Process Audit - Your Partner for Success


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Our audit methodology brings together the streams of Risk Based Internal Audit, Key Controls testing and Thematic Reviews. These three approaches to audit testing ensure that the review programme is always relevant to management concerns.With quality assurance built in to every stage of the process you can beconfident in the reliability of the audit.

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Process Audit - Your Partner for Success

  1. 1. Your Partner for Success COMPLETE RANGE OF AUDIT SERVICES, ADVICE PROCESS AUDIT SOLUTIONS A UDI T Experienced auditors to provide the assurance that you need about the effectiveness of your controls A DVI CE In-depth knowledge of methodologies , tools and audit standards based on best practice in wide range of sectors IM PL E ME NT A TI O N The market leading integrated system of risk and audit management tools, combined with computer assisted audit techniques AND IMPLEMENTATION FOR BUSINESS The need for process audit has never been as urgent as it is today. Unmanaged risks can literally cause the demise of a business. Dealing with such problems diverts managers from developing the business and driving it forward. Management need to ensure that their process audit is up to the challenge. A successful audit service will give management an objective assessment of the risks facing the organisation and how well they are being managed. It will receive recognition for the value it adds by constructive, timely advice to management as well as positive assurances on control. 155,3rd cross,3rd main, Minhaj Nagar, JP Nagar Post, Bangalore-560078 Satiate Consulting Pvt Ltd, offers a complete range of risk and audit solutions for all organisations, tailored to their size, business sector, geographical spread and regulatory requirements. Our audit service focuses on delivering the assurances you need in a way that fits in with your organisational culture and finding ways in which your business can become more efficient. Whether you have an established internal audit department or are looking for a bought-in solution, the experience of our Risk & Assurance specialists in risk management, audit strategy, audit delivery can help you enhance the effectiveness of your control systems, allowing you to concentrate on the main objectives of your business Tel 9900246597,9980015212 Mail : WWW.SATIATECONSULTING.COM