Flight trials of the SBAS - Offshore Approach Procedure


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Presentation at ENC2011, London, November 2011
Presenter: Steve Leighton of Helios
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Flight trials of the SBAS - Offshore Approach Procedure

  1. 1. Airports Flight trials of the SBAS Offshore Approach Procedure ENC 2011 Tower Hill, London Air Traffic Management Space Telecoms Maritime Rail www.askhelios.com
  2. 2. Contents • • Trials objectives • The trials • Results • The way forward • 1 The SOAP concept Conclusions
  3. 3. The SOAP concept The SBAS Offshore Approach Procedure has been developed to improve safety in offshore instrument approaches Horizontal Profile Rig Offset distance, 0.25NM MDR, 0.5NM min FAF 30° MAP IAF Initial Approach Segment Missed Approach Segment Final Approach Segment Arrival Segment Vertical Profile FAF MAP MDH, min 200ft, 300ft during darkness 0.75NM Level segment IAF 4° or 6° 50ft MSA, 1500ft Deck height 2 NM 2
  4. 4. The SOAP concept Previous studies, simulations and trials have all pointed to the benefits and viability of the concept 3
  5. 5. Trials objectives The concept has been matured sufficiently for it to be taken to flight trials Trial Objectives • Validate the performance of SOAP as being consistent with simulator results • Expose the concept to a range of line pilots beyond just company test pilots and elicit feedback January flight trials November flight trials • • 4 Trial a range of guidance modes for manual flight and ascertain which are most appropriate Test the performance of SOAP when integrated with new helideck lighting systems 2012 flight trials
  6. 6. Flight trials Two (of three) sets of flight trials from Aberdeen have been completed • Just over 14 hours of flying • Approx. 20 approaches flown • Approaches to Beatrice B platform in Moray Firth • Guidance modes included: • Raw Guidance • Flight director • “Tunnels in the sky” • 5 Display of AIS contacts tested overflying Aberdeen Harbour
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  12. 12. Results The initial results are promising with a number of areas for further investigation being identified • Peaks in vertical FTE indicated need for pre-emption • Now addressed • • 11 Accuracy of track keeping improved with each approach Some issues related to how the approach is flown Trial 1 - Vertical FTE
  13. 13. Results 12
  14. 14. Results 13
  15. 15. Results 14
  16. 16. Results 15
  17. 17. Results The flight crew have provided a range of feedback for further development of the concept • AIS (ship) information was considered to be particularly useful • Strong view that the solution should be flown autopilot coupled • Some concerns about workload when flown manually • Use of aircraft upper modes • ILS-like tolerance possibly too constraining • 16 ‘Tunnels in the sky’ display considered intuitive, with a few areas for improvement identified
  18. 18. The way forward The work to advance the SOAP concept is on-going… • Additional flying already planned to trial SOAP approaches to helidecks equipped with CAAs new lighting standard • Further refine the concept for edge cases: • Approaches to moving helidecks • Curved missed approaches with obstacle clearance • Development of new RNAV based concept for intra-field shuttling in poor visibility • Simulator development planned to interface directly to REAP box • Rapid prototyping and flying of new concepts 17
  19. 19. Conclusions In conclusion… • • The concept is performing as anticipated and feedback has been positive • There are some issues wrapped up with how the flight crew train for, and fly the aircraft when autopilot coupling is not available • 18 The viability of the SOAP concept has been demonstrated through flight trials with a range of pilots Further activities are already planned to finalise and then extend the concept
  20. 20. Airports Air Traffic Management Any questions? Steve Leighton steve.leighton@askhelios.com Space Telecoms Maritime Rail www.askhelios.com
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