Behavior Driven Testing - A paradigm shift


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This presentation showcases how BDT as an approach evolved and what are the advantages of implementing the same. It includes one of the case studies to exemplify how Aspire's BDT framework helped a F500 company in successfully implementing BDT.

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Behavior Driven Testing - A paradigm shift

  2. 2. Evolution of Agile Methodologies DSDM Scrum Xtreme Programming Feature Driven Behavior Driven
  3. 3. Focus on technical implementation Long regression cycle Mini-Waterfall Huge defect fixing costs Lack of visibility of what is being tested Maintenance Nightmare Behavior driven Functionality driven BDT : A paradigm shift Focus on behavior of the software Same visibility to all in the Team Removes ambiguity Works towards the big picture – Business value Automate right set of tests More effective testing efforts
  4. 4. BDT Approach Work towards the big picture •Focus on requirements •Identifies the different flows / application behaviors • Easy to understand the scenarios • Much useful for automating multi channel applications • Open Source savvy • Greater ROI • No longer costly to maintain Extension of TDD Agile BDT Improved collaboration between stakeholders Shifting thinking in “tests” to thinking in “behavior” Describes the tests as expected behavior Behavioral specification through user stories
  5. 5. BDT Process Outline Business Analyst writes a formal User Story Run the automated scenarios and fix if any bugs exists Automated tests run as regression tests Tester writes the behaviour driven Cucumber Scenarios based on the user story Scenarios get automated by the QA team User accepts the software (Acceptance & Quality Criteria met) Scenarios get reviewed by the business team Automation engineer writes the step definitions for the scenario steps
  6. 6. Benefits of BDT Helpful for communicating the requirements effectively Mutually understandable structure (test scenarios) between BA, QA and Dev Verified by BAs and testers to make sure of the acceptance criteria Test scenarios reflecting user stories & the business requirements of the application More certainty on what is needed Automated regression suite defined by BAs Effective re-purposing of past scenarios
  7. 7. BDT – Tool Snapshot Ruby .NET Java .NET Groovy All the above tools will enable us to execute the Plain-text functional specifications as automated tests. For UI interactions we can use Selenium web driver / Watir web driver.
  9. 9. Test Automation using BD methodology for a F500 Retail firm A $27 Billion Retail chain in USA. It has about 850 stores around the country. More than 3 years old ongoing engagement with Aspire Functional Testing, Test Automation and Maintenance Onsite Offshore Model
  10. 10. Challenges and Solutions Challenges • No Automation - Long running regression cycles • Lack of visibility on what to test • Outdated test cases • Unable map with requirements (user stories) • Maintenance nightmare Solution • Suggested and implemented BDT • Scenarios developed for each requirements with the right process and collaboration methods • Implemented Test Automation as a strategy and reduced no of bugs and defect leakage • Scenarios updated according to the enhancement / changes in requirement Tools and Technologies • Scripting: Ruby • BDT: Cucumber • UI Automation: Selenium Web Driver (POM) • CI Tool: Jenkins • Code Repo: GIT
  11. 11. Aspire’s BDT Framework AUT Cucumber Reports Jenkins Data Source (YML/DB) GIT Feature Files Build Stage YML Step Definitions
  12. 12. Aspire Difference Before Aspire After Aspire
  13. 13. About Aspire Been in IT Service business for over 15 years Niche Software services provider 60+ active engagements; 1000+ Aspirians Core Competencies: SaaS, Mobile, Test Automation, Infrastructure Management, SOA/BPM, Enterprise Architecture Focus Verticals: Education, Healthcare, Media, Retail and Distribution Gartner listed Product Engineering Provider ISO 9001:2008 certified Awards Ranked among the Top 20 Global R&D Service Providers by Zinnov Consulting Ranked in the top 500 fast growing technology companies in Asia Pacific for 3 years in a row
  14. 14. Testing @ Aspire 3 Average Defect Leakage Ratio that we promise our customers. 4 Fortune 500 customers that we have served and continue to serve in QA 30 Premium Commercial and Open Source Testing Tools that we work on. 100+ Highly skilled Test Automation programmers on Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl , Vbscript and others Exceptionally talented and certified QA resources Applications that we have tested till date. 35000+ 100000+ High severity bugs reported Bugs identified till date
  15. 15. Thank You