How creative is your classroom #mlcon2013

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How you can create and why it is important to make a creative classroom with social media and ICT to meat the 21st century skills.

How you can create and why it is important to make a creative classroom with social media and ICT to meat the 21st century skills.

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  • 1. How creative is Your classroom #mlconf13 @AstridOttenheym December 2013
  • 2. Experience. Inspire. Act We believe in: • Knowledge creation in a challenging work en learning environment • Knowledge creation by collaborating and knowledge sharing • Knowledge creation with technology Our themes • Innovation Education2.0 • Knowledge Management • IT & Social Media • Tablets • Employer2.0 • Blended Learning • Social Networking • Blended Learning • Flipping The Classroom • Personal Learning Networks (PLN)
  • 3. Our partners and clients
  • 4. What is creativity?
  • 5. Is this creativity?
  • 6. THIS?
  • 7. Socrative for toddlers! Who was creative here?
  • 8. The capacity to draw conclusions from existing knowledge and to apply it in situations, generating new ideas, perspectives and products.
  • 9. Why is a creative mind important?
  • 10. Critical thinking Creativity Problem solving responsibility Communication collaboration adaptability Flexibility Information literacy Inquiring attitude ICT literacy Self-control Social media literacy Personal leadership Initiative Ways of thinking Ways of By means of 21st WORKING century SKILLS By means of 21st century tools
  • 11. Decisional mind Resilient Curious mind Independent mind Solution focussed / purposeful mind Moral thinking Collaboration seeking mind Divergent/ convergent thinking State of mind Critical thinking Analytical thinking
  • 12. Not only for new jobs!
  • 13. Social media & ICT tools Holistic perspective Pedagogical knowledge with social Media & ICT How to create a creative classroom? Engaging learning environment
  • 14. Our pedagogy: 6 steps model 1. Activate prior knowledge / sharpen learning question 6. Reflect 5. Validate 2. Select information Learning cycle with social media and ICT Social media Virtueel 4. Present value / Best practising Student as active creative learner Teacher as creative educational designer , coach and validator Feedback Groups questions 3. Learning interaction (Re)tweet reasoning
  • 15. Creative classrooms results 2013: 500 teachers 200 school principals / governors
  • 16. Students as journalists Literacy and writing skills
  • 17. Animatie werkproces maken • Make and share animations • Easy and simple • You have to determine location, background, characters and the story. • Information will become a moving animation. Japan launched a surprise attack in Pearl Harbour at the 7th of December 1941 Describe an event from the second world war: • Make an animation about this event.
  • 18. Digital news agency 21st century skills: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking skills, ICT literacy .
  • 19. FAKEBOOK Learning assignment • Make a Fakebook-profile based on a historic figure • App this to other classmates • Take a look at 2 profiles of other children and post your feedback. • Wednesday we continue with this assignment in the class. Interaction by means of: • I like • Reaction • Reaction on reaction
  • 20. What we do or what we are going to do we publish it on our own page.
  • 21. Learning assignment: • Make a Mind-map about Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs • Share your Mind-map with other children • Give feedback on 2 Mindmaps of other children. • Adjust your Mind-map if necessary. Interaction by means of . Sharing • Reaction • Reaction on reaction
  • 22. Make an instruction video about a math topic.
  • 23. Skype Interview with Jaspers dad, he is a soldier in Afghanistan • Tomorrow we have an interview about Afghanistan with Jasper’s dad • Ask your parents what they know about the situation in Afghanistan. • Which questions would you like to ask Jasper’s dad ? • What have we learned from the interview?
  • 24. My dream: every school a creative school
  • 25. With Kind regards Astrid Ottenheym MLE/ME Senior educational advisor / manager innovation & business development Å mobiel: 06-12178003; tel: 076 5245500 email: @AstridOttenheym