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The Quiz with the Biz Tattoo @IIM Kozhikode
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The Quiz with the Biz Tattoo @IIM Kozhikode


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. 1.Annual report of whichcompany?
  • 2. AnswerEmami
  • 3. 2*.X brought this innovative thinking to successionplanning. He devised a structure in which each ofhis four sons would hold one-fifth of the promotershareholding in each company. He would holdanother fifth. This meant each son would be incharge of his own slice of the empire, but have ashare in his brothers’ businesses as well. Thephilosophy extended to the house that X built inDelhi where there are four separate quarters linkedby a common kitchen. Identify X or the businessfamily.
  • 4. AnswerO. P. Jindal or the Jindal family.
  • 5. 3*.The opinion columns for which famousmagazine are titled:Analects, Bagehot, Charlemagne, Lexington,Buttonwood, Banyan, Baobab, Babbage, GameTheory, Schumpeter, Prospero.
  • 6. AnswerThe Economist
  • 7. 4.What name is givento this type ofwomen footwear?
  • 8. AnswerGladiators
  • 9. 5*.Some facts about this company.• This company got its name from a famousbookstore in London.• This company was founded in Allahabad andstill has its headquarters at Allahabad.• One of the first books of Rudyard KiplingThree Soldiers was published by thiscompany.Name this famous company.
  • 10. AnswerA. H. Wheeler
  • 11. 6.Anil Ambani started X in 1983 with a capitalbase of Rs 10 lakh. The story goes that patriarchDhirubhai gave the younger son Rs 10 lakh tostart this advertising agency, which essentiallywas an in-house division of Reliance back then.Fresh out of Wharton, Ambani converted it intoa separate agency with the Reliance-owned Ybrand being its first and only account.Identify X & Y.
  • 12. AnswerX - MudraY - Vimal
  • 13. 7*.Which famous shopping store has the followinginstructions for the visitors dress code :We would kindly ask all visitors to ensure all clothing isclean and presentable and that the appropriate footwearis worn whilst in the store. We would also ask that visitorsrefrain from wearing clothing which may reveal intimateparts of the body, or which portrays offensive pictures orwriting, as well as refraining from wearing crash helmetsin the store. In particular the code does not permit anyperson entering the store who is wearing high cut, sportsor beach shorts, swimwear, bare midriffs, athleticsinglets, cycling shorts or general sporting attire, barefeet or any extremes of personal presentation.
  • 14. AnswerHarrods
  • 15. 8.Which famous company started out this way?
  • 16.
  • 17. 9.What are these types of?Subtitle, tubelight, chipkoo, kanjoos, statusupdate , beep , dhinchak, vasooli , sharing, activist , LOL , fan , party , lazy , filmy , pakau ,bhukkad , proxy , curious , music , and despo.
  • 18. AnswerTypes of friends as per Airtel’s ‘Har Ek FriendZaruri Hota Hai’ campaign.
  • 19. 10.Jay Leno, the famous American stand-upcomedian & talk show host is famous for owinga fleet of more than 100 cars, 90 bikes, 5 trucksand 4 aircrafts. Which is the only Indian autobrand that is a part of this enviable collection?
  • 20. Answer
  • 21. 11*.Ad for which “visionary”airline?
  • 22. Answer
  • 23. 12.Supply chain of which famous co-operativeorganization in India?
  • 24. AnswerShri Mahila Grih Udyog Lijjat Papad
  • 25. 13*.When this famous billionaire appeared for a jobinterview with the Dunder Mufflin Paper Companythis year, these were lines spoken by him-"Can you do any better on salary? What aboutmileage when I use my car? I mean, gas aint cheapyou know. [They offer him $0.25 per gallon.] Howabout 27 cents per gallon?" "And when I make longdistance calls, will they be monitored? Or is it onthe honor system?"Who was this billionaire?
  • 26. AnswerWarren Buffett
  • 27. 14.He is the chairman of Aptech Limited andHungama Digital Media Entertainment PrivateLtd. RaRe Enterprises is the name of theprivately owned firm by him, which derives itsname from the first two initials of his name andwifes name.Identify him.
  • 28. AnswerRakesh Jhunjhunwala
  • 29. 15.As per the rules of the Mumbai Dabbawala’sNutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers’ Association,a Dabbawala can be fined only for one reasonand that is for not wearing a ________. They arefined Rs. 25 for this offence.FITB
  • 30. AnswerGandhi Cap
  • 31. 16.Who is credited as the primary patent holder forthis staircase design?
  • 32. AnswerSteve Jobs
  • 33. 17*.Connect them with a guy called DavidWhitbread.
  • 34. AnswerOnida Devils
  • 35. 18.___________ is a social and commercial customof North India and Pakistan that is based on thebelief that the first sale of a day or other sellingperiod establishes the sellers luck for subsequenttransactions during the remainder of the day. Inpractical terms this means that sellers try to ensurethat the first or ________ sale happens on a cash-only basis, and ideally without any discounts i.e. atfull-price, though the social protocol associatedwith ________ sales varies by region.FITB.
  • 36. AnswerBohni
  • 37. 19*.Connect.
  • 38. AnswerThe only two non-Tata chairman of the Tatagroup.
  • 39. 20.Connect.
  • 40. AnswerBoth brand names come from reading theirnames backwards.OPRAH = HARPOSERENA = ANERES
  • 41. 21.Launched on 2nd July, 1806 mainly to fundGeneral Wellesleys wars against Tipu Sultan andthe Marathas . It was renamed on January 2,1809, once again in 1921 and then to its presentname after the Act of Parliament on 1st July1955. What?
  • 42. AnswerState Bank Of India
  • 43. 22.Ingredientsof whichfamous logo.
  • 44. Answer
  • 45. 23*.X started his clothing company in 1924 in Metzingen, where itis still based, a small town south of Stuttgart. However, due tothe economic climate in Germany at the time X was forcedinto bankruptcy in 1930. Undeterred, X set up a new businessand in 1931 became a member of the Nazi party. With the riseof Adolf Hitler in 1933, Xs business also began to prosper ashe became an RZM-licensed (official) supplier of uniforms tothe SA, SS, Hitler Youth, NSKK and other Party organizations.With the defeat of Germany in 1945, X was charged withbeing sympathetic to the Nazi cause and using forced labor,and was denied the right to vote in Germany and ordered topay a fine. He died in 1948 but his business survived.Identify X.
  • 46. AnswerHugo Boss
  • 47. 24.Bajaj Auto markets its three-wheeler commercialvehicles under the brand name “RE”.Expand RE.
  • 48. AnswerReverse Engine
  • 49. 25.Beginning in 2007, Mountain Dew began a promotionentitled “___________” which involved fans of the beveragebrand electing new flavors, colors, names, packaginggraphics and advertisements for upcoming MountainDew products. The campaign has been the subject ofrecognition within the advertising industry, cited as oneof the earliest and longest-running examples ofcrowdsourcing to make decisions about a product. Onlinevoters selected from three choices: Supernova (astrawberry-melon flavor), Revolution (a berry flavor), andVoltage (a raspberry-citrus flavor). On August 17, 2008,Voltage was announced as the winning flavor.FITB
  • 50. AnswerDewmocracy
  • 51. 26.VT-SPD Chilli,VT-SPF Coriander,VT-SPHSaffron,VT-SPJ Mint,VT-SPK Fennel,VT-SPLCardamom,VT-SPM Pepper,VT-SPO Dill,VT-SPPRosemary,VT-SPQ Basil,VT-SPR Thyme,VT-SPSMustard,VT-SPW Cinnamon,VT-SGETamarind,VT-SPT Clove,VT-SPU Anise,VT-SGBOregano,VT-SGC Fenugreek,VT-SGD Sesame.What are they?
  • 52. AnswerSpicejet Aircrafts.
  • 53. 27.Here’s the official guide to eat a particular product.Step 1: Grab your _________. Holding each chocolatey part,twist them in opposite directions. Now gently pull them apartrevealing the shiny vanilla cream!Step 2: Lick the creamy filling right away. This is the simplestpart isn’t it? Don’t lick it all off, leave some for next step.Step 3: Put the two halves together. Now, holding it with yourfingertips, dip the whole ______ in your full glass of milk. Letit soak in the milky goodness before you chew it away.FITB.
  • 54. AnswerOreo Biscuit
  • 55. 28.Everyone here knows about Herzberg’s TwoFactor Theory which talks of motivators andhygiene factors. Herzberg often referred to thehygiene factors as "KITA" factors, where KITA isan acronym for ____________, the process ofproviding incentives or a threat of punishmentto cause someone to do something.FITB
  • 56. AnswerKick In The Ass
  • 57. 29*.In 1893, the Financial Times first began_____________ as a stroke of marketing geniusto distinguish the FT from its major competitor,the Financial News. It was also said that it wascheaper using this idea. This idea is nowfollowed by many of the business newspapersacross the world. What is it?
  • 58. AnswerPrinting in salmon pink colour paper.
  • 59. 30.An ad for?
  • 60. Answer
  • 61. 31*.Connect.
  • 62. AnswerFake brands used by Quentin Tarintino in hismovies.
  • 63. 32.Ad for?
  • 64. AnswerVaseline
  • 65. 33.This brand has been named after
  • 66. AnswerSachin Tendulkar
  • 67. 34.This brand hasn’t spent a single rupee onadvertising since its launch in the mid 50s. It hasinnumerable number of pages and groupsdevoted to it on Facebook, one of them run withthe abbreviation “Comrade”(Council of ______Addicted Drinkers and Eccentrics . It is thelargest selling brand in the world in its category.It is manufactured by Mohan Meakin Limited.FITB
  • 68. AnswerGham Ka Saathi Rum, Old Monk.
  • 69. 35.It so happened that a quiz contest airedon Doordarshan in February 1967, in whichparticipants could easily answer questionspertaining to Greek mythology, but were unableto reply to the question "In the Ramayana, whowas Ramas mother?".Seeing this, Anant Pai came up with the idea ofcreating which comic series?
  • 70. AnswerAmar Chitra Katha (ACK)
  • 71. 36.XYLXY is a brand of hydrogenated vegetable oilpopular in South Asia. The substance was originallyimported from the Netherlands in the 1930s by thetrading company XYXY Limited. When HindustanLever Limited wanted to brand it, the trader, whostill retained a commercial connection with theproduct, said it had to be named after his company.HLL wanted to include the letter L in it for Lever (ofthe Unilever group), and thus was born one of thelongest-living brands in India.What is XYLXY here?
  • 72. AnswerDALDA
  • 73. 37*.Expand TJ.
  • 74. AnswerTihar Jail
  • 75. 38.Which product adorns the legendary Madrasstripes (golden coloured pin striping on the fueltank) that are hand-painted by two brothersE.Kishore & E.Jayakumar for all of its productionthat rolls out of the factory?
  • 76. AnswerRoyal Enfield Bullet
  • 77. 39.Starting business in the 1900s, the logo for thiscompany was created in the late 1960s. After aphoto shoot for a bathing suit ad, a man and awoman were sitting back-to-back, naked, withthe outlines of their bodies traced by the backlighting. This led to the creation of its logo.Identify the brand.
  • 78. Answer
  • 79. 40.Ad for?
  • 80. Answer
  • 81. 41*.What is common to the logos of these watchbrands?
  • 82. AnswerAll these brands have the Swiss flag in their logo.
  • 83. 42.If you type in ‘’ or ’’ inyour web browser, you get redirected to whichfashion & clothing company’s website?
  • 84. AnswerCalvin Klein
  • 85. Hope you liked it.