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  • 1. Tour Report TOT Course 2012 Presented by Group 6 From ID-51 to 60 Visiting Date-20 September, 2012 Organized byNational Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) Dhanmondi, Dhaka
  • 2. At a Glance TourDestination ComillaParticipant 69+2(?)+2= 73Demography 7 Female & 64 MaleVisited Places BARD, HSTTI Comilla, TTC Comilla and Shalbon bihar
  • 3. Aim of this Visit• To improve quality of teachers’ teaching ability through developing trainee’s training efficiency
  • 4. Objectives• To share training experience of higher secondary teachers training institute like HSTTI• To share training experience from secondary teachers’ training institute like TTC• To share training experience from multidiscipline training institute like BARD• To acquire knowledge about history of education from Shalbon Bihar
  • 5. Method of Learning• Lecture• Field trip• Observation• Demonstration
  • 6. Learning out comes• BARD are conducting various training program for different new officers of the public sector organization like BCS (health), LGED, Agriculturists etc• The Academy offered training for officials and village leaders directly involved in the implementation of the models under replication
  • 7. Learning out comes cont… BARD offers• Rural works program• Thana irrigation program• Thana training and development centre• Rural development course• Study and observation• Seminars conferences and workshops• Regional and international training
  • 8. Learning out comes cont… HSTTI offers• Private college principals administrative training• Private schools head teachers administrative training• Private college teachers subject based training• Private college teachers computer training• Private schools and madrasah teachers ICT training
  • 9. Learning out comes cont… TTC offers• Bachelor of Education course under National University and Bangladesh Open University• Master of Education National University and Bangladesh Open• Secondary school certificate course under National University• Secondary school teachers professional development training
  • 10. Learning out comes cont…• Secondary school teachers Life Skill Based Education (LSBE) training• School management committee members training• Secondary school teachers sanitation training• Secondary school and madrasah teachers ICT training
  • 11. Learning out comes cont… Shalbon Bihar• This Bihar (Educational institution) is one of the educational heritage in Bangladesh• It was established on 8th Century by Shree Bhobodev (King of Dev dinasty)• It was completely residential educational institute• There were about 150 small cottage for the students surrounding the main building
  • 12. Recommendations• Study Visit program should extend to two/three days• …….