Asigra Cloud-to-Cloud Survey Results


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Asigra Cloud-to-Cloud Survey Results

  1. 1. Asigra Cloud-to-CloudSurvey
  2. 2. Worldwide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)revenue is forecast to reach $14.5 billionin 2012, a 17.9 percent increase from 2011revenue of $12.3 billion.SaaS-based delivery will experiencehealthy growth through 2015, whenworldwide revenue is projected to reach$22.1 billion. - Gartner
  3. 3. With this unprecedented growth in theSaaS market, Asigra decided to conduct asurvey on how companies are backing uptheir data residing within these cloudapplications.The survey was conducted in October2012 and asked enterprise companiesabout their cloud-based application usage– the following slides reveal the surveyresults.
  4. 4. Use of Cloud-Based ApplicationsDoes your company use cloud-based applications, such and store data in the cloud? Yes: 55% No: 45% TVID: B46-A0B-8DE4
  5. 5. Use of Cloud-Based ApplicationsWithin your company, is the use of cloud-based applicationsexpected to increase or decrease? Increase: 74% Remain the Same: 22% Decrease: 4% TVID: DFB-B88-5795
  6. 6. As companies adopt more SaaS- andPaaS (Platform-as-a-service)-basedapplications, how are they backing uptheir data that resides within theseapplications?
  7. 7. Storing Data in the Cloud26% of surveyed IT organizations store mission critical datain the cloud. Mission Critical Data: 3% Important/sensitive business data: 19% Data of minimal importance: 13% All of the above: 23% None of the above: 32% Other: 10% TVID: AB6-AEB-E927
  8. 8. Cloud-based CRMs UsedWhat cloud-based CRM systems are you using today? Other Note: This is a multiple-choice question 50% - responses may not add up to 100%. SugarCRM 4% Oracle 12% SAP 8%Microsoft Dynamics 12% 23% 0 20 40 60 TVID: F92-67B-8858
  9. 9. Protecting Data in the CloudHow do you protect your sales, marketing and customerdata stored in the cloud? Our SaaS vendor backs up our data: 38% Our data is protected outside of a corporate backup solution: 15% Our data is protected within a corporate backup infrastructure: 38% Data within our SaaS-based applications is unprotected: 8% TVID: C03-726-DB89
  10. 10. More and more companies are relying ontheir SaaS vendor to back up their dataresiding in the SaaS vendor’sapplications, meanwhile most SaaSvendors are not required to restorecustomer data.
  11. 11. Person Hours Lost in DowntimeIf 25% of surveyed IT organizations lost stored data, they would lose 501-1,000 hours or more personhours in downtime waiting for to restore. Person Hours Lost in Downtime of SFDC: 0 - 100: 50% 100 - 500: 25% 501 - 1,000: 25% TVID: B6C-00E-77411
  12. 12. Backing Up Data Residing in the CloudHow do you backup data that is stored in your cloud-basedapplications? Our SaaS vendor backs up our data: 44% Our data is protected outside of a corporate backup solution: 22% Our data is protected within a corporate backup infrastructure: 22% Data within our SaaS-based applications is unprotected: 0% Plan on purchasing a backup solution to protect data in the next 6 months: 6% TVID: F9A-2BF-85612
  13. 13. Concerns Over Storing Data in the CloudWhich of the following concerns you the most about storingdata in the cloud? Security: 21% Cost: 3% Location of our data: 7% Cloud service provider going out of business: 3% User-error causing data loss: 3% All of the above: 59% None of the above: 3% TVID: 8A2-CAD-EC813
  14. 14. Protecting Cloud-based DataWhat attributes do you consider most important in a backupsolution to protect cloud-based application data? Most Important Attributes for A high-performance cloud 52% Cloud Backup Solution: backup solution 1. Protects both cloud and on-premise apps A highly secure cloud backup 2. High security solution 52% 3. High performance A comprehensive backup Note: This is a multiple-choice questionsolution that protects both cloud 69% - responses may not add up to 100% and on-premise applications A stand-alone cloud application backup solution 10% 0 20 40 60 80 TVID: 301-FF1-E3E14
  15. 15. Current Backup SolutionWhat kind of backup solution does your company currentlyuse? Currently Using: Other 7% 1. Physical device backup 2. Virtual machine backup USB drive 7% 3. Tape backup Tape backup 38% Note: This is a multiple-choice question - responses may not add up to 100% Cloud/Online backup 24%Virtual machine backup 41%Physical device backup 66% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 TVID: B10-37C-27915
  16. 16. Backing up data residing in cloud-basedapplications is an important factor forcorporate IT departments to consider.As of yet, SaaS vendors are not required toprovide SLAs on corporate data restores. Ifa rogue employee deletes data or there is adata loss, your company may be out ofluck and lose that data forever.Companies must be the guardian of theirown data – this is the only way to ensurethat your data will always be recoverable.
  17. 17. The