Tattoo lettering design
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Tattoo lettering design



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Online Website for All your Tattoo Concerns



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Tattoo lettering design Tattoo lettering design Document Transcript

  • This Article is Brought To You By: My Custom Tattoo Visit our Website For More Tattoo DesignsLettering and Word Tattoo Designs And IdeasIncluding lettering and writing with a tattoo can be a great way to really make a tattoodesign pop out and make it unique and original. However, you have to choose the tattoolettering style very carefully. Written or lettering only tattoos can also make very uniquetattoos and impact design. If you are thinking about including lettering in your tattoodesign in any way then you will want to read this article. By the end of the article you willhave some ideas to start working on your own letter tattoo design.If you are thinking about combining your tattoo with a design then you have to planahead and carefully choose what you want to write and the style of font hat you want touse. For example an Irish shamrock tattoo is probably not going to look good with aphrase written in Sanskrit below it. It would look much better if that was written in an oldEnglish script or Celtic font. So the first thing you want to consider is if you have or aregetting an image tattoo and it will be combined with writing then you will want to makesure the design and style of the two match. A large Japanese Koi fish tattoo will look greatwith some Kanji writing alongside of it but would look horrible with some form of anelvish looking script from the Lord Of The Rings movie for example. So plan ahead andmatch the font and style of writing with the type of image you are getting.Foreign WritingIn recent years many written tattoo designs have incorporated a foreign script. This is aneasy way to add a little mystic to the overall tattoo design and make it look foreign andspecial all at one time. Adding a foreign script is a great option. However, care should betaken when doing this also. You want to really make sure that the designs says exactlywhat you think it does. In all honestly there are some unfortunate situations where apersons gets a tattoo design of for example a Japanese Kanji design but hen latter find out itmeans something totally different then they thought. Dont get stuck with this. Instead This Article is Brought To You By: My Custom Tattoo Visit our Website For More Tattoo Designs
  • This Article is Brought To You By: My Custom Tattoo Visit our Website For More Tattoo Designsplan ahead and make sure you check your design with a native speaker of the language tomake sure it translates to what you want to say.Letter Only TattoosLettering only tattoos are also very popular. If you dont really want a design with yourtattoo and just have a word or a phrase that can make a wonderful tattoo design also. A lotof people these days are choosing a lettering only tattoo design. People often get importantdates tattooed on themselves. Maybe an important line from a poem or a quote that isimportant. For example maybe just the words Carpe Diem which means live for todaymight make a great reminder to you to live life ot its fullest. Find what is important to youand then find some way to remind yourself of the importance of that through somewriting.Ambigram TattoosAnother popular tattoo that is pretty new to the scene are ambigram tattoos. THese aretattoos of words that can be read in two directions. Often if it is only a one wordambigram the word can be read upside down or right side up. However, really advancedlettering artists can make two word ambigrams. These are when two words are placedtogheter in such a way that there is one word going from left to right and then anotherword when read from right to left. These are gaining quickly in popularity and you canfind amibgram writing resoruces and designs online.If you are choosing a written only or lettering with your tattoo design just make sure youtake time to incorporate the design and the lettering style. Lettering with a tattoo canreally help make the tattoo stand out and be unique. The above listed ideas are just a fewoptions but really it will be your tattoo so take some time and plan what you want. This Article is Brought To You By: My Custom Tattoo Visit our Website For More Tattoo Designs