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Rdf and open linked data a first approach
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Rdf and open linked data a first approach


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. RDF and Open Linked Data, a first approach
    • ADLUG Users Group Meeting
    • Trento , 22 - 24 September, 20 10
    • Tiziana Possemato, @C ult Andrea Gazzarini , @Cult Ádám Horváth , NSZL
  • 2. Contents
    • Open Linked Data
    • ThGenius
    • Thesaurus management in WeCat
    • Keyword search enrichment
  • 3. Chalanges for libraries
    • Les and les people use library catalogues
    • What could be the answer
      • To bring the catalogue to the surface web
        • To make it searchable by Google
      • To provide your data where the user is
        • The user must be able to get library data in social sites
        • To provide your data on mobile equipments
  • 4. Challenges for libraries
    • New potential user: the web and the services on the web
      • Our services must not only be on the Web, but need to be of the Web
      • We have to publish our data on the semantic web
      • We can use semantic web technologies
  • 5. Some introductory notes
    • Semantic web is often called
      • Linked Data
      • Open Linked Data
      • Linked Open Data (LOD)
      • the web of Linked Open Data
  • 6. Web and semantic web
    • Web links pages
    • Semantic web links data
    • Web is like a document
    • Semantic web is like a database
      • RDF is the data format of the database
      • This database is independent from any application
    • Web is for human beings
    • Semantic web is for machines
  • 7. Advantage of linked data
    • Linked data provides a single, standardised access mechanism
      • Linked data is a single worldwide API
  • 8. Advantage of semantic web technologies
    • Certain tasks can be carried out easier with semantic web technologies
      • RDF database + SPARQL = very powerful search capabilities
  • 9. Linked data from library perspective
    • Libraries can share data in a non library centric way
    • Libraries can share their data in a web friendly way
    • Library’s data can be meaningful in a new context
  • 10. The role of libraries in building the semantic web
    • The libraries have to publish their data on the semantic web
    • Software developers have to develop applications that use the (published) semantic data
    • Libraries can use semantic web technologies, applications to solve certain tasks more efficiently
    • Library vendors can help on both sites
  • 11. Libraries publishing linked data
    • Entire library
      • LIBRIS
      • National Széchényi Library (NSZL)
  • 12. Libraries publishing linked data
    • Authority files
      • Library of Congress
        • Subject Headings in SKOS format
      • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
        • Name authority and subject heading authority in its on format
      • VIAF (Virtual International Authority File)
        • MARC based but also publishes data in FOAF format
        • NSZL is also participating in VIAF
  • 13. Libraries within W3C
    • W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group
      • Chairs
        • Tom Baker
        • Emmanuelle Bermes
        • Antoine Isaac
  • 14. Semantic web application s
    • Semantic search
  • 15. Semantic web applicatons
  • 16.  
  • 17. Semantic web applications
    • works showing matching person
    • works showing location
    • works showing concept
    • works titled
    • works created from
    • works with matching location
    • works showing a more specific location
  • 18. Vocabularies
    • Dublin Core ( DC ) defines general metadata attributes. See also their new domains and ranges draft.
    • Friend-of-a-Friend ( FOAF ), vocabulary for describing people.
    • Simple Knowledge Organization System ( SKOS ), vocabulary for representing taxonomies and loosely structured knowledge.
    • Bibliographic Ontology ( BIBO )
    • Expression of Core FRBR Concepts in RDF
  • 19. Linked data in ADLUG’s
    • 2008 Venice: First steps towards publishing library data on the semantic web
    • 2009 Bilbao: Semantic web tutorial
    • 2009 Bilbao: Using Cool URI’s as permalink
    • ADLUG is a leader of spreading the idea of semantic web in libraries
  • 20.
    • [email_address]
    Thank you for your attention
  • 21. NSZL’s results so far
    • In this spring NSZL published as linked open data
      • Its entire catalogue of the library and digital libra r y in RDFDC format
      • Its name authority in FOAF
      • Its geo g raphical and subject term thesaurus in SKOS
  • 22. NSZL’s plans
    • Using OAI-ORE for describing compound digial objects in our digital library
    • Using semantic web technologies in showing the FRBR work tree in our LibriVision OPAC
  • 23. Publishing linked data documents to read
    • Cool URIs for the Semantic Web
    • How to Publish Linked Data on the Web
    • Adam’s tutorial: ADLUG 2009, Bilbao
  • 24. Other useful sources
    • The most important Linked Open Data mailing list
      • [email_address]
    • Linking Open Data on the Semantic Web: list of datasets
  • 25. Sources on vocabularies
    • SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization System Reference
    • SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization System Primer
    • SKOS implementation reports
    • SKOS list
      • [email_address]
  • 26. Sources on vocabularies
    • FOAF (Friends Of Friends)
      • FOAF Vocabulary Specification 0.98
    • FRBR
      • Expression of Core FRBR Concepts in RDF
        • http://
    • BIBO (Bibliographic Ontology)
      • Website