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Building Shopper Confidence for Increased Conversions and Profit - Jeff Grass, buySAFE
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Building Shopper Confidence for Increased Conversions and Profit - Jeff Grass, buySAFE



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Building Shopper Confidence for Increased Conversions and Profit
    Jeff Grass, CEO, buySAFE, Inc.
    In partnership with…
  • 2. Website Conversion -Only 2 or 3 in every 100 website visitors complete checkout
  • 3. “64% of identity theft originates online”
    eCommerce merchant non-performance = 61% of all complaints
    What Causes Consumer Uncertainty?
    Three Big Concerns…
    Security of personal information / ID Theft
    Merchant reliability & performance
    45% of shoppers view price as most important
    BizRate Research
    Getting the best price
  • 4. A large majority of online shoppers are concerned about both information security & merchant reliability
    “Indicate your concern when shopping on a website you are not familiar with” *
    And when shoppers feel concerned, they don’t buy
    Lower sales
    Lower profits
    * Internet Shopper Survey, August 2009, 959 respondents
  • 5. The evidence is overwhelming
    Information Security
    • 1 in every 30 Americans each year is a victim of identity theft, the largest and fastest growing type of fraud in America - FTC
    • 6. 75% of U.S. Internet users don’t like giving out personal information over the Internet - The Pew Internet Project
    • 7. 83% of online users worry about their identity being stolen from an online purchase - VeriSign
    Merchant Reliability
    • ~60% of all online crime complaints received are for issues of merchant non-performance - The Internet Crime Complaint Center and the FBI
    • 8. 73% of consumers say shopping is riskier online than offline – CyberSource
    • 9. 85% of consumers state that trusting the (web) site is most important – VeriSign
    • 10. 92% of shoppers have concerns when shopping on a new and unknown website - McAfee Secure
    • 11. 99% of customers surveyed would either scale back or terminate relationships with companies that fail at building customer trust - Chief Marketing Officer Council
  • Eliminating uncertainty provides significant revenue gains
    If just 1 more shopper in every 1,000 feels confident and buys…
  • 12. And the profit impact is even more substantial
    If just 1 more shopper in every 1,000 feels confident and buys…
  • 13. Shoppers feel confident when they are both Assured there won’t be a problem and Guaranteed if a problem does happen
    Merchant Reliability
    Information Security
    (ID Theft)
  • 14. Ways to Increase Shopper Confidence
    Reassure & Guarantee Merchant Performance
    The basics:
    Professional website design/usability
    Look like a real business: About Company page with real world address
    Be accessible: telephone number and/or live chat support
    Clear return policies and assurances of reliability
    Customer testimonials, ratings, comments
    Utilize a credible 3rd party signal and guarantee of merchant performance (buySAFE)
    Reassure & Guarantee Information Security
    Demonstrate use of good site security:
    SSL certificate, “https”. EVSSL = green bar in browser
    Website security validation (3rd party validation - McAfee, VeriSign)
    Visible privacy & security policy (3rd party certification – TRUSTe)
    Payment options that limit access to personal info (e.g. PayPal, Google Checkout)
    Provide protection for information security/ID theft issues (buySAFE)
    Reassure & Guarantee Best Price
    Lowest price guarantee (vs. other stores vs. same stores)
    Your own vs. 3rd party
  • 15. buySAFE eliminates consumer uncertainty via a unique customer confidence & website conversion solution
    How buySAFE works
    Merchants are certified and endorsed by a respected 3rd party
    buySAFE conversion graphics are displayed
    Endorsement of merchant reliability, stability & good performance
    Eliminates any uncertainty
    Shoppers receive broad 3-in-1 Guarantee
    Purchase guarantee covering all terms of sales, including authenticity
    Identity protection for 30 days, for any reason
    Lowest price guarantee for 30 days
    Everyone wins
    Consumers receive added peace of mind
    Merchants enjoy higher website conversion, sales & profitability
    buySAFE Guaranteed
  • 16. Home Page
    Shopping Cart
    A comprehensive brand building and consumer confidence solution from start to purchase
    3-in-1 Certificate of Guarantee Email
    Purchase Confirmation Page
  • 17. Another perspective on increasing conversions through checkout…
    Alaa Hassan, General Manager
  • 18. Questions?
    … and Thank You!
    Jeff Grass, CEO, buySAFE
    703-778-4445 x102
  • 19. buySAFE provides significant value for many of the biggest online merchants
    buySAFE is now used by over 4,000 merchants, including many of the Top 1000 Internet Retailers
  • 20. The kind of feedback merchants receive from their buyers
    Public company
    $150M+/yr sales
    IR Top 500 #125
  • 21. buySAFE Quick Summary
    • buySAFE provides internet merchants a unique brand building and website conversion solution
    • 22. Increases buyer peace of mind, brand loyalty and merchant economics
    • 23. Increased customer satisfaction
    • 24. 5-15% increase in conversion and sales
    • 25. 14% average increase in repeat buyers
    • 26. Used by over 4,000 merchants, including almost 10% of the Top 1000 Internet Retailers
    • 27. Easy to try
    • 28. ~30 minute implementation
    • 29. No long term contracts, cancel at any time