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  • 1. LESS BUSYWORK,HIGHER QUALITYHow House of Blues Automated Communication and Reporting toSpend More Time Creating
  • 2. House of Blues Entertainment, LLC•  Industry: Entertainment•  Department: Creative Services•  Location: Hollywood, CA•  Responsible for creative for 33 venues, 57requestors•  250 projects per month ranging from billboards tomenus to bus wrapsCUSTOMER BACKGROUND
  • 3. Senior Graphic Designer Erin Frey and her three-person creative team regularly worked nights andweekends to keep up with a workload that hadnearly tripled in the last few years.STRUGGLING TO KEEP TEMPO
  • 4. Requests were emailed out as Word documents.Design proofs would be emailed out for review, onlyto multiply into different versions and makeaccountability nearly impossible.STRUGGLING TO KEEP TEMPO
  • 5. Erin brought in a project management tool that metsome of their needs but proved difficult for herrequestors to adopt. If Erin was going to get bettervisibility into her team’s activities, she would need anew solution.STRUGGLING TO KEEP TEMPO
  • 6. “We were managing brand standards for the House of Blues andall of its sub-brands. We needed a platform where we weren’tbouncing files all over the Internet, where we could see where ourprojects lived at any given moment.”–Erin Frey, Senior Graphic DesignerSTRUGGLING TO KEEP TEMPO
  • 7. EASIER AND FASTERIn fall 2012, with the contract on her existing projectmanagement tool expiring, Erin was contacted byAtTask.
  • 8. With its intuitive, social media-inspired interface,AtTask could be adopted by every member of theHouse of Blues Marketing team, providing onesystem of engagement in which Erin, her designers,and all of their requestors could communicate in realtime.EASIER AND FASTER
  • 9. The AtTask proofing tool would make it possible fordesigners and requestors to give feedback on asingle proof without confusion. Throughout all ofthese transactions, AtTask could capture all statusupdates and resource data and turn them into real-time reports.EASIER AND FASTER
  • 10. Most importantly, AtTask would provide an on-siteconsultant to evaluate their needs, build bestpractices into their processes, and get them onlinefaster. Erin immediately recognized the value thatAtTask could offer to her team.EASIER AND FASTER
  • 11. Within 45 days of first meeting with AtTask, Erin’steam was up and running on the solution.EASIER AND FASTER
  • 12. “The minute the AtTask consultant arrived, he sat down with usand didn’t just go through what AtTask could do, but asked mequestions about our workflow. ‘Is that the best way it can work?’‘Why do you do things this way?’ He didn’t just figure how thingswould work in AtTask, but figured out if we were using the mostefficient workflow, period.”–Erin Frey, Senior Graphic DesignerEASIER AND FASTER
  • 13. Thanks to a fast, effective implementation with theAtTask consultant, Erin and her team membersbegan seeing the difference right away.LESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITY
  • 14. The solution’s welcoming, intuitive interface made iteasy for requestors and designers to pick up withminimal training. Soon communication washappening automatically in real time withstakeholders on the other side of the country as ifthey were just down the hall.LESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITY
  • 15. Freed from constant manual communication, Erin andher designers found themselves spending more timedesigning. Overnight, the need for overtimedecreased drastically.FOCUSING ON EXECUTION
  • 16. This communication trickled down into the solution’sreporting capabilities. Erin instantly became aware ofher team’s peak times or how many requests camefrom each venue.LESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITY
  • 17. When Erin went into meetings with executives, shecould pull up-to-the-minute project data and speakconfidently about what her team members wereworking on and what was waiting in the queue. Thisvisibility was extremely educational for Erin and hermanagers in streamlining the way they did business.LESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITY
  • 18. In their first six months of using AtTask, with much oftheir communication and reporting automated, Erinand her team found they had more time to improvethe quality of their work.LESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITY
  • 19. Going forward, Erin could call her consultant to getanswers and keep pushing the boundaries of whatHouse of Blues could do with AtTask.LESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITY
  • 20. “Now, when someone IMs or emails me with a request, I tell themright away, ‘Can you put that in AtTask? Don’t call me on thephone. Don’t give me an IM. Put it in AtTask.’ Because that givesme one location for all my project data—one source of truth.”–Erin Frey, Senior Graphic DesignerLESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITY
  • 21. SummaryLESS BUSYWORK, HIGHER QUALITYAtTask wasimplementedwithin 45 daysfrom firstcontact.The need towork nights &weekendsdecreaseddrastically.Automating theirbusywork let theteam spendmore time onquality.