Экономический Фонд политических исследований Турции


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Экономический Фонд политических исследований Турции

  1. 1. tepav The Economic Policy Research Foundation of TurkeyHow TEPAV contributes to economic policies? Ozan Acar Ankara, April 19, 2012
  2. 2. TEPAV as a think-do tankThe need for a think-do tank in Turkey After 2001 crisis, a successful macroeconomic reform program – but, what next?  Second generation reforms to manage transformation (industrial policy/competitiveness, regional integration, education, health, social policy, public administration, constitution…) Challenging policy choices in the EU accession process  Especially affecting private sector activity New forms of engagement with the “region”  Supporting regional economic integration, how? Capacity constraints in the public sector  Need for civil society participation Working on regional disparity issues  Participatory governance schemes
  3. 3. TEPAV as a think-do tankOverview of TEPAV TEPAV – The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey  Established 2004, largest economic policy think tank in Turkey  Supported by the Union of Chambers, funding sources increasingly diversified  Competitiveness, regional economic development, international economic integration Self sustaining business model: a policy advisory and consultancy services arm  Multilaterals, government agencies and regional entities
  4. 4. TEPAV as a think-do tankWhat we do at TEPAV con’t Focusing on policy analysis and establishing platforms  Cutting edge action research  Playing a “connector” role, dialogue mechanisms Working extensively with public institutions and the academia Enriching the information content of the public policy debates related with our inter-disciplinary research agenda Feeding policy-making process by translating knowledge into solutions
  5. 5. TEPAV as a think-do tankWhat makes TEPAV unique in Turkeyand surrounding region? Knowledge production  A strong in-house research capacity  An extensive network with academics and experts (based in the campus of TOBB Economics and Technology University)  Strong ties with the international organizations (The EU Comission, World Bank Group, Islamic Development Bank, OECD, Brookings Institution, CSIS, Aspen Institute) Knowledge distribution / dissemination  Close contact with TOBB’s grassroots organizations (364 chambers all around Turkey)  Network with the public administration (Presidents Office, Speaker of TBMM, Prime Ministry, various line agencies and ministries)  Strong impact on the media (daily columns, press releases and briefings) Diversified financial resources to sustain activities
  6. 6. TEPAV as a think-do tankSome of our projects: Investment Climate Assessment (with the World Bank and Treasury, 2006) Competition Environment Assessment (with the World Bank and FIAS, 2006) Higher Education Sector Project (with the World Bank, 2007) Regulatory Impact Assessment Projects (EU-funded) Industrial Policy Document (with State Planning Organization, 2006) Secretariat of the Competitiveness Council of Turkey (2007) Industrial Policy Design Project (for M of Industry & Trade, 2008) Beceri 2010: Vocational training project for Ministry of Labor and TOBB
  7. 7. Turkey’s economic transformation Istanbul – Islamabad Railway A product of Istanbul Forum between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey A concrete project targeted at physical and institutional bottlenecks RUSSIA KAZAKHSTAN A direct link to Pakistan & India UZBEKISTAN A model of PPP that GERORGIA may involve IPOs for financing KYRGYZSTAN TURKEY ARMENIAİstanbul Ankara AZERBAIJAN TURKMENISTAN TAJIKISTAN Kayseri Malatya Tebriz Van Lake Ferry SYRIA Tahran 13 hours IRAN Islamabad To be reduced to 6 LEBANON AFGHANISTAN hours in 2012 IRAQ Kapıköy Taftan – Quetta Customs Old rails ISRAEL 6 hours Esfehan 18- 36 hours Quetta Zahedan SAUDI ARABIA Kerman Taftan Zahedan Railway conversion: 6 hours Taftan PAKISTAN INDIA Rolling stock arrival: ?? days Customs 6 hours
  8. 8. TEPAV as a think-do tankSamples of our recent activities atnational level Design of the new state-aid scheme  With the Ministry of Economy Export strategy design for Turkey’s 81 provinces  With the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade Regional competitiveness agenda framework and pilot application  With United Nations Development Program Value chain analysis on machinery and food industries  With the Economy Ministry and Ulker Group Climate Change report  Ministry of Environment
  9. 9. TEPAV as a think-do tankOur regional activities In Turkey’s regions:  Restructuring of Sanliurfa’s industry (2009)  Manisa 2023 Vision (2009-2011)  Increasing Female Labor Force Participation in Amasya (2010-2011)  Mardin-Batman-Şırnak External Economic Environment Analysis (2010-2011)  Erzurum Turkcell Call Center Economic Impact Analysis (2011) In Turkey’s surrounding region:  Jenin Industrial Zone Project (2010 – present)  Islamabad-Istanbul Railway Project (2011 – present)  Armenia-Turkey Cross Border Cooperation Project (2010 – present) • Caucasus Corridor Management Project  Northern Cyprus Functional Review of the Government (2011)  Advisory support to the Islamic Development Bank for Special Economic Zones in Yemen, Mauritania and Benin (2011)  Training and Research Institute for Public Policy (TRIPP) to deliver courses targeting officials from the greater region
  10. 10. TEPAV as a think-do tank Our modus operandi: Building bridges Building bridges  Multi-actor initiatives (Constitution platform)  Conflict countries (Ankara Forum, Istanbul Forum)  Private sector and government (DÖİK)  Academia, media, and government (round table discussions)  Local administration and central government (Regional development initiatives)  Labor unions and employer unions (Tuzla)  Government agencies in turf battles (Industrial policy and UMEM)
  11. 11. Slide 112012 agenda: Constitution Platform – Turkey Speaks Turkey’s first and so far the biggest experiment in deliberative democracy An endeavour to contribute to the parliamentary process by organizing a series of citizens’ meetings in many different provinces of Turkey The main question in 2007 was “How to Make a New Constitution?” Today we face an even more challenging question: “How to Solve Our Problems Through Constitutional Dialogue?” We are asking this question directly to citizens.
  12. 12. Slide 12Citizens’ Meeting – Ankara – 8 Jan
  13. 13. Slide 13Citizens’ Meeting – Ankara – 8 JanParticipants are invited to deliberate the constitutionalframework for a common future. They are given the titleof Constitution Volunteers.
  14. 14. Slide 14Citizens’ Meeting – Ankara – 8 JanParticipants are asked to discuss the listed 1. Freedom of expressionconstitutional issues about which they later and right to assemblyexpress their opinions through an electronic 2. Public services 3. Controlling and balancingvoting system. They can also communicate political powereverything they consider to be left out of the 4. Accountability, responsivendebate’s list. ess and transparency 5. Cohabitation of divergent groups within the society 6. Governmental systems 7. State-religion relations 8. Nature and cultural heritage 9. Local government 10. Elections and political parties 11. Economic and social rights, social/welfare state and affirmative action
  15. 15. TEPAV as a think-do tankTraining and Research Institute forPublic Policy (TRIPP) Offers short-term courses mainly to government officials from ECA and MENA region on public policy Hands-on approach Policy-oriented curriculum A wide range of courses Works closely with the World Bank, IsDB, ADB and TİKA
  16. 16. TEPAV as a think-do tankSome of the courses that TRIPPoffers Public financial management Fiscal decentralization Improving the investment climate How to prepare and analyze citizen score cards
  17. 17. Turkey’s economic transformationTEPAV in the West Bank: Jenin Industrial Park TEPAV executes and coordinates the activities of the Ankara Forum on behalf of TOBB  Technical reports, network coordination and negotiations A institutional dialogue, problem solving and confidence building mechanism among Palestinian, Israeli and Turkish business communities. An industrial estate is under construction in Jenin.  Opportunity for Turkish businesses to move parts of their value chains to lower operation costs.  More opportunities for the growing Palestinian economy
  18. 18. Turkey’s economic transformation Jenin Industrial Zone (2009-2011) Erez Industrial Estate(2005-2007) Tarqumia Industiral Zone (2007-2008)
  19. 19. Turkey’s economic transformationJenin Industrial Zone Haifa Port (40 km) Jenin Industrial Zone (876 dönüm) Jordanian Border (35 km)
  20. 20. GEP Turkey Slide 20Partners for a new Beginning Projects:  TOBB: Chamber academy  TOBB: Allworld Turkey 25  CISCO: Spark for Women (IT & entrepreneurship trainings)  Coca-Cola: Grant program to support woman entrepreneurs in Istanbul  Intel & Youth for Habitat: University entrepreneurship network Meetings:  Kick-off: March 2011  First summit: June 2011  Secretay Clinton visit: July 2011  Second summit: Dec 2, 2011 (Istanbul)
  21. 21. GEP Turkey Slide 21Global Entrepreneurship Program Turkey:Second Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship
  22. 22. GEP Turkey Slide 22 Global Entrepreneurship Program – TurkeyProgramEntrepreneurship Delegation: 12 American angel investors andventure fund representatives to invest in Turkish start-upsAngel and VC Network developmentMedia training on start-up newsDiagnostics on business incubatorsPolicy analysisNext step: Organize Turkish delegations to Pakistan, Egypt andMaghreb countries
  23. 23. TEPAV as a think-do tankGrowth has been challenging but atestament to the need in Turkey Number of TEPAV’s full-time staff 80 72 70 65 59 60 50 46 40 34 30 21 20 10 8 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  24. 24. TEPAV as a think-do tankTEPAV Team: A mix of senior directorsand younger analysts Our HR goal: Creating a new career path in think- tanking and policy analysis in Turkey  Directors  Senior Policy Analysts (+ program manager)  Policy Analysts ( + project manager) • Economic Policy Analyst • Governance and Social Policy Analyst • Foreign Policy Analyst  Research Associates  Interns and junior researchers
  25. 25. TEPAV as a think-do tankConclusions TEPAV is about building bridges  This is why we are producing knowledge and designing projects Our function is to technicalize frozen conflicts  Regional autonomy vs. efficiency trade-off  Female labor force participation  Israel-Palestine; Afghanistan-Pakistan, Armenia-Turkey; Kurdish Question within Turkey… Major issue is human resource development in our area  No area studies in Turkish universities  Established International Business Department within the TOBB University of Economics and Technology • Slovanic Studies-Russian • Near Eastern Studies-Arabic  Building capacity for TEPAV public policy PhD.