality is that ye wish others to think and see. Individuality is that your soul prays, your soul hopes for, desires. 5246-1)
  • 49. Life Reading Suggestion: Multiplicity "You will have before you - the body, giving name and place of the individual at birth, the name at birth as given - and you will give the relation of this entity and the Universe, and the Universal Forces, giving the conditions that are as personalities latent, and exhibited , in the present life. Also the former appearances in the earth's plane …” (254-21)
  • 50. Personalities And Individualities ( Life Reading Suggestion ) EC: Yes, we have the entity, [311], known in the present, and those relations between the universe and universal forces as are latent and exhibited in the present entity as individualities and personalities . (311-1)
  • 51. Reincarnation: Egypt and Persia Ra Ta Uhjltd
  • 52. Astrological Influences As in Mercury pertaining of Mind. In Mars of Madness. In Earth as of Flesh. In Venus as Love. In Jupiter as Strength. In Saturn as the beginning of earthly woes … In that of Uranus as of the Psychic . In that of Neptune as of Mystic. In Septimus as of Consciousness. In Arcturus as of the developing. (900-10)
  • 53. Multidimensional Universe In entering it [the soul] takes on those forms that may be known in the dimensions of that plane which it occupies, there being not only three dimensions - as of the earth - but there may be as seven, in Mercury - or four, in Venus - or five, as in Jupiter . There may be only one as Mars . There may be many more as in those of Neptune , or they may become even as nil - until purified in Saturn 's fires. (311-2)
  • 54. Multi-Dimensional Beings
  • 55. Multimedia Resource
  • 56. Uranus Astrological Influence In the sojourn in the present earth's plane, we find the entity took its position from that of Uranus , with the elements of Venus, Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury, with the affliction in Mars and Saturn. (294-19)
  • 57. Uranus Bipolar Features One WITHOUT an ideal may easily be lost in the fog of many mysteries; for Uranian influences MUST bring periods of depression to every child of its habitation, as does also an exultation hard to be combated with. (311-1)
  • 58. Multidimensional Selfhood The Entity (We?) inner self inner selves outer self inner being real self other self subliminal self subconscious self unconscious self higher self true self God self soul self better self best self
  • 59. Discarnate Entities: Channeling
    • Reading 136-59 for Adelle Blumenthal:
    • [paragraph 5] “Leigh giving this.”
    • [paragraph 7] “Ouspensky giving this.”
    • [paragraph 8] “Berger.”
    • [paragraph 9] “Jamieson.”
    • [paragraph 10] [Adelle Blumenthal’s deceased mother (139)]
  • 60. So Many Crowd In (Dream Suggestion) We have the body, the enquiring mind, [900] - this we have had before. Dreams, visions, as come to the body come in those ways and those channels as has been outlined for same. (In undertone) So many crowd in and say something - it's hard to get here, you see - so many - so many – come from the sea! Ready for dream. (900-397)
  • 61. Such a Crowd (Q) Sometime ago. I was thinking of those individualities that control Cayce while the physical submerged , of that one, or those who prevent too great a pressure or disorder by the many spiritual individualities who would express themselves physically. It must be that spiritualities that have stored medical experience do the controlling, I thought. Then when I myself submerged my physical faculties my consciousness detected a spiritual individuality addressing me, saying: " Yes. One of the controls is in Germany .“ [ question by Morton Blumenthal ] (A) Well, that's right! (In undertone) Such a crowd of - This will make the head ache! You will dismiss these suggestions from your mind. (Gave suggestion for him to wake up.) (900-397)  
  • 62. A Group Expression As ye seek, ask first if all these are present: Lamech, Confucius, Tamah, Halaliel, Hebe, Ra, Ra-Ta, John. (5756-10) GC: If the "forces" Lamech, Confucius, Tamah, Halaliel, Hebe, Ra, Ra-Ta, John are present, we seek the answer to the following question, as given … (5756-11)
  • 63. Guides “Our Own Christian Concept” That there may be as little confusion as possible in the minds of those present, as to the source of that which may be given … The individuals named were known as individuals and personalities in the earth's sphere, and had (and have) an influence upon the thoughts of man; hence they (the influence they represent) are capable of guiding the information in such a manner as may be comprehendable to those that would seek to know the truth; that may be presented, and that may be demonstrable (that's a very good word!) in individual lives. Hence we each may be assured , by the presence of the beloved disciple , that our own Christian concept will have its place throughout the discussion . (5756-11)
  • 64. King James English For the way is open before thee . Thou hast received at His hands, at thine brother's hands, at thine Savior's hands, those opportunities; not only for judgments but for understandings. What hast thou done? What wilt thou do with those promises that are made thee in Him? … as He gave to His saints of old, "Declare ye this day in thine own heart" that "I will seek the Lord in mine own heart." (689-1)
  • 65. Jeremiah Speaking This Jeremiah speaking for the first but not the last time. (254-48; 3/7/29)   Through thine efforts then, my son, be faithful. I have spoken. I, Jeremiah, the servant of the King. (900-428; 3/8/29)
  • 67. Halaliel: A New Initiate Has Spoken COME, my children! Ye no doubt have gained from the comment this day a new initiate has spoken in or through this channel ; Halaliel , that was with those in the beginning who warred with those that separated themselves and became as naught. (262-56)
  • 68. Halaliel – The Teacher (Q) How high is this source that this information is being given from? (A) From the universal forces , and as emanated through the teacher that gives same - as one that has been given – Halaliel . (443-3; F 45, Theosophist)
  • 69. Halaliel – Earth Changes As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America…. I, Halaliel, have spoken. (3976-15)
  • 70. Halaliel: Eileen Garrett Reading (Q) What entity is giving this information now? (A) Being directed, as has been indicated, from the records through Halaliel. (507-1)
  • 71. Obstruction In The Mind Of Edgar Cayce GD's note: The second paragraph seems to be referring to Edgar Cayce's physical and mental condition, also to those closely surrounding him during the readings – particularly to Gertrude Cayce in this instance. Could this also be referring to 262-71 which indicated that Halaliel was being sent to the group through their own desires? … Now 262-76 is seeming to say that the obstruction in the mind of Edgar Cayce and those around him has been removed, and that all is well. In my mind the above seems to be somewhat of an apology for the allowing of such interferences to enter from time to time.
  • 72. Norfolk Study Group #1
  • 73. A Search for God
  • 74. The Search for God Continues
  • 75. Still Searching For God
  • 76. Psychic Soul Psychic is of the soul. (5752-5) The psychic or soul forces, that are akin to what? The Creative Forces, or that called God. (254-68)
  • 78. The Physical Readings Evolution of Style
    • EARLY PERIOD (before 1922)
    • loose organization
    • sometimes vague
    • MIDDLE PERIOD (1922 - 1943)
    • October, 1922
    • standard format
    • rich in detail
    • LATE PERIOD (1943 - 1944)
    • condensed format
  • 79. Evolution of Style - Years
  • 80. Evolution of Terminology Owing to the stress or pressures as indicated in the upper portion of the dorsal and naturally the reflex through the upper part of the pneumogastric ( or now called the vagus centers ), these should make for such an improvement as to make - with the general health - a better circulation, and thus an improvement to the optic circulation. (338-7, November 5, 1937)
  • 81. Early American Health Collection
  • 82. Complex Herbal Tonic for Poor Assimilations Syrup of Sarsaparilla......................2 ounces, Elixir Wild Cherry.........................2 ounces, Extract (Fluid Extract) Stillingia............................1/2 ounce, Fluid Extract Poke-Root..................1/4 ounce, Fluid Extract Yellow Dock Root...........1/2 ounce, Fluid Extract Black Snake Root, or Black Root............................1/2 ounce, Elixir Calisaya..........................1/2 ounce, Essence of Peppermint.....................10 minims, Sufficient simple syrup to make...........16 ounces. (206-1, September 30, 1925)
  • 83. Herbal Chronology – Calisaya
  • 84. Acigest and Calcios
    • April 4, 1938: 1564-1 Text - f irst mention of Acigest and Calcios in follow-up question.
    • June 1938: 1564-1 Report 3 – product brochure received by Cayce.
    • June 6, 1938: 1564-1 Report 5 – Calcios and Acigest ordered by Cayce.
    • June 6, 1938: 1548-2 – First reading prescribing Acigest and Calcios.
    • Acigest and Calcios recommended in 254 readings between 1938-1944
  • 85. Atomic Iodine 19 readings May – August 1944
  • 86. Early Radial Appliance 5688-1 7/13/1923
  • 87. Radial Appliance
  • 88. Chronological Changes in the Physical Readings
    • Changes in Resources
    • Herbs  Patent Medicines (Acigest & Calcios)
    • Atomic Iodine  Atomidine  Atomic Iodine
    • Radial Appliance  Bakelite
    • Changes Due to Interactivity (Collaboration)
    • Tim Brown – Carbon pieces for appliance
    • Dr. Bisey – Atomidine
    • Mr. 1564 – Acigest and Calcios
  • 90. Physical Health
  • 91. Edgar Cayce’s Mystical Journey
    • Ideals and Purpose
      • Service to others (gave readings, taught Sunday school, visited prisoners in jail, etc)
    • Groundedness
      • Gardening
      • Carpentry
      • Fishing
      • Canning
    • Social Connections and Support Group
      • Family and friends
      • Church
  • 92. Chronology Effects
  • 93. Biblical Angels - Messengers Elijah Abraham
  • 94. Archangel Gabriel Mary Daniel
  • 95. Muhammed And Gabriel
  • 96. Conclusion
    • Edgar Cayce’s psychic process was complex and variable.
    • It was influenced by many factors, both internal and external.
    • There were definite chronological patterns that can help to explain variability.
    • Understanding Cayce’s process may shed light on psychic phenomena in religious and spiritual traditions.
    • The Cayce approach offers a spirituality-based model for psychic development.
  • 97. The Promise I don’t do anything that you can’t do, if you are willing to pay the price. (Edgar Cayce, What I Believe , 1976, p. 23)
  • 98. Online Resources