4g future warrior


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4g technology in army

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4g future warrior

  1. 1. ARUNAI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING K.ASKER SHAGESCONE FINAL YEAR kasker91@ymail.com Information technology M.VENKATESAN vencutesan@gmail.com
  2. 2. • 4G (4th Generation) is the technology that is going to drive a soldier in the field in future by the means of 4G FUTURE WARRIOR • The key to empowering the on the platform of fixed networks, Advanced antennae technologies and More advanced wireless security technologies. • Our system provides a enhanced power of vision, which provides Ground Guidance, Unit Detection, Soldier Status, Target Hand-Off and provides the Soldier Rescue during the battle. • The uniform along with the armor, onboard computer which will monitor soldiers' overall physiological and psychological picture .
  3. 3. • The Future Warrior will be a responsive and formidable member of an invincible battle space team • The new systems include a weapon, head-to-toe individual protection, onboard computer network, soldier-worn power sources, and enhanced human performance • This technology adopts Wireless technology
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY • Figure 1 : Battle field forces without any fixed infrastructure
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY • The key technology supporting these initiatives is ad hoc peer-to-peer wireless networking (ad hoc p2p) • Ad hoc networking provides a self-organizing and self-healing network structure. • Multi-hop routing terminals act as routers and relays for each other, and extend the range and coverage of communications
  6. 6. THE BASIC DESIGN • Deploy-ability with little or no fixed-infrastructure • Deo-location well beyond the limitations of GPS • Security • Anti-jamming robustness • End-to-end IP
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY Self-healing and routing of traffic around downed links
  8. 8. 4G ON THE BATTLEFIELD • All of the battlefield network devices form, heal, and update the network as users come and go. • The network resources are better utilized because networks are self-balancing. • The 4G battlefield will be entirely mobile, with satellites or other. • This technology could function as a (PAN), (LAN), or (WAN), simultaneously.
  9. 9. POWER OF VISION • Unit Detection •Ground Guidance
  10. 10. POWER OF VISION •Soldier Rescue •Soldier Rescue
  11. 11. • The uniform system of the Future Warrior is been designed with more advanced nanotechnology • Fabric are impregnated with nanomachines that create the same weight, lift and feel as a muscle. . • The uniform from the waist down will have a robotic-powered system that is connected directly to the soldier. • A respirator tube that attaches to the back of the helmet and connects to a low-profile air purifier that forces cool air into the helmet
  12. 12. A flexible display on the forearm connected into a compact computer will monitor soldiers' overall physiological and psychological status Monitor held in Hand Monitoring system
  13. 13. CONCLUSION • Here we have used the next technology of mobile technology- 4G for creating a fool proof system that can be used at any place by a military force in the future. This system can be used to provide intelligent communication cum detection system using which every soldier can be virtually connected to a network that will be monitored by a mobile unit.
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