Aspenware TechMunch presents: mobile communities of interest


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Mobile is having an enormous impact on individual behavior and the culture at large as people connect and affect change in new ways. In this TechMunch event, speaker Matt Mendrala will help you understand the current state of mobile and how your organization can leverage mobile to engage customers, employees and communities.

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Aspenware TechMunch presents: mobile communities of interest

  1. 1. MobileCommunities ofInterestAspenware TechMunchMatt MendralaMobile Strategy +Architecture
  2. 2. Our users/customers don’tcare about us
  3. 3. It’s NOT about us.It’s ALL about COMMUNITY.
  4. 4. In a digital world, mobile isemerging as the primarymediator of onlinecommunities.!Mobile  
  5. 5. Mobile makes it possiblefor people to connectanytime, anywhere.!
  6. 6. BILLIONS of networked boxesCONNECTING PEOPLE...acrosstime and space...ANYTIME...ALLTHE TIME!
  7. 7. DANGER AHEAD!Image  downloaded  from:  h3p://  
  8. 8. The State of Mobile!
  9. 9. 6 billion people on the planet4.8 billion have a mobile phone4.2 billion own a toothbrush
  10. 10. Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones,1.08 billion (25%) are smartphones3.05 billion (75%) are SMS enabled
  11. 11. By 2014, mobile internetusage should surpassdesktop internet usage
  12. 12. Mobile apps now drive themajority of daily webconsumption90+ minutes versus 72 minutes per daySource: Flurry
  13. 13. 306 billion WWW shares5 billion Tweets102 billion Facebook shares
  14. 14. Downloaded  from:  h3p://­‐and-­‐the-­‐cell-­‐phone-­‐revoluIon.jpeg  
  15. 15. Downloaded  from:  h3p://  
  16. 16. 91% of mobileinternet access isto socialize
  17. 17. 33% of 600 million+ Facebookusers use Facebook Mobile50% of 165 million Twitter usersuse Twitter Mobile200 million+ mobile YouTubeviews per day
  18. 18. Women aged 35-54The most active group in mobilesocialization
  20. 20. A Community of Interestis a community ofpeople who share acommon interest orpassion. ~ Wikipedia!
  21. 21. Communities of Interest are...Transient & OngoingPersonal & AnonymousDiverse & HomogeneousPhysical & VirtualLocal & Global
  22. 22. Communities of Interest!are like...!TRIBESSethGodin
  23. 23. TribeA group of PEOPLEconnected to one another,connected to a LEADER,and connected to an IDEA
  25. 25. !!!Partisans!!!!
  26. 26. To lead a tribe...!• Take positions!• Connect with your tribe!• Help the tribe connect toitself!• Turn casual fans into truefans!
  27. 27. Tribal CommunicationLeader to tribe ✔Tribe to leader ✔Tribe member to tribe member ✔Tribe member to outsider ✔
  28. 28. #FF!
  29. 29. The Power of Positive Deviance“In every community there are certainindividuals or groups whose uncommonbehaviors and strategies enable them to findbetter solutions to problems than their peers,while having access to the same resources andfacing similar or worse challenges.”  
  30. 30. There’s an app for that!!
  31. 31. “Tribes are the most effectivemedia channels ever, but they’renot for sale or for rent. Tribesdon’t do what you want; they dowhat they want. Which is whyjoining and leading a tribe issuch a powerful marketinginvestment.” ~ Seth Godin !
  32. 32. Going Deep!
  33. 33. Who are these people?!
  34. 34. Michael Wesch (2008 U.S. Professor of theYear) is a cultural anthropologist exploringthe effects of new media on society andculture.Check him out at michaelwesch.comTHIS GUY KNOWS!
  35. 35. New Media is enabling...
!New forms of EXPRESSION!New forms of COMMUNITY!New forms of IDENTITY!
  36. 36. Is there anybodyout there?!
  37. 37. “Connecting through thedisconnection”!
  38. 38. bnessel1973 My YouTube StoryWow I want to just say you areamazing for sharing that. I haveknown for quite a while that youtubeis a special website but this just goesto show that nobody can anticipatethe impact this one website can haveon lives. Thank you for sharing.
  39. 39. “Can you see them?Understand them? Askthem about what its liketo be them? Would youmiss them if they weregone?” ~ Seth Godin !
  40. 40. “Before you can inspire withemotion, you must be swampedwith it yourself. Before you canmove their tears, your own mustflow. To convince them, youmust yourself believe.” !~ Winston Churchill!
  41. 41. MobileSOCIAL GOOD
  42. 42. Think  of  us  as  an  online  space  where  you  can  connect,  share  news,  and  receive  support.  It’s  your  very  own  health  social  network,  coming  together  on  your  personalized  website.  And  thanks  to  those  who  donate,  we  are  available  24/7  to  anyone,  anywhere,  at  no  cost.  
  43. 43. There’s an app for that!!
  44. 44. GoodGuide  Find  Green  The  Extraordinaries   Give  Work  Causeworld  mGive  Frontline  SMS  SnapImpact   Ushahidi  MobileRice  
  45. 45. 5 THINGS
  46. 46. #1Get to know the peoplein the communities weserve by participating inthose communities
  47. 47. #2Lead by communicatinga vision and connectingfollowers to the visionand one another
  48. 48. #3Make it ridiculouslyeasy for people to joinand participate incommunities of interest
  49. 49. #4Meet people wherethey are
  50. 50. #5Amplify PositiveDeviance
  51. 51. FINAL WORDS
  52. 52. “People want to be part ofsomething larger than themselves.They want to be part of somethingthey’re really proud of, that they’llfight for, sacrifice for, that theytrust.” !~ Howard Schultz, Starbucks!
  53. 53. “Never doubt that a small groupof committed people can changethe world. Indeed it is the onlything that ever has.” !~ Margaret Mead!
  54. 54. MobileCommunities ofInterestAspenware TechMunchMatt MendralaMobile Strategy +Architecture
  55. 55. blank!