Twitter marketing webinar real estate atim ukoh may 2012


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Twitter Marketing tips and strategies for real estate professionals

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Twitter marketing webinar real estate atim ukoh may 2012

  1. 1. Twitter for Real Estate Webinar by Atim Ukoh Webtech Dezine
  2. 2. Introduction• How to setup your Twitter account for maximum impact (Set-Up and Optimization)• How to find and follow interesting people• How to engage people for networking and marketing opportunities• How to use 3rd party applications to connect with local people on Twitter, learn what people are talking about in real time, and become a Twitter power user• Email:
  3. 3. What is Twitter and Why should you use it?• It is a micro-blogging service• It allows you 140 characters• You can use Twitter to network• Twitter is also a great customer service tool• You can also use Twitter for prospecting
  4. 4. Twitter Marketing Strategy• Define your Target Audience• Make sure your material is suitable for your audience.• Develop meaningful information for them.
  5. 5. Set Goals and Objectives• Increase Traffic to your site• Enhance Customer service• Increase Sales• Prospecting• Brand development• Specific Goals and Set Targets
  6. 6. Develop Tactics to achieve the goals.• Include Twitter buttons in emails, blogs, website, newsletter.• Answer questions and ask followers questions.
  7. 7. Monitor and Measure• Check your mentions• Google Analytics• Determine what’s working and not (Modify and Repeat)
  8. 8. Account Set-Up and Optimization• Account-Set up: Go to• In the New to Twitter box, Fill out your information and hit sign up and follow the prompts!• Areas to optimize: Name, handle, Bio, Website link
  9. 9. Finding people• Perform searches and Follow them• Add emails from your database• Look for past and present clients and follow them• Follow friends of your clients• Start with the known and move to the unknown!
  10. 10. Engaging and Networking• Develop a networking plan that works for you. – Add twitter to your phone and network on the go or choose a morning and evening networking plan• Reply 3 people daily• Retweet 2 people daily• Build relationships• Thank people that Retweet you• Post interesting information and set yourself as the Real estate expert.• Join in the conversation people are having• Ask and answer questions
  11. 11. 3rd Party Applications to Manage your account.• Hootsuite•• Tweetadder
  12. 12. Daily Checklist Guide• Have I tweeted today?• Are my keywords present in my tweet?• Did I tweet links to my website, blog, Facebook Page?• Did I ask a question?• Did I answer a question?• Did I check my mentions?• Did I follow and network with a previous client’s friend in my farm area?
  13. 13. Questions Email: