Library council Meeting Nov 2 2012


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  • Accreditation standards are vague. I would summarize what the individual statements mean but that’s actually agenda item 2. We as a college, as a council get to decide what these standards mean and how we measure that we are meeting the standard. We have templates to flesh out what we think about the library standards and how we meet those standards. HANDOUT STANDARDS.
  • While we do get to decide how we are going to address the standards, do have to frame our response within the College’s mission and core themes.
  • The college’s mission is simple.
  • There are four core themes for Bates. These were developed by a large number of people throughout the college. For each Theme, there are 3 goals, for each goal there are several indictators or targets that we are trying to meet. HANDOUT CORE THEMES
  • So you have mission, core themes, accreditation standards in front of you. To help get us all on the same page of what is important for the Library to measure, I’d like to talk briefly about the Library at Bates. Who we serve, what we do and what we would like to do.
  • I emailed the library staff about two weeks ago and said what do we do now and what do we want to do? The following slides are a result of this informal poll.
  • Info lit - to career training, Gen Ed. Ranging from how to use email and ms office products to how to select a database, conduct a search and how to use that information in an ethical manner. Research/ref. - questions ranging from quick answers to multiday research questions that arrive in person, by phone, by email, walking around campus, social networking sites and through chat reference. Collection dev – Sue and I order materials, Kathy processes them and all of us do check out/check in, shelving, and other circulation type activities. Outreach/Marketing – In both formal and informal ways, we try to …
  • 5-7 years is relevant to today’s activities because in the next 10 months we are going to pretend to go through 4 years of the accreditation cycle and write a 3 year plan for the next accreditation cycle.
  • Increased relevant use by Career Training programs (Information Literacy) Increase relevant use by Administration (Research/Reference services) Appropriate level of electronic resources for students (eBooks, audiobooks for CT, Gen Ed and leisure reading, online guides, web resources, handouts) AND easier off campus authentication for databases. Improved communication with faculty and departments …in order to provide focused and appropriate outreach Increased library presence –
  • Increased staffing – the simple answer is a part time PTE 1 to cover the busiest times of day. Pie in the sky – three full time staff at each library (1 librarian, 1 mid- high level PTE, 1 low level PTE). Increased hours - swing shift, some saturdays at south.
  • DC Facilities: More group study rooms (noise is an issue) Upgraded Lab classroom Upgraded main computer area Fresh paint Fresh carpet Non-scary chairs Continued and expanded partnerships with college departments – ASG, diversity,
  • Determine baselines and set quarterly goals. Decide on actions and prioritze tasks Review drafts of targets with no action required.
  • Library council Meeting Nov 2 2012

    1. 1. Today’s Agenda1. Establish membership. 1. Council is representative of college? 2. Elect Chair2. Review and revise templates.3. Set targets based on the template. 1. Determine baselines for each target. 2. Determine quarterly goals for each target.4. Set date for next meeting.
    2. 2. Bates MissionTo inspire, challenge and educate.
    3. 3. Core Themes1. Workforce Education2. Student Centered3. General Education4. Community Relationships
    4. 4. Bates Libraryuser• Anywhere from 16-100.• A student, staff, instructor or general public.
    5. 5. I use the library to…• Write a paper on the computer• Check out equipment• Write my resume and apply for jobs• Check Bates and personal email• Search the web where I can get help if I need it• Check out books and videos• Meet with a group in a study room• Do homework at a study table• Practice using a computer
    6. 6. I’m interested in…• Books, videos, and online resources related to • my career training program • my Gen Ed classes (English/Math/Human Relations) • my High school courses • my ABE/ESL/GED/Dev Ed courses• Copying/Printing/Faxing• Basic Computer Use• Tutoring
    7. 7. Usual Library Activities• Information Literacy• Reference/Research services• Select, order, process, circulate, and maintain materials• Outreach/marketing
    8. 8. Local Library Activities• Copy center - "Kinkos Jr."• Resume assistance• After hours services• Test proctoring• Sign in sheets• Sounding board to staff and students
    9. 9. Library as Space• Computing and printing• Group study rooms• Quiet individual study• Computer lab for in-class assignments• Bulletin boards• Partnerships: Tutoring, ADA stations
    10. 10. Navigating College Services• Registration, Financial Aid, Scholarships• Campus directory• Email/wireless/authentication• Basic/initial technical support
    11. 11. Involvement• Service to the college• Inter-collegiate activities• Service to the profession
    12. 12. We do all of this with…• 2 locations• Open 74 hours/week: (DC: 39 hours, SC: 35 hours)• 3.5 FTE Marvel Comic’s “Create your own Superhero”
    13. 13. Usual Library Activities• Increased relevant use by Career Training programs• Increase relevant use by Administration• Appropriate level of electronic resources for students• Improved communication with faculty and departments• Increased Library presence through LibGuides, Blackboard/Canvass
    14. 14. Local Library Activities• Self Service printing and copying• Increased staffing• Increased hours (especially after hours)
    15. 15. Library as Space• Upgraded facilities at DC• A library at Mohler Campus (in the works)• Self service printing and copying• Continued and expanded partnerships with college department and units
    16. 16. Navigating College Services• Collaboration and communication with College departments and units to meet student needs • New Student Orientation • College ventures (iPads/Apple) • New CT Programs or CT curriculum changes
    17. 17. Involvement• Continue to serve on College committees• Ability to attend events during open hours (both College and non-College)• Ability to attend and participate trainings (both webinars and in-person)• Communication about committees, groups, etc.
    18. 18. Templates• Four questions on each template: • What does it mean? • Who has oversight? • Who will contribute data and information? • What are we measuring?
    19. 19. Today’s Agenda1. Establish membership. 1. Council is representative of college? 2. Elect Chair2. Review and revise templates.3. Set targets based on the template. 1. Determine baselines for each target. 2. Determine quarterly goals for each target.4. Set date for next meeting.