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Microsoft access 2007 [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Microsoft Access 2007 [OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.0 out of 5Product FeatureEasy-to-use software helps you track and reportqinformation with easeFeatures a results-oriented user interface (UI)qthats context-sensitive and optimized forefficiency and flexibilityMain window provides a tabbed work area whereqall open objects reside, helping to keep thedevelopment area tidy;New status bar, scroll bars, and title bar giveqapplications a very modern lookNew filtering options make it easy to filter a dateqcolumn for all records in Today, Yesterday, LastWeek, Next Month, Future, Past, and so onRead moreqProduct DescriptionWith Office Access 2007 information workers are able to track and report information with ease using animproved interface and interactive design capabilities that do not require deep database knowledge orprogramming skills. Information-sharing is enabled through Windows SharePoint Services lists which can beaudited and backed up easily.Primary InformationCategory : Business applications Subcategory : Business -databases / database tools License Type : Complete package License Pricing : Standard License Qty : 1user Distribution Media : CD-ROM Package Type : Retail Platform : WIN Header / Localization : English SystemRequirements / OS Required : Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later Microsoft Windows XP SP2 orlater UNSPSC CodeUNSPSC Code : 43231500 Product IDUPC: 882224152273Manufacturer Part: 077-03782Read moreProduct DescriptionWith its improved interface and interactive design capabilities that do not require extensive databaseknowledge, Microsoft Office Access 2007 helps you track and report information with ease. This all-in-one,out-of-the-box database solution helps workers track information quickly, create meaningful reports with ease,and share data more securely using the Web.
  2. 2. Office Access 2007 provides a library of prebuilt database solutions to get you started quickly. View larger.Office Access 2007 has made it easier to filter data, bringing clarity to business questions. View larger.Collect information from others by e-mail with InfoPath (or HTML) forms generated by Office Access 2007. Viewlarger.
  3. 3. Moving your Office Access 2007 application to Windows SharePoint Services enables browser access to information.View larger.Editing forms in interactive design mode is a true WYSIWIG experience. View larger.Office Access 2007 provides a completely redesigned user interface and close integration with Outlook contacts.View larger.Office Access 2007 has been updated with a fresh look so that you can easily create, modify, and work withdatabase solutions. View larger.Results-Oriented InterfaceAccess 2007 has been updated with a fresh look that makes it easier to create, modify, and work with tracking
  4. 4. applications. The new results-oriented user interface (UI) is context-sensitive and optimized for efficiency andflexibility. The main window has a tabbed work area where all open objects reside, helping to keep thedevelopment area clean and tidy. Additionally, there are no windows hidden under other windows, so its mucheasier to keep track of open documents and applications. To make things even simpler, from the nearly 1,000available commands, the new UI displays only those relevant to the task you are performing at any givenmoment. And the new status bar, scroll bars, and title bar give applications built on Access 2007 a very modernlook.Pre-built Applications to Better Manage InformationFeaturing pre-built applications that you can modify or adapt to suit changing business needs, Access 2007gives you the option of collecting information through forms in e-mail or importing data from externalapplications. You can also create and edit detailed reports that display sorted, filtered, and grouped informationin a way that helps you make better sense of the data for informed decision-making.Getting Started ScreenThe new Getting Started screen includes a variety of pre-built database solutions that you can use right out ofthe box to track contacts, events, issues, assets, tasks, and more--or treat them like templates, and enhanceand refine them to accommodate the kind of information you want to track or the way in which you want totrack it. As other application templates become available from Microsoft Office Online, they will be advertised inthe Getting Started screen so youll always be up to date on new technology that can help your business runmore smoothly.Quickly Create TablesAccess 2007 features a new Navigation Pane which provides a comprehensive view of tables, forms, queries,and reports. You can even create custom groups to organize and see all the forms and reports related to asingle table. In addition, Access 2007 makes it easier to work directly within a datasheet to create andcustomize tables. Enter information into a data cell--just as you would do in Microsoft Office Excel--and if its anew value, Access 2007 automatically adds a new field and detects the data type (for example, date, number,or text). You can even paste Excel tables into a new datasheet, and Access 2007 will build all the fields andrecognize the data types automatically. To help save you even more time, design and modify the form layout inreal time on the screen, and preview your form as you build it. And for professional-looking results, Access2007 provides rich text support for data stored in tables, so you can bold and italicize key data with ease.Editing reports in Office Access 2007 offers easy grouping and editing with interactive design mode. View larger.Filter and Sort DataAccess 2007 makes it easier to filter data, bringing clarity to business questions. Different filter options areavailable for text, numbers, and date data types. For example, new filtering options make it easy to filter a datecolumn for all records in Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Next Month, Future, Past, and so on. For addedconvenience, the filtering experience is consistent between Excel 2007 and Access 2007 so that you dont need
  5. 5. to learn a new way to find the information you need.Work With Multi-Value FieldsAccess 2007 supports complex data types, which means you can create columns that accept more than onevalue in a cell. For example, if you assign a task to more than one person, you can include both names in thecell. Windows SharePoint Services technology is compatible with these complex data types to help ensure datasymmetry between the local and Web-based data stores.Attach Documents and Files to Your DatabaseYour applications can hold information that is more interesting and helpful than ever before. You can attachmultiple files--such as photos, documents, or spreadsheets--to individual records within the data store for easyreference. If the file isnt a compressed format, Access 2007 automatically compresses it for you, saving harddisk space. When it comes to consolidating information, Access 2007 lets you import contact records fromOutlook 2007.Interactive Form and Report DesignAccess 2007 features an intuitive, user-friendly, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) forms designinterface. This means you can design and modify the form layout in real time on the screen and preview yourform as you build it. With the WYSIWYG design interface, youll be able to build forms very quickly, spendingmore time doing the work and less time on design and formatting issues. You can also manipulate the reportlayout directly while browsing the data in the report designer, so you dont need to run the report to see how itlooks on the page. This makes it easier to create great-looking reports in much less time.More Accessible ReportsThe new report browse mode makes reports more accessible. By using CTRL+F, you can find records, copy thedata into other applications, and get to detailed records to edit the data. With the new filtering functionality,you can get clearer information on which to base decisions. To help keep things running smoothly, theimproved Grouping Pane provides a clear display of data groupings so that you can preview changes as you areapplying them to reports. You can easily add totals, subtotals, counts, and other elements that help youanalyze the data. To help organize data, group the information in one or more layers and add subtotals.Collecting and Sharing InformationAccess 2007 simplifies the process of collecting information from others by building the data collection formautomatically in InfoPath 2007 or HTML in the body of the e-mail message. You can then send that form torecipients, using e-mail addresses from your Outlook contacts or from Access itself. Outlook 2007 processes theincoming forms and saves the data in your Access 2007 data store, effectively updating the data in yourtracking application immediately, without any need for retyping.Web Collaboration With Windows SharePoint ServicesBy moving your Access 2007 files to a Windows SharePoint Services Web site, you can more readily shareinformation, audit revision history, recover deleted information, set data access permissions, and back up yourinformation at regular intervals. For instance, Web sites based on Windows SharePoint Services provide a placewhere your team can communicate, share documents, and work together on a project. With Access 2007, youcan publish your Access files to libraries or move the application to Windows SharePoint Services, moving thedata and front-end database to the server so that your team can interact with it easily through the browser.Forms and reports can then be viewed, updated, or deleted directly on the Windows SharePoint Services siteaccording to the established permission settings.Work OfflineUsing Access 2007, you can work with Windows SharePoint Services offline. If youre traveling, for example, youcan maintain a local copy of a SharePoint list on your portable computer, where you can edit and query the listas though it were any other Access table. Moreover, forms and reports that use the SharePoint list are fullyinteractive--and Office Access 2007 can later synchronize the local list with the online list when you bring yourportable computer back online.Integration with Windows SharePoint ServicesAccess 2007 authors can use business logic created with the workflow support in Windows SharePoint Servicesto build collaborative workgroup applications. Use this support to automatically assign tasks to other users,
  6. 6. report on project status, and help ensure that tasks are completed on time. For added convenience, allWindows SharePoint Services tasks can be viewed inside Office Access 2007 or Outlook 2007, depending uponyour work style. Windows SharePoint Services lists can even be accessed through mobile phones, so remoteusers can stay current on changing business information.Manage and Audit Sensitive InformationTo make this software even safer and more consistent with other 2007 Office system programs, Access 2007includes improved as well as new security features. Unified trust decisions are integrated with Office TrustCenter, and trusted locations mean databases in security-enhanced folders. Conversely, you can load anAccess application with code or macros disabled to help provide a safe experience. Or you can track recordsand see who created, edited, and deleted them. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that yourdata is safe. Read moreYou May Also LikeAccess 2007: The Missing ManualAccess 2007 For DummiesMicrosoft® Office Access(TM) 2007 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))Microsoft Access 2007 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts -Laminated Card)Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 [Old Version]