To KwEEz A Maniac Batch - Finals @ IIM Kozhikode


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To KwEEz A Maniac Batch - Finals @ IIM Kozhikode

  1. 1. To KwEEz a Maniac Batch General Quiz Finals Researched & Conducted by: Atharva- The Quizzing Club of IIMK Karthi | Nidhun | Prabhakar | Surbhi Follow us on:
  2. 2. • Journey of the Pequod from Moby Dick.
  3. 3. 2. • X is an African-based spiritual ideology that arose in the 1930s in Jamaica. It is sometimes described as a religion but is considered by many adherents to be a "Way of Life". Its adherents worship Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia (ruled 1930–1974), some as Jesus in his Second Advent, or as God the Father. • It proclaims Zion, as reference to Ethiopia, the original birthplace of humankind, and from the beginning of the way of life calls for repatriation to Zion, the Promised Land and Heaven on Earth. Literally, moving to Ethiopia physically but mentally and emotionally repatriating before the physical . X also embrace various Afrocentric and Pan-African social and political aspirations. • Y is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the X to a worldwide audience.
  5. 5. Things Bart Writes
  6. 6. 4. • Excerpt from a book – • “A concern for one's safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to.”
  7. 7. 5. • End credits for?
  8. 8. • Top Gear India Episode
  9. 9. 6. • In the mid 90’s ____ did not have the printing capabilities to come out with an all-colour edition for _______, an eight page supplement. The machine could print colour only on page 1,3,6 and 8. • ___ realised that a celebrity page has to be colour. Editoral staff said that 1st page should not carry such stories and the Response dept didn’t wanted it on page 8 as it was popular with advertisers. Left with Page3 and Page6, they went with page 3 and the rest is history. FITB.
  10. 10. • Times of India and The Bombay Times
  11. 11. 7. • “The logo was designed literally the night before the product launched. We were up very late and ____ and I went down to his cube to watch him make it.“ • What's even more interesting here is the logo itself. Fox notes that its letters are in two different fonts — the first letter is in Catull, the same font as Company's logo, while the last three letters are in Myriad Pro because Catull produces a strange- looking 'a'. Identify the product.
  12. 12. 8. • Which city is getting inaugurated here?
  13. 13. • New Delhi
  14. 14. 9. • Identify the gentleman and the movie that he is starring in.
  15. 15. • General V K Singh & Prahar
  16. 16. 10. • Connect.
  17. 17. 11. • Towards the end of his suicide note Cobain was quoting from Neil Young's 1979 song My My. Hey Hey: • My my, hey hey Rock and roll is here to stay _________________ • _________________ My my, hey hey.
  18. 18. • It's better to burn out than to fade away.
  19. 19. 12. • …..Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y…..
  20. 20. • Full name of Pablo Picasso
  21. 21. 13. What ? • An assistant high school football coach • Bank clerk • Messenger service owner • Stockbroker • Paramedic • House painter • Salesman • Architect • Garage owner • Watchmaker • Advertising executive
  22. 22. 14. David had the following choices before him: “... I just don't care" " makes my gorge rise" " indifference is boundless" "...nothing could interest me less.“ He chose none, and paid $5000 instead. What’s going on? Quiz Club
  23. 23. - The Motion Picture Association in 1939 offered David Selznick, producer of Gone With The Wind, these options if he wanted to avoid paying the fine for using ‘damn’ in his line, Quiz Club
  24. 24. 15. • Identify the bowler.
  25. 25. • Aleem Dar
  26. 26. 16. • Which community?
  27. 27. • Bishnoi
  28. 28. 17. • Abid Hasan was the secretary and interpreter for X . X wanted an Indian form of addressing each other. Abid first suggested "Hello" and was snubbed for that. He later suggested “____", which X liked and adopted it as the formal manner of greeting for revolutionaries and members of Y.
  29. 29. • Netaji, Jai Hind & Azad Hind Fauz
  30. 30. 18. • Anuradha SenGupta: How did it feel when you saw Spike Lee’s Inside Man and heard W. Did you feel flattered or felt this is the soft power of the Indian brand? • X: I felt happy because they paid for the music. And for Y in Tamil, we checked because for the opening sequence we wanted music and I had shot it with Backstreet Boys so we checked for their rights and they quoted astronomical figure. So we left it and we made the song Z and it turned out to be the best song of the film. • So when they asked us for W, and they were quoting us some ridiculous price. But we didn’t bat our eyelids. We quoted them the price they had quoted us and said take it or leave it. And they took it. So you have to take the stand as much as the West does to you.
  31. 31. • W- Chhaiya Chhaiya • X- Mani Ratnam • Y – Saathiya • Z- Hum Dum Suniyo Re
  32. 32. 19. • This natural isolation along the 155 miles (249 km) length of the ____ has created an involuntary park which is now recognized as one of the most well- preserved areas of temperate habitat in the world. Several endangered animal and plant species now exist among the heavily fortified fences, landmines and listening posts. These include the extremely rare red- crowned crane, and the white-naped crane as well as, potentially, the extremely rare Amur leopard. Ecologists have identified some 2,900 plant species, 70 types of mammals and 320 kinds of birds within the narrow buffer zone. FITB.
  33. 33. • Korean Demilitarized Zone
  34. 34. 20. • Identify the garlanded lady.
  35. 35. • Cindy Crawford
  36. 36. 21. • What is this guy holding?
  37. 37. • Secret formula of Coke
  38. 38. 22. • The X is a paradox that raises the question of whether an object which has had all its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. The paradox is most notably recorded by Plutarch in Y from the late 1st century. Plutarch asked whether a Z which was restored by replacing all and every of its wooden parts, remained the same Z. Just identify X.
  39. 39. 23. • With X's brands in mind, Buffett said today he had reworked a famous line from the 1967 movie The Graduate, in which a businessman tells young jobseeker Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) : "I just want to say one word to you. Plastics." Buffett's version: "I just want to say one word to you. Y.“ Warren Buffet was asked about the acquisition of a company and he said the above lines. Identify X and Y.
  40. 40. • Heinz & ketchup
  41. 41. 24. • Product return policy of which company? • “You can return your purchase for up to 365 days from the purchase date. If you purchase on 2/29 of a Leap Year, then you have until 2/29 the following Leap Year to return those orders. That's four whole years! Woot!”
  42. 42. •
  43. 43. 25. • Identify the singer.
  44. 44. • Madan Mohan
  45. 45. 26. • A mid-sized sized Korean semiconductor firm named DI makes products with distinctly un-sexy names like “Monitoring Burn-in Tester” and “Wafer Test Board”. It had lost money in each of the past four quarters. And there have been no changes to its fundamentals that might explain why its share price should shoot up from 2,000 to 5,700 won (from $1.80 to $5.12) in the space of just three weeks—including another 15% gain today. What made this happen in September 2012?
  46. 46. 27. • This line is an international border between which two countries?
  47. 47. 28. • Identify the product she is endorsing.
  48. 48. • Sugarpova
  49. 49. 29. • There is a mistake in the statement made by Gurudev Ramesh Srivats here. What’s that?
  50. 50. • Fred Perry was not the last British to win Wimbledon. Virginia Wade was.
  51. 51. 30. • When the company started out a few years ago in New York City, Fernandez’ first and top choice for a name was X, so he registered and tried to get in touch with the owner of, who was based in San Francisco. • X was still a long way of getting funded or making money, so Fernandez offered the owner $1,000 of his own money for the domain name. The owner responded by laughing at him, suggesting it was worth ‘high five figures’ and saying he had plans to build something for it. • Next, Fernandez started following the owner of on Twitter, waiting for him to reveal his location. When the guy at one point tweeted that he was at a restaurant in San Francisco, Fernandez went there, threw an envelope with $5,000 in cash on the table and told him that he would stop bothering him if he finally agreed to sell the domain name in exchange for the money. • Identify X.
  52. 52. 31. • X test was introduced in Alison X's comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For. In a 1985 strip titled "The Rule", an unnamed female character says that she only watches a movie if it satisfies the following requirements: – It has to have at least two women in it, – who talk to each other, – about something besides a man. • Name this test.
  53. 53. • The Bechdel Test
  54. 54. 32. • X in British usage is a plain-woven textile made from unbleached, and often not fully processed, cotton. It may contain unseparated husk parts, for example. The fabric is less coarse and thick than canvas or denim, but owing to its unfinished and undyed appearance, it is still very cheap. Originally from the city of Kozhikode. The fabric was made by the traditional weavers called chaliyans. Identify X.
  55. 55. • Calico
  56. 56. 33. • As the new model was being developed, Porsche was working on a manufacturing collaboration with Volkswagen. Volkswagen, as one might imagine, already had several models running on their assembly lines. In order to avoid future pandemonium, Porsche decided to number their new models XYY and upwards, as Volkswagen didn’t have any running models with part numbers starting with X. And the first new model obviously had to be the XYZ. • In October 1964 the company received a legal notice from French car maker Peugeot. Since 1929, Peugeot had been making models for the French market with three-digit numerical numbers that always had a Y in the middle. Peugeot, therefore, claimed all right to similar names for all cars ever launched in France. • It was too late to start from scratch. So they simply replaced the zero with a one. The Type XZZ was born. • Identify the digits X,Y,Z.
  57. 57. 34. • Identify the voiceover in the beginning of the song.
  58. 58. • Mahatma Gandhi
  59. 59. • 9,0,1
  60. 60. Phrasology
  61. 61. Example • Noblemen hired others for the purpose of flushing animals out from the brush. Apparently, this was done by making lots of noise, which they did by either shouting a whole bunch, or perhaps by whacking the bushes with a stick. This was all for the sake of scaring the animals out from cover, making them easier targets for the hunter. • To go along with the story above, there are poems written from the 15th and 16th centuries that talk it. For example, a poem written in 1572 by George Gascoigne, reads: • "To thinke bowe he abused was, alas my heart it bleedes: • He X whiles other caught the birds …"
  62. 62. • Beat Around the Bush
  63. 63. 1. • Origin: In the 1700s, the pan of a flintlock musket was a part that held the gunpowder. If all went well, sparks from the flint would ignite the charge, which would then propel the bullet out of the barrel. However, sometimes the gun powder would burn without igniting a main charge. The flash would burn brightly but only briefly, with no lasting effect.
  64. 64. • Flash in the Pan
  65. 65. 2. • Origin: In the early days of the British Parliament, members wore swords in the House of Commons. To keep the members from fighting during heated debates, the Speaker of the House of Commons forced the Government and Opposition parties to sit on opposite sides of the chamber. Lines, two sword-lengths plus one foot apart, were drawn in the carpet. Members were required to stand behind the lines when the House was in session. To this day, when a member steps over the line during a debate, the speaker yells:”____”
  66. 66. • Toe The Line
  67. 67. 3. • Origin: The phrase was born in prisoner-of- war camps during the Civil War. Because resources were scarce, the prison camps were sometimes nothing more than a plot of land surrounded by a marked line. If a prisoner tried to cross the line, he would be shot.
  68. 68. • Meet the Deadline
  69. 69. 4. • Origin: In the 1800s, British sailors took women along on extended voyages. When babies were born at sea, the mothers delivered them in a partitioned section of the gundeck. Because no one could be sure who the true fathers were, each of these "gunnery" babies was jokingly called a “______"
  70. 70. • Son of A Gun
  71. 71. 5. • Origin: English dramatist John Dennis invented a gadget for imitating the sound of thunder and introduced it in a play in the early 1700s. The play flopped. Soon after, Dennis noted that another play in the same theater was using his sound-effects device. The story got around London, and the phrase grew out of it
  73. 73. 6. • Mercury used to be used in the manufacture of felt hats, so hat makers, would come into contact with this poisonous metal a lot. Unfortunately, the effect of such exposure may lead to mercury poisoning, one of the symptoms of which is insanity.
  74. 74. • Mad hatter
  75. 75. 7. • Origin- This was coined by Shakespeare and was quite a favourite line of his. It appears in several of his plays, including Two Gentlemen of Verona, Henry V and The Merchant Of Venice; for example, this piece from The Merchant Of Venice, 1596: • JESSICA: • Here, catch this casket; it is worth the pains. I am glad 'tis night, you do not look on me, For I am much ashamed of my exchange: But X and lovers cannot see The pretty follies that themselves commit; For if they could, Cupid himself would blush To see me thus transformed to a boy.
  76. 76. • Love is Blind
  77. 77. 8. • Origin: In mythology Charybdis lies on one side of a narrow channel. Opposite her is Scylla, another sea-monster. The sides of the strait are within an arrow shot of each other, and sailors attempting to avoid one of them will come in reach of the other. 'Between Scylla and Charybdis' thus means to having to choose between two dangers, either of which brings harm.
  78. 78. • Between the devil and the deep blue sea
  79. 79. 9. The road system resembled spokes of a wheel as the picture above shows around the circle.
  80. 80. • All roads lead to Rome
  81. 81. 10.
  82. 82. • The Good Samaritan
  83. 83. Pick Your Poison
  84. 84. • History • Geography • Literature • Art • Entertainment • Business • Sports • Technology • Mythology
  85. 85. Geography
  86. 86. • The Clock Tower of Mirzapur, from where the time of each Indian watch is set as it falls almost on the reference longitude of Indian Standard Time, at 82.5 degrees
  87. 87. Sports If Dhoni is cricketer #251 to represent India in test cricket, who is listed as the first person to represent India? 1
  88. 88. Ladhabhai Nakum Amar Singh Lodha 1932 Indian Test Cricket team that toured England. Amar Singh seen standing fifth from right on this photo of the team captained by Maharaja of Porbandar. 1
  89. 89. Art Inspiration from?
  90. 90. Third of May 1808 , Goya
  91. 91. History • He played a major role in introducing English and western concepts to education in India. • He supported the replacement of Persian by English as the official language, the use of English as the medium of instruction in all schools, and the training of English- speaking Indians as teachers. • His final years in India were devoted to the creation of a Penal Code, as the leading member of the Law Commission. • The term “X's Children" is sometimes used to refer to people born of Indian ancestry who adopt Western culture as a lifestyle, or display attitudes influenced by colonisers – expressions used disparagingly, and with the implication of disloyalty to one's country and one's heritage.
  92. 92. Macaulay
  93. 93. Mythology • She was born when Cronus cut off Uranus's genitals and threw them into the sea, and she arose from the sea foam which is depicted in a famous work by Botticelli. • Zeus married her to Hephaestus, who, because of his ugliness and deformity, was not seen as a threat. She had many lovers—both gods, such as Ares, and men, such as Anchises, Adonis • One of her mortal sons is Aeneas , a famous Trojan hero.
  94. 94. Venus/Aphrodite
  95. 95. Technology • On Nov. 3 ,2010, Edén Pastora, the Nicaraguan official tasked with dredging the Rio San Juan, justified his country’s incursion into neighboring Costa Rica’s territory by claiming that, contrary to the customary borderline, he wasn’t trespassing at all. • This was hailed as the arrival of a new type of border conflict called ?
  96. 96. • Google Maps War
  97. 97. Entertainment Parody of which brand? • M
  98. 98. Old Spice • fgUE
  99. 99. Literature • Rustichello da Pisa, also known as Rusticiano and Rustigielo (fl. late 13th century), was an Italian romance writer • Rustichello had written a work in French known as the Roman de Roi Artus (Romance of King Arthur) or simply the Compilation, derived from a book in the possession of Edward I of England, who passed through Italy on his way to fight in the Eighth Crusade in 1270-1274. The Compilation contains an interpolation of the Palamedes, a now-fragmentary prose account of Arthur's Saracen knight Palamedes and the history of the Round Table • But Best known for ?
  100. 100. • Rustichello da Pisa was best known for cowriting Marco Polo's autobiography while they were in prison together in Genoa.
  101. 101. 15 Business In 1853 he founded The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, which later merged with the Standard Bank to form Standard Chartered Bank in 1969. In 1843 he established The Economist as a newspaper to campaign for free trade, and acted as Chief editor and sole proprietor for sixteen years. In 1859, he was sent to India to establish the tax structure, a new paper currency and remodel the finance system of India after the revolt of 1857. Who is he?
  102. 102. 15 Sir James Wilson
  103. 103. THANK YOU Keep Quizzing!