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Facebook for HVAC



Presentation from ACCA's Contracting Week 2011 covering Facebook - what is it, why you should care, and how you should start.

Presentation from ACCA's Contracting Week 2011 covering Facebook - what is it, why you should care, and how you should start.



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Facebook for HVAC Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Your Business Facebook Page
    Michael Atchley
  • 2. What?
  • 3. When you hear the term “Social Media”, what do you think of?
  • 4. When I hear “social Media” I think of
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11. Why?
  • 12.
  • 13. Why?
    Because your customers are.
    90% of consumers go online to get info when making a purchase decision.
    It can lead to other exposure via traditional media
  • 14. Saturday June 4th 2011
    Active customer needs a service call.
    Doesn’t call or email me – she Messages me on Facebook.
  • 15. June 13th, 2011
    Friend in Dallas calls with a/c questions.
    I suggest Facebook.
    He gets 20 responses.
  • 16. June 23rd, 2011
    Friend posts “I have a plumbing problem that I can’t see because of an electrical problem”
    Would this be of interest to any of you with plumbers or electricians?
  • 17. June 29th, 2011
    Joanna and John “like” our page, and John messages me that they want to take advantage of our $20 off tune-up special for Facebook fans.
  • 18. June 30th, 2011
    John messages that a/c not working at all – please send help.
    Compressor grounded.
    System sold.
  • 19. Joanna & John are in my Sunday School department.
    So is my largest competitor.
  • 20. His facebook page
  • 21. My facebook page
  • 22. Why else?
  • 23. Why else?
    Anybody else having problems finding good employees?
    Where do you think the Gen X’ers are spending their time?
  • 24. How
    did we start?
  • 25. SocialTract:
  • 26. Why did we stop?
    Nobody read the blog.
    Nobody commented on the Facebook or Twitter posts.
  • 27. Why?
    And I wasn’t personally involved
  • 28. Lessons Learned
    Be involved.
    Blog within your website.
    KISS - Keep It Short Stupid.
    Facebook and Twitter are personal.
  • 29. How
    do you start?
  • 30. Identify your goals
    Most well known and accessible residential contractor
    Cheap leads
    Have fun
  • 31. #1 Facebook
    #2 Twitter
    #3 Blog
  • 32. Personal facebook page first.
  • 33. Unless this is a spitting image of you
    Upload a personal picture
  • 34. Get some friends
    Your spouse, kids, or grandkids can help.
    Facebook has tools built in that will recommend people you may know.
    Friend them all. For your business page to get started you’re going to need some personal friends.
  • 35. Create a Business Page
    Yes you need both.
    There are some things that you can only do with a business page…like advertise.
    Claim your name (facebook.com/username).
    Upload a logo or banner ad.
  • 36. You gotta get “like”d
  • 37. Get “like”d
  • 38. Get “like”d
    Ask, Suggest, and Recommend
    Give stuff away. (Not $10 off their next service call)
    Advertise it everywhere
    Link it to your website – both ways
    Use your spouse and kids.
  • 39. Settings, Apps, & More
    Facebook doesn’t make it easy to find some useful features
    Click “Edit Page” and browse thru options on the left.
  • 40. R&D
    Watch what other companies do, and steal what works.
    Be creative, and spend a little money if you have to.
  • 41. Buy a Smartphone
    Social media is infinitely easier with a good phone.
    iPhone or Android are both great
  • 42. What do you post?
    #1 Rule for Social Media
    “Don’t be a shill!”
    Matt Michel
  • 43. What’s a shill?
    Go to the next chamber meeting and mill around.
    There will be at least 1 insurance salesman just waiting for you to make eye contact. He’s a shill.
  • 44. What do you post?
    Nobody turns the tv on to watch the commercials.
    Nobody logs on to Facebook to see your sales pitch.
  • 45. What do you post?
    “Tell timely, relevant, and interesting stories.
    Then tag the people or companies that are mentioned in the stories.”
    Joe Pulizzi
  • 46. What do you post?
    “Alternate posts between advertising, education, and entertainment.”
    Jim Hinshaw
    “2 – 3 times as much entertaining as advertising and educating.”
  • 47. What do you post?
    Most of us aren’t entertainers.
    The good news is that your posts don’t have to be original. Re-post, re-tweet something that someone else said.
    “There is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9
  • 48. What do you post?
    If you want to get technical, use a story:
    Dead parakeets
    Moldy chairs
    From geo to 80% natural gas and lower utility bills
  • 49. What do you post?
    Sports score predictions for the men
    Monkey stories for the ladies
    Local events for everyone
  • 50. What do you post?
    Blog postings for Google’s pet spiders
  • 51. What do you post?
  • 52. What do you post?
  • 53. What do you post?
  • 54. What do you post?
  • 55. What do you post?
  • 56. What do you post?
  • 57. What do you post?
  • 58. What do you post?
  • 59. What do you post?
  • 60. What do you post?
    Be Social!!!
  • 61. Blogs
    Great for SEO
    Use keywords from Google Adwords tool
    Less social
    Nobody will read it anyway
  • 62. Companies I follow
    Service Heat and Air Conditioning INC. out of Tennessee – they do a great job at getting fans
    Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. out of California – they do a great job at graphic design
    Sun Heating & Cooling out of Michigan – over 800 fans
    Deckard Mechanical out of Indiana
    Champion AC out of San Antonio
    Northeast Cooling out of the Chicago area
    Jerry Kelly out of St. Louis
  • 63. Sources
    Jim Hinshaw – SIPInc
    Kimberly Schwartz - ACHRNews
    Angela Harris – ACHRNews
    Adams Hudson – ACHRNews
    Joe Pulizzi – SocialTract and articles for Contracting Business
    Vicki Laplant – Contracting Business
    Douglas Mitchell – HVACR Business
  • 64. Want a copy of these slides?
    Go to