Jan Bondy´s Presentation


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F(o)unding Culture - Experience of Central Europe and the United States.
May 22, 2013 in New York City, USA.

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Jan Bondy´s Presentation

  1. 1. Public DiplomacyMinistry of Foreign Affairsof the Czech RepublicJan Bondy
  2. 2. Funding of Public Diplomacy ProjectsFunds allocated to Czech Embassies in 2009 - 20132009(including Czech EUPresidency)2010 2011 2012 201339.69 million 11.13 million 10.06 million 8 million 8 million39.6911.13 10.068 80510152025303540452009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  3. 3. Public Diplomacy - Conferences“Culture and Diplomacy” Conference (April 2012)The Czernin Palace hosted an opening session of a series ofinternational conferences Culture Plus which aims to explore theimportance of culture in other fields, i.e. the issues such as therelation between culture and economy, culture and media or culturevis-à-vis diplomacy and politics. The opening session broughttogether panellists from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria andDenmark, currently presiding the EU, as well as the president of theEUNIC global network and members of the “More Europe” initiative.
  4. 4. Public Diplomacy - Conferences“Twenty Years of Independent Czech and Slovak Diplomacies”Conference (February 2013)The Czernin Palace hosted a conference on the division of theCzechoslovak foreign service, with the participation of the currentforeign ministers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and manydistinguished guests from abroad. Through their personalrecollections, the ministers and ambassadors also addressed the topicof further development of the two independentdiplomacies, as well as the issue of the EU and NATO accession ofboth countries.
  5. 5. Public Diplomacy – Selected Conferences in 2012Prague European Energy Forum (February 2012)The Prague Agenda conference (April 2012)East–West Business Forum (September 2012)Czech Statehood Days (September 2012)The EU Enlargement conference (October 2012)Conference Non-conventional sources of natural gass, (1/24), Conference Czech-Slovenianrelations in 20th century (2/14), Conference Energy security in Central and Eastern Europe(2/20), Conference Commencement of European year of active aging and inter-generational solidarity (3/1), Francofonia competition accompanied by an exhibition(3/20), Prague Transatlantic Talks 2012 (4/18), Conference 20 years after the dissolution ofYugoslavia (5/3, Prague Journalist Forum (5/9-11/5), Round Table Quo vadis Ukraine(5/24), Conference What to expect from the Cypriot EU Presidency (18.6.), ConferenceCzech-German Relations - 20 years from signing (10/5), Meeting of Barmese andBelorussian activists (10/24-10/25), Conference Visegrad 4 and Germany (11/13-11/14), EBRD Conference (11/14)
  6. 6. Public Diplomacy – Czech-German Relations“Twenty Years From Signing“ conference (5 October 2012)The conference was held to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of thesigning of the Czech-German Agreement on Neighbourliness and FriendlyCooperation. It was dedicated to the history of relations between the twonations and to possible prospects for their future development. A specialattention was paid to the status of the German minority in the Czech countries.“Visegrad Group and Germany“ (13-14 November 2012)The aim of the conference was to outline new possibilities of cooperationbetween the V4 countries and Germany, especially in the field of economics andenergy industry.The German foreign minister GuidoWesterwelle visiting the CzechRepublic, 6 March 2012
  7. 7. Public events in the Czernin gardens to highlightimportant foreign policy issues and anniversariesTen Years After the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in New York andWashington (11 September 2011)- Concert of the Plastic People of the Universe music band- Exhibition of Jan Šibík photographs and “Beating Heroes!” sculpture ofAntonín Kašpar, “Logar Reconstruction”- Events were organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense andthe Military History Institute, Czech Centres Prague and the AmericanCenter
  8. 8. Public events in the Czernin gardens to highlightimportant foreign policy issues and anniversariesThe 67th Anniversary of the End of the World War II (8 May2012)- Concert of Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers- Exhibition of war-period posters, photographs and militaryequipment- Event was organized in cooperation with the Military HistoryInstitute and Czech Centres Prague
  9. 9. Public events in the Czernin gardens to highlightimportant foreign policy issues and anniversariesEvening dedicated to the refugee and social integrationissue (September 2012)- Concert of the AllStar Refjúdží Band- The event featured an exhibition “We are from the same planet” of thephotographer Jindřich Štreit and the journalist MartinaVašíčková, documenting the lives of people born hundreds of miles away, whodecided to stay in the Czech Republic.- It was organized in cooperation with the Czech Centres Prague, CaritasCzech Republic and the Archa Theatre.
  10. 10. Public Diplomacy - Other Public EventsOpen Doors Day 2012On 8 May and 23 September 2012, the Czernin Palace, the largestbaroque building of the kind and the seat of the Ministry of ForeignAffairs of the Czech Republic, opened its doors to the general public.More than 7,000 visitors came to see the state rooms, Masaryk’sapartment and the palace gardens.
  11. 11. Public events in the Czernin gardens to highlightimportant foreign policy issues and anniversariesCelebrations of Croatia’s entry to the European Union (8 May 2013)- Concert of the Kampanel band from Croatia and Čechomorband- Accompanying exhibitions “Magic Croatia”, “Moravian Croats”, “EuropeWithout Barriers”, an information stall offering Croatian specialties- Organized in cooperation with the Embassy of Croatia in the CzechRepublic, the European Commission Representation in the CzechRepublic and the Association of Croatian nationals in the Czech Republic
  12. 12. Public Diplomacy – Gratias Agit AwardGratias Agit Award of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of theCzech Republic“Gratias Agit” is awarded annually by the Czech foreign minister to outstandingpersonalities or organizations for the promotion of the good name of theCzech Republic abroad.-Twelve laureates received the Award in 2012.- The award is a crystal carving in the shape of a globe, a diploma and acommemorative badge.
  13. 13. Public Diplomacy – Diplomatic SalonsDiscussions with students on foreign policy issuesThe 1st Diplomatic Salon (October 2012)- attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr KarelSchwarzenberg- debates on the situation in “high-risk” territories(Afghanistan, Syria and Iran), on human rights issues (Burma andRussia) and on the economic foreign policy making-The 2nd Diplomatic Salon (November 2012)- dedicated to the topic of “the Czech Republic’s EconomicDiplomacy”
  14. 14. Public Diplomacy - ExhibitionsThe 800th Anniversary ofthe Golden Bull of Sicily- 26 October 2012- 5 Czech-English paneldiscussions- organized in cooperationwith the National Archives
  15. 15. Public Diplomacy - ExhibitionsFranz Kafka- 8 panel discussions- exhibition dedicated to the lifeand work of the writer- in English, Czech and German- organized in cooperation withthe Franz Kafka Society
  16. 16. Public Diplomacy – ExhibitionsTwenty Years of the CzechRepublic- 14 panel discussions- Featuring topics from theCzechhistory, science, economics, culture, art and sports- in English, Spanish andRussian- organized in cooperation withthe National Museum/theMuseum of History
  17. 17. Public Diplomacy - ExhibitionsList of all exhibitions in Czechwww.mzv.cz -> Zahraniční vztahy -> Veřejná diplomacie ->Kultura v ČR -> výstavy -> Přílohy – Plán putovních výstavOVD 2012
  18. 18. PowerPoint Presentation “Welcome to the CzechRepublic” in EN, GE, SP, FR, RU and Chinese
  19. 19. PowerPoint presentation “Welcome to the CzechRepublic” inEnglish, German, Spanish, French, Russian andChinesewww.mzv.cz -> o ministerstvu -> prezentace ČR ->Česká republika – powerpointová prezentace
  20. 20. New publications for the use of diplomatic missionsPrague Historical(in two trilingual versions, English-Russian-Spanish and English-German-French)Prague – The Golden City(English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese)
  21. 21. New publications for the use of diplomatic missionsTraditional Czech Cuisine(inEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian)
  22. 22. Presentation and gift items in the uniform visualstyle – 2011
  23. 23. New presentation and gift items in the uniformvisual style – 2012
  24. 24. Public Diplomacy Department’s other rolesOur role vis-à-vis agreements on the legal status of theCzech Centres abroad and foreign cultural institutes inthe Czech RepublicThe Public Diplomacy Department is currently responsible foradministration of agreements on the legal status of the CzechCentres abroad. It is also in charge of agreements on the legalstatus of foreign cultural institutes in the Czech Republic. Itcooperates closely with the International Law Department, theDiplomatic Protocol, the relevant country desk and the relevantdiplomatic mission, and the Czech Centres.
  25. 25. Public Diplomacy Yearbooks in Czech - 2011 & 2012www.mzv.cz–> zahraniční vztahy–> veřejná diplomacie–> ke stažení–> „Veřejná diplomacie2011“a–> „Veřejnádiplomacie 2012“
  26. 26. Public Diplomacy Yearbook 2011 & 2012
  27. 27. Public Diplomacy in the Czech Republic
  28. 28. Important Anniversaries in 20131150 years - 5 July 863, the arrival of Saints Cyril andMethodius to Moravia650 years - 15 June 1363, Wenceslaus IV became the Kingof Bohemia150 years - 9 March 1863, the foundation of “Uměleckábeseda”, the first Czech artists’ association130 years - 30 April 1883, the birth of Jaroslav Hašek (3January 1923, 90 years from his death)130 years - 3 July 1883, the birth of Franz Kafka100 years - 1 April 1913, the foundation of the JedličkaInstitute100 years - 20 April 1913, the birth of Jan AnastasiusOpasek20 years - 1 January 1993, the formation of the CzechRepublic
  29. 29. Thank you for your attention