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Social Media: 0-60


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One of Astek's original presentations on using and ramping up social media practices for your business!

One of Astek's original presentations on using and ramping up social media practices for your business!

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 0 - 60 Social Media
  • 2. Viral Growth – Creating the Petri Dish
    Provide value or entertainment
    Funny or Freaky
    Something surprising they couldn’t find out any other way
    Something free (that isn’t normally)
    Make it easy to spread
  • 3. What is Facebook?
    The largest social networking site
    Over 300 Million Users
    Allows users to connect with other members by public and private messages, photos, chat, games, etc.
  • 4. What do my customers do on Facebook?
    Talk about themselves and read about “Friends”
    Change “Status Updates”
    Check the “News Feed”
    Post on “Walls”
    Send “Private Massages”
    Post “Links”
    Post photos and “Tag” their friends in them
  • 5. Take quizzes and surveys
    Watch vides and post them to their profiles
    Create and RSVP to “Events”
    Create and join “Groups”
    What do my customers do on Facebook? Cont.
  • 6. What can I do on Facebook as a company?
    Create a “Page” or Group for a company
    Only people can create a profile
    Post Photos
    Post Status Updates
    Create Events
    Send “Updates”
    Look at statistics of page – “Insights”
  • 7. What can a company NOT do on Facebook?
    Create a profile
    Request to be someone’s friend
    Send a message to someone who is NOT a fan of their page
  • 8. So How Do We Gain Fans?
    Invite your friends and ask them to share your fan page
    This means you need to build up your personal network
    Send an email to your existing customers
    Typically with an incentive to become a fan
    Include a link on your Web site
    Include links from your other social media accounts
    Advertise through Facebook
    Optimize your search options
  • 9. Now What?
    Post a few times a week to a few times a day
    Respond promptly when fans interact with your page
  • 10. What do we post?
    Ideal Facebook posts are items people will interact with:
    Photos – Especially on Events
    Get people talking about you
    When someone else talks about you or interact with your page, all of their friends see what they said.
    Post regular status updates
    Import a blog
    Should be no more than 50% of your content
  • 11. What is Twitter?
    “Microblogging” Service
    140 Character Limit
    More than 6 Million Users
    Web-based but many regular uses Tweet from mobile phone, desktop or some other tool
  • 12. Why do my customers use Twitter?
    To “follow” friends and relatives
    To follow individuals and organizations whom they find interesting/informative/entertaining
    To “tweet” information to their followers
    Very personal
    Of general interest
    Related to their industry
    Related to a specific event or project
  • 13. What do all these new words mean?
    Tweet @ (Tweet “at”)
    # (“Hash” tag)
    Shortening “URL” Services
  • 14. What can I do on Twitter as a company?
    Same thing as a person can
    Twitter may be adding a paid upgrade for companies soon with
    Certified account name
  • 15. How do I gain followers?
    Following others for “follow backs”
    Restrictions for follow numbers
    Finding people worthy of following
    Promote through email
    Promote on Web site and on Social Media
    Get Retweeted – say something worth repeating
    Create a contest with a really good give away
    Tweet @BigNamePerson
  • 16. Now What?
    Ideally you’ll have at least a few Tweets a day
    It’s acceptable for a company to have multiple authors on their Twitter account though they should share a “voice”
    There are tools that can be used to set up many tweets to be posted at a later time
  • 17. What should I Tweet?
    Ideal Twitter content is short and timely
    Current events
    Day-of promotions
    Quick tips
    Links to relevant articles
    Give valuable information
    Share opinions/insights when you share a link
    Avoid importing just a feed of something else
  • 18. Tools
    Twitter Hawk
    Objective Marketer
  • 19. Goldstar Events
    Who: Goldstar sells last-minute discount tickets for theatre, concerts and events.  Profit Model: Ticket processing fees.
    Emails highly targeted by geography, and event type
    Emails and Web site are optimized for sharing on Facebook et al.
    Uses Facebook Connect
  • 20. Goldstar Events - Targeted Emails
  • 21. Goldstar Events - Easy to Share
  • 22. Thrillist
    Who: Thrillist daily emails and corresponding Web site features "your city's finest new food, drinks, gear, travel, and entertainment."  
    Profit Model:  Ads & Purchased "Allied" eBlasts.  $5-$10 Mil estimated annual rev.
    Excellent share-by-email feature
    Easy to use
    Attractive emails
    Witty enough to earn viral sharing
    Uses Facebook to share event photos
  • 23. Craft Magazine
    Who: The Craft Blog features dozens of articles a day about projects, artists and how-to instructions.  
    Profit Model: Advertising and Sales of the related Craft Magazine.
    Twittering craft tips
    More than just broadcasting
    Interacting, reading and responding
    Flicker “Round-Up” of readers work
    Featured in a weekly post
    Readers participate for a chance at wider exposure
    Facebook blog feed
    Allows users to easily share enjoyable articles with their friends.