Retail sales support team


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Retail sales support team

  1. 1. Retail Sales Support Team Gallery Support Product Placement & Gallery merchandising Strategic Sales Planning Stock Management Events Castle Galleries website
  2. 2. Retail Sales Support Team |Gallery Support  Acting as a primary point of contact to designated galleries for customer service queries  Each member of the team provides support to a portfolio of galleries  A regular point of contact who knows your gallery & with whom you can develop a rapport …….you know who to call for assistance!  Your contact for limited edition & original art stock , availability & sales enquiries.  Helping to source any artwork you’re looking for. Where we cannot find the artwork you need, we will add the request to a central waiting list.  Assisting with the communication of the monthly ‘activities’ documents and other important communications (i.e. gallery updates etc.)  Promoting new releases and central sales promotions through telephone & e-mail contact. Ensuring that your gallery has received our latest communications and you are aware of any sales opportunities we have provided to you.  Collating sales information to galleries & ASM’s. If you want to know what’s selling in your gallery or across the business we can help!  Going the Extra Mile to help you exceed your gallery target
  3. 3. Retail Sales Support Team |Product Placement & Gallery Merchandising  Helping you merchandise your gallery effectively  Continually monitoring your gallery sales & stock levels.  Looking at each gallery as a stand alone retail gallery with specific individual requirements, dynamics, needs and customers - Considering sales, location, size, people, customers, banding, capacity  Sending out a companywide, area or gallery specific ‘hot’ list. What are the must have editions for your gallery or brand new originals you need for your best clients!  Finding the right blend of artists for each gallery & suggesting appropriate stock  Reviewing your daily sales & advising on suggested limited edition reorders where needed (please ensure you send your DFE to your designated account contact)  Helping to ensure each gallery has the right mix of limited edition & original artwork. If you need a limited edition for stock, a client view or a juicy original we can help so please call! If needed will arrange transfer from another gallery.  Compiling & communicating display allocations of newly released artwork  Liaising closely with the Original Art team to distribute new original artwork to galleries at the optimum stock level
  4. 4. Retail Sales Support Team | Sales .....Sales Support & centralised communications to assist you plan your sales strategy  Looking at gallery specific and companywide sales trends.  Analysing sales and stock levels across galleries & company wide sales trends…..  Area & individual gallery sales data via our ‘pivot table’ reports – sales by artist, title, medium, like for like analysis…..  Producing the overall strategic sales plan - i.e. what’s coming out when / have we go sufficient art to sell to hit target?  Plan the dispatch & launch timings of new limited edition releases  Providing additional sales opportunities & promotions….especially at the end of the month to help you hit target!  Producing & communicating the monthly ‘gallery activities’ document …….now on our new Intranet!  Sending weekly / fortnightly ‘gallery update’ e-mails
  5. 5. Retail Sales Support Team | Stock Management ......Helping you get the right art in your gallery & on display  Find the overall stocking position to support sales and minimise residual stock  Companywide & gallery specific stock analysis (gallery capacity reports)  Empowering galleries to take responsibility for the management of their stock  Weekly communication of selling priorities  Gallery compliance of CG Display policy and selling priorities - Use of selling priorities to maximise sales & exposure of best selling titles - Manage stock levels  Retaining the best selling limited editions on display (Green)  Selling of display stock where identified to avoid manufacture of new stock (Red)  Weekly excess stock requests from galleries  Close liaison with ASM’s, Gallery managers & Sales Support team  Suggested & Optional re-stocks for galleries
  6. 6. Retail Sales Support Team | Gallery Events  Working with Sales Support Event Manager, marketing, ASM’s & Gallery managers to assist in event planning  Using gallery sales information to assist with allocation of events – finding the best event programme for each gallery.  Advising on most appropriate limited edition stock to be included in gallery events, exhibitions and shows.  Ensuring physical stock is available for the event  Planning the delivery of limited edition imagery into galleries at the required time to support gallery events  Feedback of sales from events to be considered for future publishing & marketing activities
  7. 7. Retail Sales Support Team | Castle Galleries website  Responsible for the New Castle Galleries E-commerce website  Processing e-commerce sales onto CG.Net  Dealing with customer service calls / e-mails  Contacting clients regarding dispatch of their order  Responding to web enquiries  Updating website availability  Content management - Launch of new ‘rare print’ section this month - Originals offering coming soon  86% of sales taken to date have been from first time buyers  45,000 visits per month!  Objective to increase on-line presence / sales & to drive new customers into galleries
  8. 8. Meet the Team James Shepherd | Manager Bruton Street, ICC & Cardiff  I’ve worked at Washington Green since 2003 (1o years this Autumn!)  Joined WG working for the internal trade sales & customer service team.  Responsible for WG trade business from 2008 – 2010  Started working for retail side of the business summer 2010  Set up the new ‘Retail Support Team’ in summer of 2012
  9. 9. Meet the Team Emma Marshall | London & South East Royal Exchange, Canary Wharf, Kingston, Guildford (Forest), Bluewater, Brighton, Reading, Windsor, SCP (London), SMS (London), CGN (London)  Emma has moved across from our ‘Sales Support Team’ and will be supporting our ‘London & South East’ galleries  Emma first joined the business in 2009  Having also worked in the previous retail support team Emma possesses exceptional customer service skills, a ‘can do’ attitude & will always go out of her way to help.
  10. 10. Meet the Team Amanda Pullin | North & Scotland Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Harrogate, York, Meadowhall, Nottingham, Chester, Trafford, Manchester, Solihull & Wolves  Amanda joined Castle Galleries in 2010 and after a short stint in our Telford gallery moved to the Mailbox where she excelled.  Amanda joined the team from our Mailbox gallery and has now been with the team for 7 months  Amanda has made an exceptional start to her new role. Her sales tenacity and ability to see things from a gallery perspective will be major asset to her galleries
  11. 11. Meet the Team Marie Hutton | Midlands & South West Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Milton Keynes Cambridge, Norwich, Leamington, Stratford, Exeter  Marie has joined the team last month having also previously worked at the Mailbox Gallery.  Marie’s appointment is part of our strategy to increase the centralised support provided to galleries enabling the team to work closely with each gallery on a day to day basis  Marie first joined Castle in 2008 working in our Solihull Gallery before moving to our Touchwood store (also in Solihull)  She moved to the Mailbox in Spring of 2009 where she worked alongside, developing her sales skills and product knowledge with one of our best sales people - Jonny Stokes.  Marie has exceptional communciation skills. Her experience, bredth of product knowledge and understanding of Castle practices will make her a huge assest to the galleries she supports.
  12. 12. Meet the Team Rob Bird | Events Manager  Rob Bird has recently joined the team as cover for Abby Marchington who is now on maternity leave (and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Jacob Thomas who is now 11 weeks old and doing well!)  Rob will be known to some of you as our Northern ASM a post he has been in for the last 3 years  Rob previously ran his own gallery business in Spain and originally joined Castle Galleries in a event management capacity  Rob brings experience, structure and vision to the role. He aims to strengthen our event programme and the support we provide over the coming months.  Our objective will be to get more upstream with our event planning and review some of our event processes.  Our target to increase sales delivered across gallery events